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IBM Boosts Mainframe Security

Big Blue claims its new mainframe is the world's most secure server.

Tags: IBM, servers, server hardware, mainframe, Big Blue, IBM mainframe, IBM servers, IBM z13 mainframe, IBM z System

IBM Makes LinuxONE Mainframe Go Faster

Top IBM execs explain what's new and what's coming for LinuxONE, with Go language support added in the current update.

Tags: IBM, servers, server hardware, mainframe, Big Blue, mainframes, IBM mainframe, IBM servers, LinuxONE

IBM Launches New Linux Mainframes and Open Mainframe Project

Linux on the mainframe is a big deal for IBM and it's about to get even bigger.

Tags: Linux, IBM, servers, server hardware, mainframe, Linux server, mainframes, Linux mainframe, LinuxONE, Open Mainframe Project

IBM Invests $1 Billion into New z13 Mainframe Platform

Linux is a big winner and an area of focus for IBM's mainframe efforts now and moving into the future.

Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, mainframe, system z, IBM , IBM System z, IBM Power 8, POWER8 processor, z13

IBM Debuts Entry-Level Mainframe for Linux

New zBC12 mainframe is powered by up to 18 microprocessors.

Tags: IBM, mainframe, Linux server, IBM Power System, IBM Power Series, IBM PowerLinux, RAIM

IBM Targets Clouds, Analytics with Its Latest System z Mainframe

Big Blue is out to prove that big iron can float secure clouds and make quick work out of data analytics workloads.

Tags: Cloud, IBM, mainframe, system z, hybrid cloud, Data Analytics, Big Blue

IBM System z (Mainframe) Buying Guide

While IBM last introduced a major new zEnterprise System in 2010, the company certainly hasn't been resting on its mainframe laurels since then.  Our latest Buyer's Guide explores the recent additions and innovations to the company's mainframe line.

Tags: IBM, mainframe, buyer's guide, Buying Guide, system z

IDC: Worldwide Server Revenues Sluggish but Still Up

The third quarter marked the slowest quarterly growth rate for servers worldwide since the first quarter of 2010, according to IDC. Among global vendors, IBM was the big winner, picking up enough share to pull even with HP.

Tags: Linux, Oracle, IBM, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, mainframe, IDC, server shipment stats, x86 server, server revenue

IBM Brings Windows to Mainframes

What do you get when you cross Windows and a mainframe?

Tags: Windows, IBM, mainframe, system z, Server Blades, BladeCenter

Unisys Server Buyer's Guide

If you ruled out Unisys because you think it sells just old school mainframes, it's time to give this server provider another look. The OEM's high-end x86 servers and mainframes take full advantage of its years of experience in implementing enterprise-class solutions.
Tags: server hardware, mainframe, buyer's guide, x86 server, Unisys

IBM System z

Mainframes may have been around since the 1940s, but, at least in the case IBM's System z, their capabilities are well suited for the 21st Century.

Tags: IBM, server hardware, mainframe, system z

IBM System z Buyer's Guide

Despite some assertions, mainframe technology is still alive and kicking. Those in the market for one of these high-end boxes will be hard-pressed to avoid IBM's System z. The mainframe family strives to be innovative and cutting edge while remaining true to its legacy.
Tags: IBM, mainframe, buyer's guide, system z, z10

IBM in EU Antitrust Probe Over Mainframes

Regulators to question IBM over allegations of misbehavior in the tiny market for high-powered workhorses.
Tags: IBM, European Commission, antitrust, mainframe, TurboHercules

IBM Mainframe Boosts Data Center Management

The IBM zEnterprise System may change how data centers are managed.
Tags: IBM, data center management, mainframe, zEnterprise

IBM Launches Massive New Mainframe Systems

The mainframe supports a major upgrade that reflects a structural change at IBM.
Tags: management, IBM, virtualization, mainframe, zEnterprise

System z: Dinosaur or Phoenix?

OS Roundup: Cut prices enough and customers will eventually bite is a common tactic for those selling commodity goods -- not high-end mainframes. Yet IBM recently did just that when when it marked down and bundled System z. Is this a sign the mainframe has lost its luster, or will the move unlock new markets?
Tags: IBM, Unix, mainframe, system z

IBM Rolls Out New System z Linux Servers

Big Blue's latest offerings are designed for enterprise customers looking to consolidate and virtualize on Linux.
Tags: Linux, IBM, virtualization, mainframe, system z

The Mainframe's Youthful Injection

The death of the mainframe is a perennial conversation topic for IT pundits. Not only is it still alive and kicking, but young developers are being sought to extend its lifetime.
Tags: developer, developers, mainframe, careers

IBM Unwraps Linux-Powered Mainframe Packages

Big Blue's latest System z 'Solution Editions' are designed for customers in vertical markets or with specialized needs.
Tags: IBM, mainframe

Power and the Mainframe

Server Snapshots: Think x86 servers are the only ones worth looking at? IBM's mainframe (System z) and Power Systems (the combination of Systems p and i) may not be "standard," but they're powerful enough for pretty much any task thrown at them.
Tags: IBM, Unix, mainframe

Building the Next-Generation Virtualized Data Center

Hard-Core Hardware: The software mainframe is a key component of the data center of the future.
Tags: virtualization, data center, mainframe, VMware

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