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Start Taming Your Mutt

Mutts can be lovable companions, but they still must be trained. The same is true of the Mutt mail client. Out of the proverbial box it's a powerful mail client, but that's nothing compared to what you can do with a well-trained Mutt.
Tags: Linux, open source software, tip of the trade, mail server, mutt

A User's-Eye View of Open-Xchange

Making a break from Microsoft Exchange? The groupware suite Open-Xchange looks good from a licensing and cost perspective, but how does it stack up from an end-user perspective?
Tags: Linux, open source software, mail server, Exchange server, Open-Xchange

VMware Updates Zimbra

The first release of the open source Zimbra email collaboration software since leaving Yahoo debuts. What's new and what's different about VMware's spin on the popular open source software?
Tags: virtualization, open source software, VMware, mail server, Zimbra

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Enables SMBs to Go the Distance

For most business, mobile phones are as valuable to the business as computers and land lines. Connect them to your business' existing network services, and they're even more valuable. For SMBs wishing to do this, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is the perfect trifecta of inexpensive, easy and reliable.
Tags: RIM, Microsoft Exchange, mail server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Lotus Domino

Open-Xchange Continues to Deliver Solid Collaboration

Full-featured collaboration and messaging is not beyond the reach of small- to medium-sized businesses. Open-Xchange, an open source collaboration server, scales very well into any size organization, thanks to a variety of delivery systems.
Tags: mail server, Open-Xchange, open source servers, collaboration software

Adding Users and Aliases for Postfix

Postfix is a great mailer, but if you're new to administering it, finding your way around can be difficult. Here's how to get started.
Tags: open source server, tip of the trade, mail server, postfix, mailing list server

Meet Open Source Server Messaging Needs With GroupServer

Need both mailing list and forum software but don't want to chose one over the other? Consider this open source server hybrid.
Tags: open source software, tip of the trade, mail server, forums, messaging server

PuTTY in Your Hands: Open Source Software Mail Solutions

Mutt and PuTTY are a great open source combo for managing mail, but they're not without their failings. Here's a quick tip for using PuTTY to fix problems with line-drawn characters in Mutt.
Tags: open source, open source software, OS, mail server

Much More Than a Mail Server, Gordano Messaging Suite

Few mail servers have been presented as Exchange alternatives as long as GMS has. In its most recent release, Gordano added a document management system and various other functionality. We test drive the Linux version on an Intel box.
Tags: mail server, gordano mail server

Getting Started With Gordano Mail Server

Gordano Mail Server cut its teeth at the dawn of email, and it has kept pace with the times. It also is but one module in Gordano's feature-rich and moderately priced communications suite.
Tags: Exchange, mail server, gordano mail server

SpamAssassin's Y2K10 -- Whoops, We Did It Again

Mail server admins are quietly living out a past that never happened: A rule in SpamAssassin intended to stop spam dated outrageously in the future is snaring anything with a 2010 date.
Tags: Linux, spam, bug, mail server, spamassasin

Getting Started With Kerio MailServer

Kerio Mail Server's low price tag and ease of use make it a worthy choice for SMBs looking for a full-featured, easy-to-use Exchange-like server that costs a lot less.
Tags: mail server, kerio mailserver

Dealing With Mail in Mutt

Tip of the Trade: The command-line mail client mutt may be old school, but it features a wide range of keyboard commands that can be used for various useful tasks.
Tags: tips, tip of the trade, mail server

Getting Started With Axigen Mail Server

Despite its hiccups, with this easy-to-use, feature-laden mail server you can be up and running quickly.
Tags: open source, mail server, axigen, server review

Getting Started With Zimbra

Zimbra Server is an email and collaboration server that can run email, group calendaring, address book/contacts software, and instant messaging as well as deal with file and web document management on Linux or Mac OS X. We take it for a spin on Debian.
Tags: open source, collaboration, mail server, Zimbra

Kerio Mail Server Now Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 Ready

Kerio Mail Server is now certified for Microsoft Windows 7 as well as Mac OS X 10.6, also known as Snow Leopard.
Tags: Windows, Windows 7, snow leopard, Mac OS X, mail server

Exchange Server 2010 Promises a Brave New World

Microsoft is talking up lower IT costs, increased user productivity and better risk management with its soon-to-be-released Exchange Server 2010. Can it deliver?
Tags: Microsoft, Exchange, hosted services, mail server

Topics for Mailman

Tip of the Trade: Juliet Kemp discovers and explores Topics in the mailing list server, Mailman. With Topics, subscribing to a list becomes more than an all or nothing proposition.
Tags: GNU/Linux, tip of the trade, mail server, list server, mailman

How Safe Is Your Mail Server?

Sender Policy Framework aims to stop spam in its tracks. How successful has it been?
Tags: spam, mail server, spf

The Truth About Servers

When people refer to a piece of a hardware as "a server," they typically mean that it is running one or more pieces of server software. You must go under the hood to really understand what the server is doing.
Tags: server, mail server, web server, proxy server, application server

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