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The Two-Way Street of Hiring Top Data Center Talent

Interviewing candidates for a top IT gig? Don't forget, your organization is being interviewed as well. Learn how to present your company in the best light.
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Surviving the Technical Interview

SWatch Reader Favorite! It seems there is no quicker way to strike terror in the heart of an IT professional (or aspiring IT pro) than to speak those ominous words: 'First, you'll need to pass a technical interview.'
Tags: jobs, interview, staffing, career advancement, technical interview

7 Questions to Help Land Your Dream Data Center Job

Got questions? Here's what to ask and what to keep to yourself when interviewing for a data center job.
Tags: careers, interview, staffing, data center jobs

10 Things Not to Do When Interviewing for Your IT Dream Job

Have a pair of flip-flops you think matches perfectly with your interview suit? Thinking of asking the interviewer to join you for a drink after? Think these things haven't been done? In all three cases, you'd be mistaken.
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