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The iPad, Saving VDI One Tablet at a Time

VDI, despite its lengthier history, has yet to gain the traction that server virtualization has. End-user owned devices, such as iPads and other tablets, just might give provide the nudge needed to win over acceptance from employees and employers alike.

Tags: iPad, Citrix, tablet, Thin clients, VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI

10 Server and Admin Apps for Your iPhone or iPad

Find out the 10 best iOS-powered apps for server monitoring, transferring files and administering your data center from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
Tags: iPhone, iPad, iOS 4, Data Center Management Software, Remote Server Management

8 iPad Apps to Turn Your Toy Into a Data Center Tool

These 8 apps deliver the agile service and support necessary to transform your iPad from a nifty toy to a mission-critical data center tool.
Tags: iPad, iPad app, data center management, Skype, SSH

iPad meets Open Source With Help From WebDAV for Apache

Tip of the Trade: With GoodReader, iPad meets open source, and files can be shared between the popular tablet and a computer.
Tags: open source, Apache, iPad, Debian, OS

New Kerio Messaging Server Connects iPad Users

The new release of the Kerio Connect 7 messaging and collaboration server offers support for the Apple iPad.
Tags: server, mobile, iPad, Message Server

Rackspace Cloud Offers iPad Server App

Rackspace Cloud users can turn on server backups from their iPad.
Tags: iPad, Cloud server, server management, cloud app

Why Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Cloud Say, 'Supersize Me'

OS Roundup: Supersizing is out of style in the restaurant world, but Apple's iPad announcement last week and Microsoft's commercial launch of its cloud platform Azure yesterday prove it is very much alive in the tech industry.
Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, iPad, Apple

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