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Little Known GUI Firewall Options for Linux

While command-line interface-based firewalls may be the most popular options in Linux, there are some great easy to use yet powerful GUI-based firewalls as well.

Tags: Linux, servers, firewall, Linux server, firewall software, server tutorial

Setting Up an Open Source Server, Firewall and Router on Endian, Part 2

We've stepped through a basic Endian config, now we'll take it to the next step, including creating OpenVPN client accounts, connecting road warrior clients, and configuring gateway-to-gateway connections.
Tags: firewall, router, open source servers, Ednian

Setting Up an Open Source Server, Firewall and Router on Endian, Part 1

There are numerous open source server, firewall and router and projects, but few, like Endian, are also Linux distros that can turn any system into both a full-featured network and Internet security appliance. We step through a basic Endian config, including setting up the Internet connection and creating a local network, and then setting up the OpenVPN server.
Tags: open source, server, firewall, router

Using PASV From an Ubuntu Server to FTP Server

The firewall can be a problem, but with a little understanding of FTP and firewalls the communication can be negotiated.
Tags: firewall, Ubuntu Server, ftp server, Open-source Server, PASV

TonidoPlug for for Internet and Networking Applications

TonidoPlug, for the education market and prosumers provides network attached and inexpensive web server.
Tags: testing, server, education, firewall, web server

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