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Stratus Fault Tolerant Server Buyer's Guide

If you're looking for high availability and high performance, check out Stratus Technologies' fault tolerant server family. The ftServer platform relies on its x86 hardware design as well as homegrown high availability software to deliver on Status' uptime assurance.
Tags: high availability, buyer's guide, fault-tolerant, stratus, ftserver

Fault-Tolerant Hardware for Virtual Servers

Vendors continue to push fault-tolerant hardware for server virtualization but virtualization architects have yet to migrate.
Tags: virtual server, Virtual Server Management, server virtualization, fault-tolerant, Fault Tolerant

For NEC, Two Is Cheaper Than One

Hard-Core Hardware: Can NEC make the economic case for its new fault-tolerant servers?
Tags: high availability, NEC, fault-tolerant

Fault-Tolerant Yet Affordable Servers

NEC's new server addition delivers constant uptime and improved disaster recovery for less than $20,000.
Tags: hardware, NEC, fault-tolerant

Stratus: Where High-Availability Leads to Profitability

Server Snapshot: Stratus' fault-tolerant servers are designed to fill a clearly defined niche. Its positioning as the "availability company" has set it apart from the OEM Rat Pack and resulted in steady growth.
Tags: hardware, high availability, fault-tolerant, stratus, ftserver

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