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5 Steps to an Optimized Data Center

Follow the Google's data center efficiency model when designing, locating and equipping your own data center.
Tags: Top 10, Google, energy efficiency, power and cooling

Schneider Electric Data Center Showcases Server Consolidation and Energy Efficiency

When Schneider Electric purchased APC, it set about building a new new data center outside of St. Louis, Mo. Although it was designed to consolidate both companies' server rooms, it also serves as a model of energy efficiency, illuminating Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure architecture for intelligent energy management.
Tags: data center management, energy efficiency, power and cooling, server consolidation, energy management

FieldView Updates Its Data Center Management Software

FieldView Version 3.2 is an enterprise-ready platform that drives optimization of space and energy.
Tags: energy efficiency, Data Center Management Software, Data Center Software

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Data Center Management

According to industry stats there are 4.75 million servers worldwide being managed and upgraded without being actively used on a daily basis.
Tags: data center management, energy efficiency, green IT, energy management

TPC Benchmarks Now Measure Server Power Use

The benchmarking standards group has added per-watt rating to how it measures server transactions.
Tags: server, datacenter, energy efficiency, power, TPC

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