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Brocade Data Center Reports Energy Savings

The company claims a 75 percent energy savings using a new custom cooling system.
Tags: data center, cooling, energy

HP Intelligent Power for Optimized Data Center Management

HP unveils its new Intelligent Power Discovery technology for better data center management.
Tags: data center management, HP, energy, power

Data Center Management Can Save IRS Millions

The IRS says it could save more than $3 million by implementing better cooling techniques in its data centers.
Tags: data center, data center management, cooling, energy

Greenpeace Warns of Data Center Emissions in Cloud Computing Set Ups

The environmental activist group is sounding an alarm about the carbon footprint created in the transition to cloud computing. It urges IT firms to opt for renewables when they open new data centers.
Tags: cloud computing, Google, carbon footprint, green IT, energy

EnergyCenter Software for Data Center Management

Viridity aims to tackle energy-efficiency in the data center with its EnergyCenter software.
Tags: server, data center management, green, energy, heat

Viridity Launches New Data Center Management Software

The company's new data center management software offers energy monitoring and measurement.
Tags: data center, data center management, green IT, cooling, energy

EPA Brings Energy Star Ratings to Servers

The Energy Star program has been greening PCs and monitors for years, now servers are entering the pasture.
Tags: green, green IT, Energy Star, EPA, energy

5 Ways to Save Green by Going Green

Cover Your Assets: Are you having difficulty finding ways to 'go green'? Here are some simple tips to get you started.
Tags: green, cost management, frugality, power and cooling, energy

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