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OpenStack Building a Developer Story for Mitaka

Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski discusses efforts within the OpenStack community to engage developer adoption.

Tags: cloud computing, developers, OpenStack

AMD Intros First ARM-Based Opteron Server Chip

At the Open Compute Summit, the chip maker also unveiled a developer kit designed to encourage companies to build to the SoC.

Tags: developers, Dell, AMD, IT infrastructure, mobile devices, SoC, ARM processors, microservers, HP Moonshot

Apple Tells Developers, 'Mac OS X, Hold the Java'

Apple's recent decision to deprecate Java is yet another spitball at its traditional customer base. As the Mac platform reinvents itself as a glorified games console for Apple's latest batch of customers to play non-violent games, edit home movies and run a selection of sanitized Apple-approved apps, it seems even less likely to gain a foothold in the enterprise.
Tags: Java, developers, Apple, OS, Mac OS X

The Mainframe's Youthful Injection

The death of the mainframe is a perennial conversation topic for IT pundits. Not only is it still alive and kicking, but young developers are being sought to extend its lifetime.
Tags: developer, developers, mainframe, careers

Geeks Gone Wild

A how-to guide for developers looking to expand their social networks.
Tags: developer, developers, networking, careers

Developers vs. Corporate: Why Can't We All just Along?

Career & Staffing: At the intersection of budget and software development, quality sometimes takes an unfortunate turn. It doesn't have to be that way.
Tags: developers, careers, staffing

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