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Intel: The Desktop Is Alive, Data Center Is Thriving

Though the PC market has slowed, Intel's CEO still sees room for future growth as his company reports full year 2013 earnings. The company saw major growth in the cloud and networking.

Tags: cloud computing, Intel, desktop, PC growth, networking trends

VMware Express, Virtualization Technologies Rolling In Near You

Since it's not always easy for sales people to help customers imagine what an environment built around virtualization technologies would look like, VMware built one in an 18-wheeler and is sending it across North America.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, VMware, desktop, vSphere

Marketing the Desktop OS

OS Roundup: Is the key to desktop OS success tied to its server connection? That would explain Apple's and Window's success -- and Linux's many false starts.
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, Linux desktop, marketing, desktop

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