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10 Workloads That Should Never Go in a Public Cloud

Security is the primary reason you should never consider deploying any these 10 workloads to a public cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, security, customer relationship management, public cloud, deployment

Windows Essential Business Server Deployment Guide

Microsoft's Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) 2008 is a low-cost way to get a number of essential network services bundled in an easy-to-manage package.
Tags: ESB, deployment, guide, Windows Essential Business Server

Know Your Data Center Management Capabilities

What does your management actually know about your data center?
Tags: IT, data center, data center management, deployment

Deployment Guidance for Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

The Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Deployment Guide is available from the Microsoft Download Center free of charge.
Tags: Microsoft, server, deployment, MultiPoint Server, guide

Business Continuity Drives SME Virtualization Deployments

Virtualization in large enterprises tends to get all the attention, but there are many solutions for SME operations.
Tags: server, virtualization, SME, deployment

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