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Managing Dedicated Servers With Load Balancing

One dedicated server to handle an incredibly large workload isn’t enough.
Tags: servers, load balancing, load balance, dedicated server

How-To: Your First Dedicated Web Server

Before you migrate your website it is important to thoroughly understand the tools you have at your disposal.
Tags: web server, Web host, dedicated server

HP Secures Virtualized, Physical Dedicated Servers

In the virtualized world of dedicated servers, security breaches carry a higher level of risk.
Tags: server, virtual server, physical server, dedicated server

Cloud Server Versus Dedicated Server Pricing

The cost of using the cloud for server and storage makes dedicated servers look like a 'rip-off'.
Tags: server, Cloud server, Cloud Storage, dedicated server

Liquid Web Adds Hybrid Cloud on Dedicated Servers

The company's Storm On Demand cloud platform allows users to manage private dedicated servers with cloud hosting features.
Tags: cloud computing, server, hybrid cloud, dedicated server

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