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Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

Tags: Java, database, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, servers, server hardware, SPARC, SPARC M7

Oracle Launches New x86 Servers

The Intel-powered X4-4 and X4-8 include Oracle's elastic computing capabilities to dynamically adapt to workload needs.

Tags: data storage, database, Oracle, cloud computing, Intel, processors, x86 servers, enterprise apps, IT infrastructure, Exadata, Exalogic, Xeon E7 v2

Intel Execs Talk Xeon Phi at Supercomputing Show

The upcoming "Knights Landing" chip will bring significant improvements in performance, memory and interconnect, Intel officials said.

Tags: Hadoop, data storage, database, Intel, processors, servers, AMD, nVidia, IT infrastructure, HPC, GPU, Xeon Phi

Oracle Unveils Big Memory Machine to Support In-Memory Databases

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison kicks off OpenWorld with new hardware and software releases.

Tags: database, Oracle, data center, servers, SPARC, In-memory database, In-Memory, M6-32

Canonical, IBM to Bring DB2 to Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition

Canonical believes that a basic database certified for Ubuntu on EC2 is key to having IT shops deploy Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.
Tags: database, IBM, Ubuntu, Canonical, Ubuntu Server

Oracle Emphasizes Exadata in Server Architect

Speed advances in storage and network connectivity are feeding back into the design constraints for servers.
Tags: database, Oracle, server, Architect

The Question of Database Virtualization -- Answered

If you believe that virtualization is limited to Web, application and a few other "lightweight" services, think again.
Tags: database, Oracle, virtualization, database virtualization

Top 10 Enterprise Database Systems to Consider

Got data? Need a database server? Chances are you'll be considering at least one of these 10 to meet your needs.
Tags: MySQL, database, Top 10, Oracle, database management

NextIO Plans for BladeSystems Insight 2010

NextIO plans to demonstrate vConnect for blade and rack mount servers at the BladeSystems Insight summit.
Tags: database, server, blade, rack mount

Plenty of Vulnerabilities to go Around

Moscow-based security firm, Intevydis, plans to release information about a number of previously undocumented vulnerabilities in Web servers, databases, and other software products.
Tags: database

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