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Vapor IO Brings OpenDCRE to General Availability

Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) is now production-grade ready as an evolutionary step forward from IPMI.

Tags: open source, datacenter, data center, Vapor, servers, Vapor IO, Vapor Chamber, data center management

About ServerWatch

Tags: server review, server os, open source server, server software, data center management, server hardware, server virtualization, server security

Big Data Means Big Changes for Cloud Deployments

Big data is becoming increasingly prevalent in data center and cloud environments. Now the question is how to best manage networks for the simultaneous transfer of millions of records.
Tags: data center management, cloud computing, big data

11 Server Apps for Android OS Devices

Need remote monitoring and management for servers in you data center? Android's got (many) an app for that.
Tags: Android, data center management, Remote Server Management, Linux, smart phone

iTRACS Data Center Management Tool Keeps an Eye on Power Consumption

iTRACS PowerEye released for reducing energy consumption and costs in the data center.
Tags: data center management, Data Center Manager, data center, Data Center Management Software

Cisco Gets Into Containerized Data Centers

An entire data center -- all in one big box. With its latest offering, Cisco enters the container data center biz.
Tags: data center management, Cisco, containers

8 iPad Apps to Turn Your Toy Into a Data Center Tool

These 8 apps deliver the agile service and support necessary to transform your iPad from a nifty toy to a mission-critical data center tool.
Tags: SSH, data center management, iPad, Skype, iPad app

Re-evaluating Your Recession-Proofed Data Center

With the recession officially over, many enterprises are ready to invest in their data centers once again. Caution is still in order, however, so assessing and deciding where to invest that slightly increased budget remains critical.
Tags: recession, economic recovery, budget, data center management, virtualization

The 5 People You Meet in the Data Center

Whether you're a sys admin who needs physical access to a server in the data center or a business owner moving your data center to the cloud, it is important to meet the people who support and maintain your data center.
Tags: data center facilities management, data center management, security, staffing, system administrator

10 Forces Driving Your Potentially Agile Data Center

There are 10 forces driving you toward a more agile data center. May the forces be with you.
Tags: Top 10, cloud computing, agile data center, server virtualization, data center management

Schneider Electric Data Center Showcases Server Consolidation and Energy Efficiency

When Schneider Electric purchased APC, it set about building a new new data center outside of St. Louis, Mo. Although it was designed to consolidate both companies' server rooms, it also serves as a model of energy efficiency, illuminating Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure architecture for intelligent energy management.
Tags: server consolidation, power and cooling, energy management, data center management, energy efficiency

Data Center Management Tools Gone Wild

Using multiple data center management tools is not only annoying and troublesome, it's also expensive. But, those winds are changing--changing to those of the solar variety.
Tags: Solarwinds, management tools, data center management

The Importance of Managing Unstructured Data

Unstructured data presents a hidden danger for many enterprises. At a minimum, it can damage business operations and lead to spiraling storage costs, but even worse it is a regulatory compliance time bomb. Learn how to turn unstructured data into structured.
Tags: data management, compliance, data center management, regulatory compliance, Unstructured Data

10 System Administrator Tasks Ripe for Automation

Automation through scripting, specialized software and system scheduling frees up a sys admin's time, saves you money and prevents human error-related mistakes. These 10 repetitive processes are prime candidates for automation.
Tags: Top 10, automation, system administrator, data center management, data center infrastructure

4 Big Data Center Migration Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

If you can avoid these four major mistakes when moving your data center, you'll avoid downtime for both your servers and your career.
Tags: data center move, career development, staffing, data center management, career

The 10 Best Data Center Education and Certification Opportunities

It's time to trade-in your sheepskin for a practical education -- and a paycheck. Learn which certs will give you the best return on your investment.
Tags: Top 10, NetApp, data center management, Red Hat, Certifications

KVM: Your Key to Open Source Server Virtualization

If fear is preventing you from making the change from a physical to virtual infrastructure, you must put that phobia aside and consider KVM, Red Hat's enterprise server virtualization alternative.
Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, KVM, open source servers, data center management, server virtualization

Facebook Faces Up to Power and Cooling Challenge

The popular social network site is cooling its enormous data center with outside air and evaporative cooling.
Tags: power and cooling, green IT, data center management, green data center, Facebook

The Top 10 Data Center Annoyances

Data center work can be cold and lonely, but does it also have to be annoying?
Tags: Top 10, data center management

Tips to Avoid Common Data Center Management Mistakes

Data center managers need to learn from mistakes and make the necessary changes to prevent those mistakes in the future.
Tags: data center management

A Cloud Computing Guide for Data Center Management

AFCOM has released a new data center guide to help organizations before they begin the transformation to public, private or hybrid cloud computing.
Tags: data center virtualization, data center management, data center

Viridity Raises Funds for Data Center Management

The company's EnergyCenter software delivers per-server power usage information.
Tags: Data Center Management Software, data center management

Old School Server Management Still Alive and Well

It's 2010, and you'd think server management would have reached new heights by now, but it hasn't -- Unless you've recently bought yourself a new pair of shoes.
Tags: Data Center Management Software, server management, OS, data center management, data center

What's New in Green Data Center Management

This week in green data center management news: NEC strengthens its lineup of energy-conserving data center servers.
Tags: green computing, data center management, green IT

New Data Center Management Trends for Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization technologies help drive data center efficiency.
Tags: data center, data center management, virtualization technologies

Server Room Management Trends: Going Dark

The dark data center is an increasingly viable strategy where infrequently staffed and equipped server rooms are equipped with motion-activated lighting.
Tags: data center management, server room management, data center

Data Center Management Mishaps

Overheated systems shut down after a worker changes a thermostat setting -- and other data center follies caused by human error.
Tags: server room management, data center, data center management

10 Data Center Management Mistakes You Might Be Making

There's no such thing as the perfect data center. There's always a data center management lesson to be learned. Try learning these 10 lessons -- the easy way.
Tags: power and cooling, data center management, Top 10, server virtualization, cloud computing

Green Data Center Management News

This week in green data center management news: Canadian researchers hope to perfect a way to host the Internet's content purely on green power.
Tags: IT, green data center, green IT, data center management, data center

Data Center Management: Top Requested Storage Features

A slide show listing of the 10 most-requested storage and data center management components.
Tags: data storage, data center management

Cooling, Power Top Green Data Center Market Opportunities

Pike Research says the investment in greener data centers will experience rapid growth over the next five years.
Tags: green power, data centers, cooling, data center management

Microsoft Details Efficient Data Center Management and Designs

A new Microsoft whitepaper details energy management lessons learned from the deployment of massive data centers.
Tags: data center management

Data Center Management to Support Growth

Data centers approaching the limits of energy and space resources may need a transformation to prepare for the future.
Tags: data center, data center management

Green Data Center Management News

This week in green data center management news GE is in investing in SynapSense - a startup that uses software and wireless sensors to reduce energy usage in data centers.
Tags: green technology, data center, green IT, data center management

Green IT: Data Center Management News

A new Forrester Research study indicates that nearly 40 percent of businesses now have a plan for implementing an enterprise-wide carbon and energy management system.
Tags: green IT, data center management, data center

AccelOps Launches Data Center Monitoring Channel Program

The company has announced details of a new channel program that lets partners sell its integrated data center monitoring platform.
Tags: data center, data center management

IBM Mainframe Boosts Data Center Management

The IBM zEnterprise System may change how data centers are managed.
Tags: IBM, data center management, mainframe, zEnterprise

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Data Center Management

According to industry stats there are 4.75 million servers worldwide being managed and upgraded without being actively used on a daily basis.
Tags: energy efficiency, data center management, green IT, energy management

Dell to Acquire Ocarina Networks

Ocarina storage optimization technology helps to reduce data center management, data center space, power usage and bandwidth.
Tags: data centers, data center management, Dell

Data Center Management Green IT News

This week in data center management news China is developing the Tianjin Eco-City concept that will include green data centers for banking and manufacturing software systems.
Tags: data center, data center management, green IT, green power, green technology

NetApp Offers Data Center Management Services to SMB

The company is collaborating with Microsoft to leverage the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters.
Tags: NetApp, data center management, Microsoft, SMB

Future Facilities, SynapSense Offers Integrated Data Center Management

Future Facilities has announced integration with SynapSense Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management Solution.
Tags: data center, data center management

Green IT and Data Center Management News

This week in data center management news: a web design firm in Canada uses web servers powered by wind energy to help grow green business.
Tags: data center management, green IT

Dell Acquires Scalent for Simplified Data Center Management

Dell will integrate Scalent technology into its Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) solution.
Tags: data center management

Uptime Releases New Data Center Sustainability Standard

The Uptime Institute has a new standard for data center owners, operators, and managers.
Tags: data center infrastructure, data center management, Data Center Management Software

IBM to Buy BigFix for Smarter IT, Data Center Management

IBM has announced plans to acquire smarter systems management provider BigFix.
Tags: data center management, IBM

Green Data Center Management News

This week in data center management news IBM announces it has entered into an agreement to acquire BigFix and ADC will feature comprehensive data center solutions at Cisco Live 2010.
Tags: green IT, data center management

Green Data Center Management Ideas

Data center managers can lower power consumption while boosting server and network efficiencies.
Tags: green IT, data center management, green, green technology

Dell to Acquire Scalent Data Center Management Software

Dell will integrate Scalent data center software into its Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) solution.
Tags: Data Center Management Software, data center management

Tools for Remote Data Center Management

Remote management with KVM over IP (iKVM) allows data center administrators to access remote servers as though they reside on a physical system.
Tags: data center management, iKVM, remote data center

Raritan Data Center Management Solutions Support Cisco UCS

Raritan's solutions are designed to support high-performance data centers, such as those built on Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS).
Tags: data center, data center management, Cisco, Cisco UCS

Avaya Preps One-Box Data Center Management Strategy

The company plans to target multi-vendor environments to compete against Cisco.
Tags: Data Center Manager, Avaya, data center management

Data Center Management Tips for Optimal Server Performance

This new report offers advice the challenges data center operator face with running servers in your data center.
Tags: server management, data center management

Using Server Virtualization to Cool 4 Data Center 'Hotspots'

Finding your data center hotspots is one problem. Resolving them is another. Server virtualization may be part of the answer.
Tags: data center management, server virtualization, data center, virtualization

HP Intelligent Power for Optimized Data Center Management

HP unveils its new Intelligent Power Discovery technology for better data center management.
Tags: data center management, energy, power, HP

Fed IT Unsure of Data Center Management and Consolidation

According to one report, some agencies believe they won't meet new data center management objectives on schedule.
Tags: IT, government, data center management, Federal

Know Your Data Center Management Capabilities

What does your management actually know about your data center?
Tags: data center management, IT, deployment, data center

Is Overspecialization Bringing the IT Department to Its Knees?

The sysadmin of yesteryear, who knew where everything was and how it worked, is no more. Now, teams dominate the data center, and significant knowledge gaps are taking a toll.
Tags: Sysadmins, IT staff, career, data center management

iWave Offers Automated Data Center Management Solution

Orchestrator provides automation and service management for data centers and private clouds.
Tags: data center, data centers, data center management

Enterasys Pushes Data Center Management, Networking

The company takes on Cisco, Brocade, Juniper with its latest announcement.
Tags: networking, data center management

Government Calls for Better Data Center Power Management

The Federal Government is looking for ways to better manage data center efficiency and reduce energy usage.
Tags: data center, data center management, power management

Dell Announces New Data Center Management Solutions

The new data center management products focus on efficiency and performance.
Tags: data center management

NetApp, Microsoft Partner on Data Center Management Tools

The partnership will enable IT to manage virtual environments with standard Microsoft data center management tools.
Tags: data center, data center management, Microsoft, NetApp

Data Center Management Can Save IRS Millions

The IRS says it could save more than $3 million by implementing better cooling techniques in its data centers.
Tags: data center management, energy, cooling, data center

Top Data Center Management Concerns

Adequate data center management and monitoring capabilities have surpassed all other concerns on the lists of priorities.
Tags: data center management, server power, data center

JouleX Offers Smart Energy Data Center Management

JouleX promises energy monitoring products for the enterprise data center that can be installed in just a few hours.
Tags: data center, data center management, Energy Star

The ROI of That Data Center Management Job IT

It's a long-held belief that investing in employees yields no ROI. It's time to debunk that myth.
Tags: data center management, ROI, training, data center jobs, staffing

Data Center Management Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

With better data center management, can one-tenth the price and one-tenth the power consumption deliver 10 times as much compute power? Lower the bar on runaway costs, false scalability promises and unchecked power consumption to find out.
Tags: data center management, networking, server, Storage

Data Center Management: Power Management and Virtualization

Despite adopting virtualization and power management techniques, data centers are still power-hungry.
Tags: data center, data center management, power management

Juniper Unveils Software to Automate Data Center Management

The company has announced new software to improve the automated management and support of enterprise and data center networks.
Tags: Enterprise, data center management, data center

CA Partners for Data Center Management, Optimization

The company has announced a new partnership with Cisco to streamline management of next-generation data centers.
Tags: cloud computing, optimize, Cisco, data center management

Server Virtualization for Better Data Center Management

More data centers require server deployments to be virtual unless there is specific need for a physical server.
Tags: data center management, data center, server virtualization, virtualization

Government Data Center Management and Consolidation Plans

Through its government-wide data center consolidation effort, the federal government plans to increase server virtualization.
Tags: data center, consolidation, virtualization, data center management

Looking for the Data Center Management Job Big Bucks?

Data center management job may pay the highest salaries in Northern California, but the cost of living expenses there are equally high. How does your city rate, and how should you decide where to live.
Tags: data center management, salaries, data center jobs, careers

SynapSense Offers New Data Center Management Services

The company is offering new environmental optimization services as a part of its Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management Solution.
Tags: energy management, data center management, data center, optimize

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