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Dell Ups Its Game with the New T630 Tower Server

In conjunction with the release of the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Haswell processors, Dell has rolled out a portfolio of new servers that includes the PowerEdge T630.

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Super Micro SuperServer Delivers the Power

Consolidation is the name of the game in today's datacenter, and Super Micro has plenty of systems to help, including the SuperServer F627R3-R72B+.

Tags: datacenter, data center, servers, SuperMicro, rackmount, server review, server hardware

Four Keys to Optimizing Data Center Efficiency and App Workload Performance

Can software-driven control really increase server virtualization infrastructure efficiency by as much as 40%, and if so, how?

Tags: virtualization, data center, server virtualization, app workload, vmturbo, data center efficiency, virtually speaking

The Cloud Takes Over TechEd

The latest and most significant virtualization news at TechEd North America was actually a cloud announcement. Bet you wouldn't have predicted that a few years ago.

Tags: Microsoft Azure Cloud, TechEd, Microsoft Azure, data center, Microsoft, Cloud, cloud computing, virtualized

Taking Your Data Center to the Cloud with Ravello

With Ravello now out of beta status, there's never been a better time to seriously consider the advantages of migrating your data center test and development operations to the cloud.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Ravello Systems, data center, virtualized, development

VMware Log Insight 2.0 Delivers Server Virtualization Visibility

VMware updates its log visibility tool with improved connectivity for Windows Servers.

Tags: VMware Log Insight, data center, Windows Server, VMware, virtualization, server virtualization

AMD's Massive Data Center Consolidation Project Moving Along

Advanced Micro Devices is progressing on its plans to move all of its North American data centers into a single 153,000-square-foot facility near Atlanta.

Tags: data center, servers, AMD, data center architecture, Server Administrator, Advanced Micro Devices, power and cooling

Moving On from MCSA Windows Server 2012

Once you've mastered the MCSA Windows Server 2012 qualification, discover some of the options available for building on that newfound knowledge.

Tags: server tutorial, MCSA, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server, Hyper-V, data center, virtualization

AMD, ARM and Andreessen Take On the Data Center

ARM for the data center gets new life and a vote of confidence from Internet browser pioneer Marc Andreesen. Intel isn't impressed.

Tags: x86 server, ARM, Marc Andreesen, AMD, datacenter, data center, servers

Open Compute Project Takes on Converged Infrastructure, Saves Facebook $1 Billion

Is converged infrastructure a "buzzword" for vendor lock-in?

Tags: Open Compute Project, servers, data center, Converged Infrastructure, OCP, Facebook

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3 Gets Real

Red Hat's data center virtualization technology gets a technology infusion from OpenStack.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware, Red Hat, data center, virtualization, vSphere, OpenStack

Server Management Tools: A Closer Look at HP's iLO and Dell's iDRAC

There's more to consider when purchasing new server infrastructure than simply the hardware. Make sure you do a little homework on the management side of the equation before your next server purchase.

Tags: Dell, data center, server review, server management, server hardware, HP

Oracle Unveils Big Memory Machine to Support In-Memory Databases

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison kicks off OpenWorld with new hardware and software releases.

Tags: database, data center, servers, M6-32, In-memory database, Oracle, In-Memory, SPARC

Data Center Boot Camp Revolution: Creating Leaner, Meaner Data Centers

A closer look at the emerging trends and technologies that are helping reshape the traditionally stodgy, static data center into a more efficient, highly capable software-defined beast.

Tags: Intel, data center, HP, servers, AMD, Software-Defined Infrastructure, data center infrastructure, ARM server, Moonshot, microservers, Copper Servers, ARM

Intel's New CEO Plots a Course Forward with Atom

Brian Krzanich sees a bright future for Intel's data center server business.

Tags: earnings, Intel, data center, Atom Server, servers, Intel Atom, Atom

AMD Enlists ARM-based Seattle Chip in Server Processor War

Will 2014 be the year of ARM in the data center? If AMD has its way, the Seattle chip may lead the charge.

Tags: data center, AMD, ARM, Seattle, SoC, ARM server, ARM processors, AMD CPU

VMware at a Virtualization and Cloud Crossroads?

Could the cloud prove considerably less lucrative than initially imagined for VMware? And after years of having the server virtualization market virtually to itself, VMware is now facing serious competition there as well.

Tags: hybrid cloud, public cloud, vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware, vcloud, virtual machines, VM, data center

AMD Aims Opteron X-Series CPUs at Cloud Data Centers

Chipmaker sends Jaguar to the cloud as its low-power Kyoto chip technology is officially unveiled.

Tags: Operton X-Series, AMD Opteron 6000, big data, AMD CPU, AMD, data center, Kyoto, cloud computing

VMware Unveils Its vCloud Hybrid Service

The company's customers can now seamlessly migrate and integrate with the public cloud from their data centers.

Tags: public cloud, vCloud Hybrid Service, virtual machines, hybrid cloud, data center, vcloud, VMware, VM

Fedora Project Picks ARM Servers for Compute Deployment

A new compute cluster for the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project gives ARM processors bragging rights over Intel.

Tags: data center, compute, ARM server, Linux, Linux server, ARM, datacenter, Fedora, ARM processors

VCE Advances Integrated Server Vision

The Cisco/EMC/VMware joint venture puts out new data center system bundles and introduces a management paradigm for systems management.

Tags: EMC, data center, VCE, servers, VMware, Cisco

VMware CEO Aims for 90 Percent Server Virtualization

VMware grows its 2012 revenues as it plots a course forward for 2013.

Tags: software-defined data center, VMware, SDDC, data center, virtualization, server virtualization

HP Extends Serviceguard to Linux

HP narrows the gap between Unix and Linux with new mission-critical business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Tags: HP, business continuity, data center, disaster recovery, high availability, Unix, Linux

Server Review: HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Blade Server

Improvements to HP's ProLiant BL660c blade server help it meet the most demanding data center requirements from virtualization to heavy-duty number crunching.

Tags: data center, HP, server review, HP ProLiant, HP Blade Center, Gen8, blade server

HP Adopts Intel Itanium 9500 and Updates HP-UX

HP's Mission Critical server portfolio gets both hardware and software updates.

Tags: Intel, data center, mission critical server, HP-UX, Itanium, HP

AMD Gets Ambidextrous for Cloud Servers with ARM

Seeing massive data centers as its opportunity for growth, AMD teams with ARM to roll out its next-gen servers.

Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, ARM server, AMD, ARM, data center

HP DL380p Gen8 Server Delivers Speed and Space

HP's DL380p Gen8 data center rackmount server should be at the top of any IT evaluation for new data center infrastructure.

Tags: server, data center, HP, hp gen8, rackmount, server review, servers

VMware's Vision for the Software-Defined Data Center

Just how realistic is VMware's endgame of a data center where everything is virtualized and controlled via software?

Tags: virtualization, data center, VMware, Virtualization Management, virtualization software, virtually speaking, software-defined data center, Nicira

Rackspace CTO: Open Rack Is Nice, But We Like Our White Boxes

With the cloud and data center vendor in continual need of new servers, what do they buy?

Tags: server, data center, Rackspace, Open Rack, Rackspace Cloud, Open Compute, whitebox

Open Compute Widens Servers with Open Rack

19 inch servers could soon become a thing of the past as the open source group pushes a new standard.

Tags: Facebook, server, data center, Server Blades, Open Compute, rack mount, Open Rack, blade server

5 Help Desk Solutions You Need to Know

The weakest link in IT organizations is often the help desk. Shift that label to another group with great software.

Tags: server room, help desk, data center

iTRACS Data Center Management Tool Keeps an Eye on Power Consumption

iTRACS PowerEye released for reducing energy consumption and costs in the data center.
Tags: Data Center Management Software, data center, Data Center Manager, data center management

A Cloud Computing Guide for Data Center Management

AFCOM has released a new data center guide to help organizations before they begin the transformation to public, private or hybrid cloud computing.
Tags: data center, data center management, data center virtualization

Old School Server Management Still Alive and Well

It's 2010, and you'd think server management would have reached new heights by now, but it hasn't -- Unless you've recently bought yourself a new pair of shoes.
Tags: Data Center Management Software, data center management, data center, OS, server management

Brocade Data Center Reports Energy Savings

The company claims a 75 percent energy savings using a new custom cooling system.
Tags: cooling, data center, energy

Case Study: A Cisco Data Center Convert

NightHawk Radiology Services uses Cisco UCS servers running virtualized workloads.
Tags: Cisco, server room management, data center, Cisco UCS

New Data Center Management Trends for Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization technologies help drive data center efficiency.
Tags: data center, data center management, virtualization technologies

Wipro Launches New FluidState Data Center

The company claims its prefabricated data center can be setup in less than a week.
Tags: modular, data center infrastructure, data center, modular data center

Server Room Management Trends: Going Dark

The dark data center is an increasingly viable strategy where infrequently staffed and equipped server rooms are equipped with motion-activated lighting.
Tags: server room management, data center management, data center

Data Center Management Mishaps

Overheated systems shut down after a worker changes a thermostat setting -- and other data center follies caused by human error.
Tags: server room management, data center management, data center

Green Data Center Management News

This week in green data center management news: Canadian researchers hope to perfect a way to host the Internet's content purely on green power.
Tags: data center, IT, green data center, green IT, data center management

Does Your Data Center Need a Storage Server?

Not all data centers need some form of local storage.
Tags: data center, storage server

Oracle Takes Next-Gen Data Center Push on the Road

Next week's event will tout Oracle's systems approach, Sun hardware and the benefits of private clouds.
Tags: Oracle, SAP, Sun, enterprise applications, data center

Data Center Management to Support Growth

Data centers approaching the limits of energy and space resources may need a transformation to prepare for the future.
Tags: data center, data center management

Green Data Center Management News

This week in green data center management news GE is in investing in SynapSense - a startup that uses software and wireless sensors to reduce energy usage in data centers.
Tags: green technology, green IT, data center, data center management

3 Ways to Secure Your Virtualized Data Center

Server virtualization may have caught on far and wide, but the technology for securing virtual environments lags. Regaining visibility at the access layer is critical to keeping your data safe. Here are three ways to accomplish this.
Tags: data center, virtual server, server virtualization, security, virtual machine

Universal to Power and Cool Datapod Modular Data Centers

Universal Networking Services will provide site infrastructure in Datapod's modular data center system.
Tags: modular data center, data center, server room management

Green IT: Data Center Management News

A new Forrester Research study indicates that nearly 40 percent of businesses now have a plan for implementing an enterprise-wide carbon and energy management system.
Tags: data center management, data center, green IT

AccelOps Launches Data Center Monitoring Channel Program

The company has announced details of a new channel program that lets partners sell its integrated data center monitoring platform.
Tags: data center management, data center

Data Center Management Green IT News

This week in data center management news China is developing the Tianjin Eco-City concept that will include green data centers for banking and manufacturing software systems.
Tags: green technology, data center management, green power, green IT, data center

Future Facilities, SynapSense Offers Integrated Data Center Management

Future Facilities has announced integration with SynapSense Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management Solution.
Tags: data center, data center management

IBM's in Hot Water to Cool Servers

The latest idea in supercomputer cooling is to let the machines operate at something warmer than meat locker temperatures.
Tags: data center, blade servers, IBM, cooling, supercomputing

Raritan Data Center Management Solutions Support Cisco UCS

Raritan's solutions are designed to support high-performance data centers, such as those built on Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS).
Tags: Cisco UCS, data center management, data center, Cisco

ElasticHosts Launches ElasticStack Cloud Server Platform

The company claims providers have already signed up to offer branded cloud services.
Tags: cloud service, Cloud server, cloud services, data center

Using Server Virtualization to Cool 4 Data Center 'Hotspots'

Finding your data center hotspots is one problem. Resolving them is another. Server virtualization may be part of the answer.
Tags: data center management, virtualization, server virtualization, data center

Know Your Data Center Management Capabilities

What does your management actually know about your data center?
Tags: data center, IT, data center management, deployment

iWave Offers Automated Data Center Management Solution

Orchestrator provides automation and service management for data centers and private clouds.
Tags: data center, data centers, data center management

Government Calls for Better Data Center Power Management

The Federal Government is looking for ways to better manage data center efficiency and reduce energy usage.
Tags: data center, power management, data center management

Data Center Servers Need Energy Star Rating

EPA standards failed to include a major energy hog in data centers: the data storage server.
Tags: Energy Star Rating, server, EPA, Enterprise, data center

NetApp, Microsoft Partner on Data Center Management Tools

The partnership will enable IT to manage virtual environments with standard Microsoft data center management tools.
Tags: NetApp, data center, data center management, Microsoft

Data Center Management Can Save IRS Millions

The IRS says it could save more than $3 million by implementing better cooling techniques in its data centers.
Tags: data center, data center management, cooling, energy

Top Data Center Management Concerns

Adequate data center management and monitoring capabilities have surpassed all other concerns on the lists of priorities.
Tags: data center, server power, data center management

Oracle Updates Virtualization Technologies

The Sun Ray 3 Plus client can significantly reduce power consumption.
Tags: virtual desktop, data center, virtualization technologies, VDI, Oracle

Implementing The Right VDI Strategy

A good virtual desktop strategy should focus on following the end user from device to device.
Tags: VDI, virtualization technologies, desktop virtualization, data center

JouleX Offers Smart Energy Data Center Management

JouleX promises energy monitoring products for the enterprise data center that can be installed in just a few hours.
Tags: data center management, Energy Star, data center

Data Center Management: Reduce Container Costs with Standardization

Containerized data centers lower costs, but it currently lacks standardization.
Tags: standard, container, Data Center Manager, data center

SGI Modular Data Center for Extreme Server Densities

The company has announced a new Universal ICE Cube modular data center for extreme server and storage densities.
Tags: SGI, data center, modular data center

Manure-Powered Data Centers -- The Next Big Thing?

Besides generating a chuckle or two, a manure-powered data center may be the ultimate in sustainable energy for both developed and developing countries. HP Labs presented the concept at the ASME International Conference on Sustainability last week.
Tags: green computing, green technology, green IT, data center

Data Center Management: Power Management and Virtualization

Despite adopting virtualization and power management techniques, data centers are still power-hungry.
Tags: data center, data center management, power management

Move Virtualized Server Applications Across Data Centers

AppZero 4.5 lets groups of virtualized server applications to be 'scooped and moved' across the data center and cloud.
Tags: Server Applications, data center, Cloud, Enterprise, Virtualized Server

Juniper Unveils Software to Automate Data Center Management

The company has announced new software to improve the automated management and support of enterprise and data center networks.
Tags: data center, Enterprise, data center management

Dell to test ARM Servers for Large Data Centers

Dell plans to test multicore ARM processors from Marvell Technology Group for use in low-power data center servers.
Tags: data center, ARM server, ARM, Dell

Server Virtualization for Better Data Center Management

More data centers require server deployments to be virtual unless there is specific need for a physical server.
Tags: server virtualization, virtualization, data center, data center management

Government Data Center Management and Consolidation Plans

Through its government-wide data center consolidation effort, the federal government plans to increase server virtualization.
Tags: data center, consolidation, virtualization, data center management

Choosing Between Windows Server 2008 R2 Editions

How to choose the right edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 to best suit your needs.
Tags: Windows Server 2008 R2, data center