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Docker Doubles Down on Microsoft Windows Server

Docker for Windows debuts alongside a new commercial support relationship with Microsoft.

Tags: Microsoft, Hyper-V, hypervisor, open source, Windows Server 2016, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Docker Containers, Linux, Docker Engine, containers, HPE, Linux server

Security in the World of Virtual Machines and Containers

Running an app in a VM in a public cloud may indeed be more secure than running the same app in a container, but that doesn't always mean you can sleep well at night knowing your apps and data are secure.

Tags: VM, virtualized security, VM security, container security, public cloud, virtual machine security, virtual machine, cloud security, containers, virtualized

VMware Expands Photon Platform for Cloud-Native Deployments

VMware's Photon Controller Linux operating system effort for containers has opened up for public consumption.

Tags: Photon, Photon Controller, cloud native, containers, cloud computing, VMware, Linux, VMWare Connector

Cisco Gets Into Containers With ContainerX Acquisition

The tech vendor buys the early-stage startup, whose technology makes it easier for enterprises to manage containers across cloud and data centers.

Tags: cloud computing, enterprise networking, ContainerX, hyperconverged infrastructure, management software, containers, Cisco Systems

VMware Previews Cross-Cloud Services at VMworld

VMware takes aim at helping organizations to manage policies and deployments across disparate cloud services.

Tags: data center, containers, VMworld, VMware, Cross-Cloud, cloud computing, cloud services

Aqua to the Container Security Rescue?

The Israeli security startup believes it can not only deliver the security lacking in Docker, but also that there's an opportunity for containers to be made more secure than monolithic apps can ever be.

Tags: Aqua Security, Docker Cloud, container security, Aqua Container Security Platform, virtually speaking, containers, containerization

Red Hat Satellite 6.2 Adds Docker Deployment

New version of Red Hat server management tool gets into container provisioning.

Tags: Docker Containers, container provisioning, Red Hat Satellite, server management, containers, Red Hat

ContainerX Continues to Evolve at Lightning Speed

2016 is shaping up to be the year that many innovative new container management platforms enter General Availability, ContainerX included.

Tags: orchestration, CoreOS, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, VMware vSphere 6, Open Container Initiative, container management, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, ContainerX, vRealize, Twistlock, Docker Security Scanning, virtualization, Dell, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Apple, security, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, docker, Docker Containers

Platform9 Expands from OpenStack to Kubernetes [VIDEO]

Madhura Maskasky, Co-Founder of Platform9, discusses why her firm has moved into the managed Kubernetes space.

Tags: containerization, Platform9, containers, container management, OpenStack, Kubernetes

Docker Debuts Swarm Mode and More at DockerCon

Docker Swarm Mode highlights an impressive set of announcements as Docker strives to make its container platform more convenient to set up, more secure and easier to use.

Tags: Docker Swarm Mode, CoreOS, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, Open Container Initiative, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, vRealize, Twistlock, Docker Security Scanning, cloud computing, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization, EMC, Dell, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Apple, security, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, docker, orchestration

NGINX Is the Most Popular Docker Container App [VIDEO]

NGINX Inc CEO Gus Robertson details the success his company is having in the container world and where it's going next.

Tags: Nginx Web server, Docker Containers, containers, web server, Nginx, Container Apps

Kubernetes 1.3 Debuts, Advancing Cloud Orchestration

Improved scale and support for new container formats highlight latest open-source platform release.

Tags: Kuberbetes, containerization, containers, Docker Engine, Google, Container Engine

Container Security Stepping Up to the Plate

The recent launch of Docker Security Scanning is just the latest sign that the security ecosystem around containers is getting stronger by the week.

Tags: Docker Security Scanning, orchestration, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, Open Container Initiative, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, vRealize, Twistlock, cloud computing, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization, EMC, Dell, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Apple, security, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, docker, CoreOS

Docker 1.12 Integrates Orchestration Directly Into Container Engine

At DockerCon 2016, Docker announced it has integrated container orchestration technology into Docker 1.12, reshaping the competitive landscape.

Tags: CoreOS, Docker Containers, Kubernetes, Transport Layer Security, DockerCon, Docker Engine, containers, Swarm

Joyent Acquired by Samsung

Deal brings node.js, container and storage technologies to Samsung.

Tags: Storage, containerization, Samsung, Node.js, Joyent, containers, Container as a Service, Triton

Google Introduces Support for Heterogeneous Container Clusters

Node pools will allow customers of Google Container Engine to set up multiple nodes in one cluster.

Tags: Google Container Engine, cloud computing, Google, Kubernetes, containers, container clusters

Ubuntu, Juju, Kubernetes and the DevOps DISCO [VIDEO]

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux, discusses the intersection of Juju and Kubernetes for modern server application management.

Tags: Juju, Server Applications, Server Application Virtualization, Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu, containers, Kubernetes, containerization

Docker Turns Three, Celebrates with Mac and Windows Launches

A key part of Docker's strategy for world domination is to woo developers, and the new Docker for Windows and Mac beta releases are its latest and biggest tactic for doing just that.

Tags: EMC, orchestration, hypervisors, server virtualization, containerization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, Virtual SAN, VMware, vRealize, container management, VMware vSphere, Cloud, VMware vSphere 6, Docker 1.8, containers, virtualization, virtually speaking, Microsoft, Docker Containers, docker, Docker Datacenter

Server Virtualization Market Is Peaking: Gartner

While revenues may be up this year, fewer new software licenses are being issued.

Tags: hyperconverged infrastructure, containers, Cloud, VMware, server virtualization, servers, virtualization

Rancher's Container Management Solution Comes to Market

Rancher offers a pretty cool container management system that is completely open source, which certainly makes it worthy of consideration, especially if you don't exactly have money to burn.

Tags: RancherOS, Rancher Labs, container management, Rancher, containerization, Docker Containers, orchestration, docker, virtually speaking, containers, server virtualization, virtualization

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Linux Gets Snappy

The latest Long Term Support release of Ubuntu provides enhanced package management options as well as the new LXD virtualization technology.

Tags: Ubuntu LTS, LXD, Snappy, Snappy Ubuntu, containers, Ubuntu Linux, Linux server, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu, Linux, LXD container

Docker Datacenter Drives Container Management a Giant Leap Forward

With Docker Datacenter (DDC) and other container management tools evolving, the list of good reasons for enterprises to hold back from utilizing containers has gotten considerably smaller.

Tags: Docker Datacenter, containerization, Docker Containers, docker, container security, containers, container management, hypervisors

Synology DSM 6.0 Does Containers and More

Synology has once again raised the bar of excellence with its DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0, especially if you plan on running Docker containers on your NAS box.

Tags: containers, NAS, Docker Containers, Synology, Docker 1.0, network-attached storage, docker, Synology DSM

Going In-Depth with and Getting Ready for Windows Server 2016

Since the reveal of Tech Preview 4, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Windows Server 2016 is growing throughout the IT world. Discover what the new server operating system has to offer and how to prepare for its arrival.

Tags: Microsoft, Hyper-V, Windows Server, system administrator, Windows Server 2016, containers, server operating system, Nano Server, server os

Unikernels Highlight How Docker Is Much More than Just Containers

If all goes according to plan you'll soon be able to use the Docker platform to easily manage and run unikernel applications just as if they were apps running in Docker containers.

Tags: virtually speaking, containers, unikernels, virtualization, server virtualization, container security, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, Docker Containers, orchestration, docker

Docker Datacenter Suite Advances Production Container Technology

Docker isn't just for hobbyist developers and early adopters anymore. Docker Inc. takes the wraps off a new commercial platform that enables containers as a service (CaaS).

Tags: DockerCon, containers, Docker Datacenter, Docker Containers, containers as a service, CaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Application Containers Gain Traction Among IT Pros

The Robin Systems survey indicated 81 percent of respondents expect their companies to increase the investment in container-based technology.

Tags: apps, containers, IT pros, applications

New VMware CIO Explains Approach to Containers

PART 1: Bask Iyer leads VMware's global information and technology organization, managing critical technology systems that support its worldwide business operations.

Tags: Project Photon, docker, vMotion, VMWare,desktop,software,virtualization, containers

The CoreOS Science of Securing Container Infrastructure

Alex Polvi has a history of casting aspersions on the security of the Docker container ecosystem, and now his company is taking a giant step towards making container infrastructure more secure.

Tags: virtually speaking, Open Container Initiative, Kubernetes, container security, security, CoreOS Rocket, CoreOS Linux, docker, CoreOS, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, containers

Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for 2016

Containers may be stealing the headlines these days, but server virtualization software technology still dominates the data center. Check out ten virtualization vendors that deliver the best virtualization software solutions today.

Tags: Amazon, Google, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, Parallels, containers, Oracle, VMware vSphere, Huawei, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, Citrix, Red Hat, Microsoft, virtualization

Dell Acquisition Clouding VMware's Future Prospects

VMware finds itself in a somewhat precarious and rather unexpected position as the proposed acquisition by Dell hasn't progressed quite as smoothly as hoped.

Tags: virtually speaking, VMware, VMware vSphere 6, containers, server virtualization, containerization, vRealize, docker, EMC, VMware vSphere, virtualization, virtualized infrastructure, Dell

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 Advances Docker Container Support

New service pack update debuts with Portus project for Docker container registry management.

Tags: Linux, SUSE, SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Docker Inc., Linux servers, Docker Containers, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, containers

The New Kid on the Container Management Block

While there are other container management platforms gaining attention, none currently offers everything ContainerX does. Will the startup be successful in its aim of becoming the vSphere of containers?

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, VMware vSphere, containers, ContainerX, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, virtually speaking

What's Missing from the Open Container Initiative? [VIDEO]

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, discusses what's wrong and what's right with the Open Container Initiative.

Tags: containerization, CoreOS, containers, open source, Docker Containers, Open Containers, Open Container Initiative, Open Container Project

CoreOS Plots a Course Forward for Containers

CoreOS CTO details the roadmap for containers and why his company is still adamant about creating a standard for container application images.

Tags: container networking, Open Container Initiative, Rocket, CoreOS, containers, CoreOS Rocket, containerization

The OCI Signals a Change in Containerization Strategy

Docker and CoreOS may have shifted their containerization strategies in agreeing to work together on the Open Container Initiative, but does that mean the two rivals have suddenly become BFFs?

Tags: CoreOS Rocket, orchestration, CoreOS, virtualization, docker, virtually speaking, containers, containerization, Docker Containers, Open Container Initiative, server virtualization, container security, CoreOS Linux, virtualized infrastructure

CoreOS Enables ISE to Use Containers for Options Trading

Bare metal servers across New York, New Jersey and Chicago now use CoreOS to enable over 150 million messages a second.

Tags: data center, servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, containerization, Bare Metal, containers, CoreOS, RHEL

VMware Takes the Wraps Off vRealize Automation and vRealize Business

In the wake of Dell's proposed acquisition of EMC, it's simply business as usual for VMware -- for the moment at least.

Tags: virtualization, EMC, Dell, server virtualization, VMware, VMware vSphere, containers, virtually speaking, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, vRealize

Microsoft Previews Hyper-V Containers for Windows Server 2016

Wondering how Hyper-V containers work in Microsoft's upcoming server software release? Intrepid administrators and developers can get an early look today.

Tags: Microsoft, Hyper-V, Systems Center 2016, Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V containers, containers

Docker Reaches Across Universes at Dockercon EU

At Dockercon EU, the myriad ways that Docker is being used in this world and beyond were on display.

Tags: containers, containerization, Docker Inc., DockerCon 2015, DockerCon

Rancher Corrals Docker Containers

Rancher expands its efforts with a server hardware partnership and new persistent storage capabilities.

Tags: Docker virtualization, docker, containerization, Rancher, Docker Containers, persistent storage, Docker 1.9.0, containers, RancherOS, Rancher Labs

Google Kubernetes Container Orchestration System Gaining Steam

Anything that fosters the development of Kubernetes is probably good news for the container community, and the fruits of collaboration are rapidly becoming evident.

Tags: Kubernetes, cloud computing, Google, orchestration, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, containers, docker, Cloud, container security, virtually speaking

VMware Covering Its Container Bases for Both the Short and Long Term

While VMware already has a container solution in place, the company's hoping its longer-term solution will help if and when containerization becomes more important than virtualization.

Tags: container security, virtualization, containers, VMware vSphere, VMware, docker, virtually speaking, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, Docker Containers, orchestration, VMware vSphere 6, server virtualization

Oracle Puts OpenStack into Docker Containers

New approach is aimed to make it easier to install a cloud.

Tags: docker, containerization, containers, Oracle OpenStack, open source, Oracle, Oracle Linux, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud

Containers Not Dealing a Death Blow to Public Clouds Anytime Soon

There's plenty of life left in public clouds, as the major public cloud providers are still going strong and have been busy coming out with some interesting new and cheaper offerings.

Tags: docker, public cloud, orchestration, virtualization, Microsoft, virtually speaking, Cloud, public clouds, server virtualization, containers, containerization, Docker Containers

The Future of the EMC Federation

VMware has moved far beyond what it was when acquired by EMC in 2004, creating questions for VMware's future as well as that of EMC and the EMC Federation.

Tags: VMware vSphere, VMware, virtualization, EMC Federation, VMware vSphere 6, containerization, server virtualization, Dell, containers, virtualized infrastructure, virtually speaking, EMC

A Tale of Two Containers

It's never been easier to get started with containers. You can roll your own using Docker sources or try a packaged offering from Microsoft or VMware.

Tags: containers, VMware, vSphere, Windows Server 2016, Project Photon, Windows Server, containerization, docker

When Virtualized Infrastructure Comes at an Added Cost

While server virtualization certainly offers many great benefits, when it comes to security there are potentially expensive drawbacks to consider.

Tags: VMware, Docker Containers, virtually speaking, virtualized infrastructure, security, containerization, virtualization, container security, server virtualization, containers

Docker's DCT Delivers Digital Signing for Security

Docker 1.8 arrives with key new features that show Docker in particular and the container landscape in general are getting more and more mature every month.

Tags: Docker 1.8, virtualized infrastructure, containers, containerization, docker, Docker Containers, server virtualization, container security, virtually speaking

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Enters Beta with Improved Container Support

Containers and enhanced security are a key focus in the new RHEL platform preview.

Tags: Red Hat 7, OverlayFS, container deployment, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, RHEL 7.2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, Linux server, Red Hat, containers

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers Previewed at VMworld

VMware expands its hybrid cloud, OpenStack and container server virtualization solutions.

Tags: containerization, docker, VMware, VMworld, VMware vSphere, Evo, OpenStack, Cloud, containers

Microsoft Ups Its Ante in Containers

Microsoft is retooling Windows Server and Azure as enterprises flock to application container technologies like Docker.

Tags: Azure, Microsoft, Linux, containers, Windows Server, Cortana, docker, Azure SQL, Windows Server 2016, Skype for Business, container virtualization

Linuxcon: The Changing Role of the Server OS

Oracle's top Linux engineer details how containers are changing the world, and why containers themselves still need to change.

Tags: containerization, Linux, Oracle, server os, container, servers, LinuxCon, containers

OpenStack Magnum Brings Containers to the Cloud [VIDEO]

Adrian Otto, Project Technical Leader for Magnum, discusses the challenges and opportunities of containers in the cloud.

Tags: containerization, Magnum, containers, Cloud, cloud computing, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud, OpenStack Magnum project

Securing Containers without the Need for Virtualization Technology

Triton's cloud platforms offer intriguing tech that can run containers on bare metal servers with a high degree of application isolation -- and without using virtualization technology.

Tags: virtualized infrastructure, container security, CoreOS, orchestration, containerization, virtually speaking, docker, Triton, containers, virtualization, server virtualization

VMware Hints at Potential Evolution for Container Strategy

Could VMware abandon its stance that containers are better when used together with virtual machines, and instead develop its own standalone container management system?

Tags: virtually speaking, CoreOS, VMware vSphere, server virtualization, VMware, docker, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, containerization, containers, orchestration, virtualization

Twistlock Emerges to Strengthen the Security of Containers

While security remains a potential cause for concern to container users, companies like Twistlock have started stepping in to address the containerization security conundrum.

Tags: containers, container security, virtualized infrastructure, server virtualization, virtually speaking, containerization, VMware, Twistlock, docker

Docker 1.7 Debuts with Experimental SDN

The Docker platform gets updated as Docker Inc introduces new commercial support.

Tags: Docker Inc., Docker 1.7, Software-Defined Networking, containers, virtualization, containerization, SDN, docker

VMware Doubles Down on Docker Integration with Project Bonneville

VMware brings Docker deeper into ESX with newly announced AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville.

Tags: containers, docker, containerization, VMware, VMware ESX, VMware Docker

Docker Rivals Join Together in Open Container Effort

The Linux Foundation is now home to new Open Container Project, bringing Docker, CoreOS and others together to advance open-source containers for all.

Tags: Linux Foundation, CoreOS, Open Container Project, containers, docker

Rancher Doubles Down on Docker for App Virtualization Deployment [VIDEO]

Shannon Williams, co-founder of Rancher Labs, discusses why Docker is likely to remain the application container virtualization technology of choice.

Tags: containers, Rocket, docker, Linux distribution, Docker Inc., Rancher Labs, Linux server, containerization, virtualization

CoreOS Catching Up to Docker in Containerization Race?

While Docker's lead in the container space has looked unstoppable up to now, CoreOS has been taking key steps to narrow the gap, including its new commercial Tectonic offering.

Tags: docker, orchestration, virtually speaking, containers, CoreOS, tectonic, containerization, CoreOS Linux, virtualized infrastructure, virtualization

VMware Looking to Capitalize on the Containerization Opportunity

The server virtualization company has been taking the initial key steps in ensuring its customers can use containers safely within the embrace of the VMware ecosystem.

Tags: server virtualization, containers, containerization, orchestration, CoreOS, VMware vSphere 6, CoreOS Linux, virtualized infrastructure, virtualization, VMware vSphere, VMware, docker, virtually speaking

OpenStack Making Progress, but Manageability Remains a Concern

NEWS ANALYSIS: OpenStack is being widely deployed for enterprise cloud projects, but even its biggest advocates say the community must make the platform more manageable.

Tags: private cloud, KVM, platform as a service, Open vSwitch, OpenStack Summit, docker, PayPal, PaaS, OpenStack, cloud computing, Amazon, cloud deployment, eBay, Kubernetes, Storm Ventures, Magnum, containers, cloud applications

Intel Works with CoreOS for Tectonic Container Server

Intel throws its weight behind CoreOS effort for containers.

Tags: Rocket containers, CoreOS Rocket, containers, Rocket, CoreOS Linux, Intel, CoreOS, CoreOS Fest, tectonic, docker

CoreOS Advances Application Container Specification Effort

Apcera, Google, Red Hat and VMware are supporting CoreOS' application container specification effort, which extends the reach of containers beyond Docker.

Tags: Google, docker, CoreOS, containers, application container specifications, Red Hat, Apcera, VMware

What's Behind VMware's Better Together Support for Containerization?

While VMware's endorsement of containerization could be a case of keeping its friends close but its enemies closer, there's also potential for real symbiosis behind the surprising strategy.

Tags: CoreOS Linux, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, containerization, server virtualization, docker, CoreOS, virtually speaking, containers, VMware, virtualization, orchestration, VMware vSphere

VMware Unveils Forthcoming Container 'Cradles' for vSphere

Cloud-native apps can handle redundancies that may have depended on the infrastructure to do before, and they are autonomic in nature.

Tags: VMWare,desktop,software,virtualization, containers, RSA Conference

VMware Launches Lightwave and Photon for Linux Containers

New container identity and access management technology debuts alongside new purpose-built container Linux operating system.

Tags: virtualization, containers, Linux, docker, VMware, identity management, containerization, access management

Docker, Boasting 'Amazing Traction,' Tops $150M in Funding

Docker's CEO explains why the open-source Docker container technology is taking off, and why he's raising more money.

Tags: virtual machines, containers, Docker Containers, Microsoft, Amazon, open source, application virtualization, IBM, Goldman Sachs, VMware

Docker on a Spending Spree to Strengthen Security and Orchestration

What began as a "simple" application, containerization is evolving to incorporate management, orchestration, networking, clouds and then... who knows?

Tags: docker, server virtualization, containerization, orchestration, virtually speaking, virtualization, containers

Fedora 21 Retools Linux for Servers

The first release of Red Hat's community Linux project in 2014 provides server, cloud and workstation-focused products.

Tags: Fedora 21, containers, Linux, servers, containerization, Fedora, Linux server

Linux Container Adoption Set to Grow Rapidly

Linux Foundation's 2014 end user report shows continued growth of Linux servers in the cloud, though concerns over skilled staffing remain.

Tags: virtualization, containers, Docker Containers, Linux, Linux servers, Linux Foundation

Red Hat Expands OpenShift PaaS and Container Efforts

OpenShift 2.2, xPaaS and Red Hat Atomic Host beta make their debuts this week.

Tags: Red Hat Atomic Host, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift Enterprise 2, Red Hat, PaaS, docker, OpenShift, containers, Docker Containers

Cisco Gets Into Containerized Data Centers

An entire data center -- all in one big box. With its latest offering, Cisco enters the container data center biz.
Tags: data center management, containers, Cisco

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