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Using Netsh Commands for Wi-Fi Management in Windows 8

Microsoft removed some useful GUI networking settings starting with Windows 8, but fortunately Netsh commands can handle a variety of wireless networking tasks in the newer Windows releases.

Tags: command line, networking, Windows 8, Wi-Fi, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Netsh

Use s3cmd for Managing Amazon S3 Storage from the CLI

If you're looking to script backups or other operations, a reliable CLI tool that works with S3 is a must. s3cmd fits the bill.

Tags: command line, Amazon, backup, online storage, online backup, tip of the trade, S3

Give Yourself a Menu in Vim

Completing filenames when using Vim in command mode can be tricky. These tips will make it a simpler task.

Tags: command line, open source tool, tip of the trade, vim

Use Zenity to GUI-Up Scripts

Not everyone is comfortable with a command-line interface. If you're writing scripts for users who prefer to work from a GUI, check out Zenity, a GNOME utility that provides simple GUI dialogs from a shell script.
Tags: command line, open source software, open source tool, GUI, script

Absolutely Essential Vim/vi Commands

When it comes to remote system administration, all roads lead to Vim. While Vim's capabilities are vast -- entire books have been written about it, and they still fail to capture all of its functionality -- knowing a handful of commands will enable you to do much of what you need to do.
Tags: command line, open source software, tip of the trade, vim, open source servers

Open Source Software Shortcuts for Doing More with 'Less'

Command-line users are often well-acquainted with Less, More's backward-scrollable cousin. Here are a few not-so-well-known useful commands and shortcuts that may make Less even more valuable to you.
Tags: command line, open source software, Unix, more with less, open source servers

GoogleCL: Command-Line Googling

Google tools are useful. If you're an Ubuntu or Debian user, you can now get even more out of them with GoogleCL.
Tags: open source, command line, Google, Ubuntu, Debian

3 Handy Commandlinefu One Liners

Commandlinefu is a simple repository for storing and sharing shell commands with the rest of the world. Here are three new command-line one liners that stand out.
Tags: Linux, command line, OS, vim

Tweaking Linux Library Settings Within Readline

Tip of the Trade: Readline is the library that handles Linux command-line input as well as input for applications. Most of the default settings work perfectly well, but some change the way tab-completion behaves and thus require modification.
Tags: Linux, command line, OS, readline

6 Really Cool Linux Stocking Stuffers

Tip of the Trade: Feeling like the only one stuck in the office this week? Here are some Linux command-line 'Christmas' Eggs to help you while away the hours.
Tags: Linux, command line, easter eggs

xclip: Command-Line Clipboard

Tip of the Trade: Think command line precludes using the X clipboard? Think again. xclip makes it possible to interact with it directly from the command-line -- if you're using Debian or Ubuntu.
Tags: command line, Ubuntu, Debian, OS, clipboard

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