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VMware Previews Cross-Cloud Services at VMworld

VMware takes aim at helping organizations to manage policies and deployments across disparate cloud services.

Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, data center, VMware, VMworld, containers, Cross-Cloud

VMware Backs Out of Virtustream Joint Venture Deal With EMC

The proposal to create a jointly owned cloud services business drew the ire of VMware investors worried it would further erode the company's stock.

Tags: data storage, cloud services, EMC, IT management, Dell, VMware, Virtustream

Microsoft Says Azure Cloud Services Safe From Heartbleed SSL Flaw

The company assures users Azure is immune to the OpenSSL flaw that affects much of the Internet. Customers running Linux images should remain on alert.

Tags: cloud services, Microsoft, Azure, encryption, Heartbleed SSL flaw, Linux images, Transfer Layer Security

Microsoft Buys Land for Massive Data Center Expansion in Quincy, Wash.

Microsoft scooped up an additional 200 acres in the tech giant's native home state halfway between Seattle and Spokane to construct a massive new data center.

Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo, green power, Intuit, Fiber Optic Network, server farms, data center construction, wind farm, data center expansion

Nirvanix Shut-Down Sends Shockwaves through the Cloud Services Industry

Does Nirvanix's abrupt demise spell the end of public cloud storage services?

Tags: cloud services, Cloud Storage, public cloud, Redundancy, Nirvanix, public cloud storage

Rackspace Cloud (Just) Now Moving to OpenStack

While Rackspace helped to found OpenStack, the company is only just now beginning to adopt the project for its own cloud services.

Tags: Cloud, cloud services, private cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack

10 Cloud-Based Services You Can't Live Without

If 2011 is 'The Year of The Cloud,' then it's time to get serious about cloud-based services. Will it be private cloud, public cloud, or a mixture of the two for your organization?
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, private cloud, public cloud, EC2

HP Pushes 'Instant On' Vision of Enterprise Cloud Services

As more companies look to tap cloud computing, HP says hybrid solutions make for a more orderly transition.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, HP, hybrid cloud

VMware Weaves vFabric as Its Cloud Computing Application Platform

At VMworld, the virtualization giant delivers its vision of the cloud as an IT service for applications, leveraging its SpringSource technologies.
Tags: cloud computing, Spring, cloud services, VMware, vFabric

Seagate i365 Combines Backup With Cloud Server Recovery

The cloud-based i365RDR Service helps customers bring up mission critical applications in a virtual environment.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, Cloud server, backup, server recovery

CloudShare Program Encourages Surgient Customers to Switch

The company is offering a risk-free migration program for Surgient customers.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, cloud services, migration

Cloud Computing: The Foundation for Cloud Services

In this article IDC discusses the more controversial realities facing IT professionals as the push for the cloud continues.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services

ElasticHosts Launches ElasticStack Cloud Server Platform

The company claims providers have already signed up to offer branded cloud services.
Tags: cloud services, Cloud server, cloud service, data center

Cloud Computing Reshaping IT

Like mainframes and PCs before it, cloud computing is the next significant advancement of computing.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, cloud services

Cloud Computing Sees Shades of Gray

Cloud computing solves many dilemmas, while at the same time introducing others. By its very nature, when you move to the cloud, you enter a legal gray area, a minefield of privacy and legal implications not fully understood — by anybody.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, legal, Storage

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