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Security in the World of Virtual Machines and Containers

Running an app in a VM in a public cloud may indeed be more secure than running the same app in a container, but that doesn't always mean you can sleep well at night knowing your apps and data are secure.

Tags: cloud security, virtualized, virtual machine, VM, public cloud, containers, VM security, virtualized security, container security, virtual machine security

CloudPassage Looks to Lock Down Cloud Servers

The two-year-old startup provides a security platform to protect cloud users' virtual machines, targeting an area of cloud computing the firm says remains widely misunderstood.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, cloud security, Cloud server, CloudPassage

8 Cloud Security Boosts From VMware

Cloud security, or lack there of, is increasingly proving to be a barrier to adoption and revenue for companies that sell public cloud services. VMware aims to remedy this by partnering with these eight top guns in the security market place.

Tags: cloud security, VMware, public cloud

Virtualization Technology Gets a Security Boost

Can Bromium, the brainchild of Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt, pull it off? The details are cloudy, but speculation is clear.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud security, Citrix, virtualization technology, server virtualization

5 Reasons Why the Cloud Should Be More Secure Than Your Data Center

Common knowledge says anything mission-critical must remain in the data center because cloud security is inferior to data center security. However, greater economies of scale, continuous auditing and other factors indicate that this may in fact be a popular misconception.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud security, data center security, InfoSec

Security: The Biggest Holdup to Cloud Computing

A lack of understanding of security risks is one of the key factors hampering cloud computing adoption. Find out the five most overlooked threats to the technology.
Tags: cloud computing, security, virtualization, cloud security, hypervisor

Managing Cloud Servers, Virtualization and Data

Virtualization and the cloud simplifies hardware infrastructure but creates a data management challenge.
Tags: cloud security, Cloud server, Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing With Less Security Risk

Are security issues holding your company back from deploying cloud computing? Asking key questions and trusting your intuition goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of security issues cropping up.
Tags: cloud computing, security, cloud security

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