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Red Hat Debuts CloudForms for Cloud Management

Red Hat wants to manage all clouds, open source or not.

Tags: Linux, cloud management tools, Red Hat, cloud management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, CloudForms

Build a Data Center Cloud Utopia With Cloupia

VMware's data center management tools too high for your organization. The out-of-the-box cloud management and automation solutions from Cloupia offer provisioning, dynamic resource allocation, discovery and monitoring, metering and chargeback, analytics, orchestration, a self-service catalog and more.

Tags: cloud computing, cloud management tools, cloud management, server virtualization, VMware

Cloud.com Launches Cloud Server Management Products

Cloud.com's CloudStack software is 98 percent open-source and supports services from Amazon, VMWare, and Citrix.
Tags: cloud management tools, Cloud server, server tools, Cloud.com

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