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VMware Extends Cloud Desktop Horizon

Horizon 6 launch takes direct aim at Citrix by enabling enterprises with new virtual desktop capabilities.

Tags: Virtual Desktop Interface, VMware, cloud computing, VDI

Google Redefines Reserved and On-Demand Cloud Instances

Google lowers pricing and creates new options for cost-effective cloud computing.

Tags: AWS, IaaS, PaaS, cloud computing, Google Cloud Platform

Xen 4.4 ARMs for Virtualization, Adds SPICE

The open-source Xen project continues to prosper as a Linux Foundation collaboration project.

Tags: Xen Hypervisor, Oracle, Linux Foundation, Xen, virtualization, Cloud, xen 4.4, Linux, cloud computing

Piston Updates OpenStack Cloud Platform

Migrating from one OpenStack release to the next is a key challenge that Piston Cloud Computing has claimed to have conquered.

Tags: Piston Cloud, Cloud, OpenStack Folsom, Piston, OpenStack, servers, cloud computing

VMware Grows as Cloud Services Market Set to Mature

VMware finishes 2013 on a high note as it aims for future growth.

Tags: VMware vCloud Suite, VMware, earnings, cloud computing, cloud service

Intel: The Desktop Is Alive, Data Center Is Thriving

Though the PC market has slowed, Intel's CEO still sees room for future growth as his company reports full year 2013 earnings. The company saw major growth in the cloud and networking.

Tags: Intel, PC growth, desktop, cloud computing, networking trends

Microsoft Buys Land for Massive Data Center Expansion in Quincy, Wash.

Microsoft scooped up an additional 200 acres in the tech giant's native home state halfway between Seattle and Spokane to construct a massive new data center.

Tags: data center construction, data center expansion, server farms, Fiber Optic Network, Intuit, green power, Yahoo, Dell, Microsoft, cloud services, wind farm, cloud computing

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Tags: cloud computing, VMware, KVM, server virtualization, cloud management, VMworld, vSphere, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Microsoft, virtually speaking, Red Hat, virtualization

Dell Sets Different Cloud Path Than HP, IBM

At Dell World, the vendor announces partnerships with Red Hat, Microsoft and Google, eschewing building its own public cloud.

Tags: Red Hat, IBM, open source, OpenStack, cloud computing, Microsoft, HP, IT infrastructure, Dell, Google

HotLink's Metamorphosis into Cloud Bursting and DRaaS Solutions

Hotlink may have started out as a vendor of multi-hypervisor management systems, but now the startup is providing the vital glue needed to build more complex cloud bursting and disaster recovery solutions.

Tags: cloud computing, hotlink, virtually speaking, Hotlink Hybrid Express, virtualization, cloud management, disaster recovery

The Evolution of OpenStack Continues with New Projects

The open source cloud computing platform isn't just about storage and compute anymore as new services emerge.

Tags: Cloud, OpenStack Cloud, cloud computing, compute, RedHat, Havana, OpenStack

Red Hat Ramps Up Virtualization and Cloud Initiatives

Can Red Hat virtualization finally capitalize on new opportunities that will help it emerge from the enormous shadow cast by VMware, Microsoft and Citrix?

Tags: VMware, KVM, cloud computing, virtually speaking, cloud management, virtualization, Red Hat, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Dell to Demo 64-Bit ARM-Based 'Copper' Server

The system maker will show off the server during ARM's TechCon event, where much of the attention will be ARM technology in the data center.

Tags: microservers, HP, cloud computing, servers, ARM processors, Fedora, open source, Dell, SoC

VMware Grows Earnings by Moving Beyond vSphere

While there is still room for growth in server virtualization, VMware sees its future in the cloud.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, cloud computing, vSphere

Lenovo Aims New ThinkServers at Cloud, Virtualization

The new RD540 and RD640 will be armed with Intel's new Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors and will come with new capabilities, like an extra PCIe slot.

Tags: virtualization, cloud computing, management software, data storage, enterprise networking, IT infrastructure, Lenovo, servers

AMD's SeaMicro Microservers Will Drive Verizon's New Cloud

Verizon is leveraging SeaMicro's SM15000 servers for compute and storage capabilities as well as the company’s Freedom fabric architecture.

Tags: AMD, Verizon, processors, enterprise networking, data storage, microservers, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, SeaMicro

Intel Unveils New Xeon Chips for More Dynamic Data Center

The Xeon E5-2600 v2 lineup includes almost two-dozen chips for not only servers but also storage and networking systems.

Tags: data storage, cloud computing, Intel, processors, HP, it mobility, SGI, Cray, enterprise networking, IBM, SDN, servers

Cisco CTO Warrior: Software-Only SDN Has ‘Limitations’

The Cisco executive’s comments reflect differences in approaches by Cisco and VMware after the virtualization vendor’s introduction of NSX.

Tags: SDN, enterprise networking, IT infrastructure, VMware, Cisco, virtualization, cloud computing

VMware Builds Out Virtualization for Servers, Storage, Networking

The company’s NSX virtual networking offering pulls its own technology and that from Nicira into a single solution.

Tags: big data, IT infrastructure, IT management, virtualization, cloud computing, Nicira, enterprise networking, servers, VMware, data storage

A Sunny Outlook for All in Microsoft and Oracle's Cloud Partnership?

With the two companies teaming up on the cloud in what looks to be a win-win deal, who then stands to be the big loser?

Tags: VMware, public cloud, Microsoft, Cloud, virtually speaking, cloud computing, server virtualization, Oracle

SimpliVity Updates Its New-Gen Data Center Package

An OmniCube is a 2U rack-mounted system that aggregates the functions of server, storage and networking into a much smaller footprint.

Tags: big data, simplivity, Converged Infrastructure, cloud computing

HP Sees Interest From Apple, Others in Moonshot Servers: Report

CEO Meg Whitman says that large scale-out data center operators, including Chinese search giant Baidu, are eying the vendor's low-power microservers.

Tags: cloud computing, HP, ARM processors, processors, SoC, IT infrastructure, microservers, AMD, Intel

AMD Aims Opteron X-Series CPUs at Cloud Data Centers

Chipmaker sends Jaguar to the cloud as its low-power Kyoto chip technology is officially unveiled.

Tags: Operton X-Series, AMD Opteron 6000, big data, AMD CPU, AMD, data center, Kyoto, cloud computing

Fedora 19 Beta Brings Schrodinger's Cat to Linux Servers

New Linux release will give server admins lots to think about.

Tags: cloud computing, Fedora 19, servers, Server Administrator, Fedora, Linux, hybrid cloud, Linux server

Why Did Juniper Join OpenStack? [VIDEO]

Bob Muglia explains why Juniper is involved with OpenStack.

Tags: cloud computing, Juniper, hybrid cloud, Juniper Networks, OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenStack Foundation

Dell Sets the Stage for Hyper-V's Return to OpenStack

Once tech non grata, Microsoft's virtualization platform is making a comeback thanks to Dell.

Tags: public cloud, Hyper-V Cloud, OpenStack, private cloud, cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, Dell, Hyper-V

Interop: From Server Virtualization to Private Cloud

Panel discusses what's needed to help server virtualization succeed in the cloud era.

Tags: server virtualization, cloud computing, private cloud, virtualization, virtualization cloud, Cloud

How Red Hat Does Open Source: From GNOME to OpenStack

Red Hat's Mark McLoughlin currently holds the title as the top OpenStack developer in the world by volume of code commits, but he wasn't always a cloud guy.

Tags: Cloud, OpenStack, Red Hat, cloud computing, OpenStack Grizzly, open source

Ubuntu 13.04 Linux Server Debuts. Should You Upgrade?

New Linux server provides improved OpenStack Grizzly cloud options and high-availability capabilities.

Tags: Grizzly, Linux, OpenStack, Linux 3.8, Ubuntu, Ubuntu LTS, cloud computing, Linux server, OpenStack Grizzly

VMware Sees OpenStack as an Opportunity as Revenues Grow

VMware expects continued growth in 2013 as it goes after a $50 billion total addressable market opportunity.

Tags: software-defined storage, software-defined data center, cloud computing, virtualization, VMware, OpenStack, hybrid cloud

Why Rackspace Uses Xen for OpenStack

Public cloud vendor sticks with Xen for server virtualization, still not thrilled about CloudStack.

Tags: public cloud, cloud computing, virtualization, Xen, server virtualization, OpenStack, CloudStack

The Secret to OpenStack's Cloud Success? Gravity

The Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation explains what it takes to build a platform ecosystem.

Tags: cloud computing, open source, Cloud, OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack, OpenStack Summit

Dell Partners with SUSE Linux for OpenStack

The new Dell SUSE Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack takes aim at private clouds.

Tags: SUSE, OpenStack, Dell PowerEdge, PowerEdge, SUSE Linux, open source, Cloud, cloud computing, Dell

Red Hat Launches Open Source OpenStack RDO

Linux vendor's new OpenStack distribution aims to make it easier to get up and running on the open source cloud.

Tags: OpenStack RDO, cloud computing, open source, Red Hat, Cloud, OpenStack

PayPal Picks OpenStack at VMware's Expense

What impact will PayPal's recent move to drop VMware have on the virtualization company's hopes of becoming a dominant player in cloud computing infrastructure?

Tags: OpenStack, PayPal, Cloud Infrastructure, VMware, cloud computing, public cloud, private cloud

IBM PureSystems Turning One and Tackling Big Data

A year ago IBM entered the engineered server systems space - where are they now?

Tags: PureSystems, IBM PureData System, IBM, big data, servers, cloud computing, Cloud

OpenStack Grizzly Cloud Poised for Enterprise Release

Linux leader Red Hat details open source innovation in the latest OpenStack cloud platform release.

Tags: OpenStack, OpenStack Grizzly, cloud computing, open source, Red Hat, Cloud

Red Hat Taps Former Microsoft Exec as New Server Virtualization Chief

Radhesh Balakrishnan hired away from Microsoft to help spur Red Hat's role in virtualization and the cloud over the coming years.

Tags: server virtualization, cloud computing, Red Hat, RHEV, Cloud, virtualization, Microsoft, open source, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Linux Adoption Continues to Grow

Study reports that Windows to Linux migration is growing, particularly when it comes to servers.

Tags: cloud computing, Linux, Cloud, mission-critical, Linux server

The Cloud Application Hypervisor Has Arrived

You've heard of a hypervisor, and you've probably heard of a storage hypervisor. But here's a new one to add to the virtualization lexicon.

Tags: hypervisor management, public cloud, virtualization, Cloud, Cloud Storage, hypervisor, cloud computing, virtually speaking

Who Offers the Best Public Cloud Storage System?

A recent report from Nasuni ranks public cloud storage providers, but a closer look at one of their top picks highlights the pros and the cons of cloud storage right now.

Tags: Cloud Storage, virtualization, cloud computing, Nasuni, public cloud, Cloud, virtually speaking

IBM Opens Up to OpenStack for Enterprise Cloud Foundation

Big Blue tabs the open source cloud platform as the base for all of its cloud computing offerings.

Tags: Big Blue, OpenStack, open source, Cloud, cloud computing, IBM, OpenStack Foundation

Handling Heterogeneous Hypervisor Environments with HotLink's SuperVISOR

What's the dominant hypervisor today? While VMware may be the obvious answer, HotLink's CEO has a different take on the matter.

Tags: virtually speaking, virtualization, VMware, VM, hypervisor, server virtualization, cloud computing, hotlink, hybrid cloud, private cloud

Red Hat Updates OpenShift PaaS

The Linux vendor releases OpenShift Enterprise 1.1 as plans for converged cloud server offerings continue to ramp up.

Tags: OpenStack, PaaS, cloud computing, open source, Red Hat, OpenShift

Piston Cloud Raises $12.5 Million for OpenStack Cloud Tech

Open source OpenStack cloud vendor gets a little help from Cisco in a new round of funding.

Tags: Piston, hybrid cloud, OpenStack, cloud computing, VMware, open source, Cisco

Fedora 18 Linux Improves Installation and Virtualization

New installation experience complements enhanced server virtualization and cloud computing capabilities.

Tags: Fedora, Eucalyptus, server virtualization, Linux, cloud computing, Fedora 18, OpenStack

Mirantis Raises $10 Million for OpenStack Services

Founder says he has turned down acquisition offers as his company continues to grow by helping others build OpenStack public clouds.

Tags: public cloud, public clouds, cloud computing, OpenStack

Tips from Experts on Building a Private Cloud

Launching a private cloud can put you on the road to a streamlined, efficient and flexible IT infrastructure.  Avoid potential pitfalls and learn how to make the most of your private cloud with these five tips.

Tags: hybrid cloud, private cloud, cloud computing, private clouds, public cloud

Dell Aims for Global Server Dominance

Michael Dell wants to be the number one server vendor in the world, and the OpenStack cloud might just help him to get there.

Tags: dell servers, OpenStack, cloud computing, Servers & Services, servers, Dell

HP's CloudSystem Improves Cloud Automation

The company's hybrid cloud development options grow with the latest CloudSystem release.

Tags: Cloudsystem, HP CloudSystem, cloud automation, cloud computing, HP, Cloud, PaaS

Red Hat Previews OpenStack Folsom Enterprise Cloud Release

The Linux vendor rebases its enterprise cloud distribution with preliminary support for Folsom.

Tags: Folsom, OpenStack Folsom, OpenStack, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, Linux, Enterprise

Top 10 Reasons Not to Virtualize

We take a break from the norm of extolling the virtues of virtualization to shed some light on those situations when it's important to just say no.

Tags: virtually speaking, server virtualization, cloud computing, virtualization, hypervisor

vSphere 5.1: A Worthy Upgrade Admins Will Love

Managing a large number of VMs and all the associated networking and storage is no small feat, but new features in vSphere 5.1 make it possible to accomplish that job from literally anywhere you can connect to the network.

Tags: virtualization, cloud computing, VMware vSphere, VMware, vSphere 5.1, vsphere 5

Apache CloudStack 4.0 Expands the Open Source Cloud

Citrix is no longer the only player in CloudStack as Apache processes take hold.

Tags: CloudStack, Apache Software Foundation, Apache server, cloud computing, Citrix, Cloud, Apache, OpenStack

Cisco Expands UCS and Cloud Management Control

The company's UCS Central platform can now manage up to 10,000 physical servers.

Tags: server platform, cloud management, Cloud, Cisco, cloud computing, UCS

VMware Seeking Total Cloud Domination?

Like the infamous villains in James Bond flicks, VMware would very much like to rule the world -- the cloud world in this case.

Tags: vcloud, vCloud Suite, vSphere, cloud computing, VMware, Cloud, hybrid cloud

VMware vSphere Embraces OpenStack

VMware CTO Steve Herrod tells OpenStack that he want to join the party.

Tags: OpenStack Summit, VMware vSphere, OpenStack, cloud computing, Cloud, open source, VMware

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Distributions Take Shape

Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat explain how the nascent market for packaged cloud server distributions is beginning to shape up.

Tags: OpenStack, distribution, SUSE, Cloud, Ubuntu, Red Hat, open source, cloud computing

Ubuntu Helps Accelerate OpenStack Deployments

Mark Shuttleworth details what it takes to deliver OpenStack in production, in 3 minutes or less.

Tags: cloud computing, open source, Ubuntu, OpenStack, Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Server, Cloud

Cisco Debuts Its Own OpenStack Distribution

The networking hardware giant releases a key open source cloud distribution.

Tags: cloud computing, open source, Cisco, OpenStack, Cloud

Oracle Solaris 11.1 Updates Unix for SDN and the Cloud

Oracle improves Solaris performance and cloud capabilities while also addressing the market trend towards Software-Defined Networking.

Tags: Software-Defined Networking, SDN, Oracle, cloud computing, Unix, Cloud, Solaris 11

Lenovo Takes a Leap into Cloud Computing

The company's first software-only acquisition of cloud provider Stoneware should help jumpstart Lenovo's PC Plus initiative.

Tags: stoneware, cloud computing, Cloud, Lenovo

Rackspace Finally Goes Public with OpenStack Cloud Servers

After more than two years of promoting the open source OpenStack project, Rackspace is finally ready to deliver it for its own cloud customers.

Tags: OpenStack, Rackspace, cloud computing, open source, Cloud

Open Source OpenStack ARMs the Cloud

The cloud will no longer be confined to just the realm of x86 servers as OpenStack turns two.

Tags: Cloud, x86, servers, cloud computing, ARM, OpenStack

Solving Virtualized Storage Problems with Thin Provisioning

While server virtualization and cloud computing can lead to storage problems, many of these can be eased by the sensible use of thin provisioning.

Tags: server virtualization, virtualization, thin provisioning, cloud computing, Virtualization Management, Storage

Open Source OpenStack Moving Forward as Folsom Nears

Is it officially the summer of OpenStack?  Work on governance as well as technology continues to accelerate.

Tags: OpenStack, OpenStack Foundation, cloud computing, Cloud, open source, Folsom

The Oracle Cloud Has Arrived

He may have made fun of the term "cloud" back in 2009, but today Larry Ellison is singing a different tune.

Tags: Oracle Cloud, Oracle, cloud computing, Cloud, social CRM

CloudPassage Looks to Lock Down Cloud Servers

The two-year-old startup provides a security platform to protect cloud users' virtual machines, targeting an area of cloud computing the firm says remains widely misunderstood.

Tags: CloudPassage, Cloud, cloud computing, Cloud server, cloud security

Dell Closes on Cloud Computing Wyse Technology Acquisition

Dell looks to attain a leadership position in the thin client and cloud computing markets with the purchase.

Tags: Thin clients, cloud computing, servers, Servers & Services, Dell, Wyse, thin client

SAP Acquires Ariba, Gains Cloud Business Commerce

The acquisition establishes SAP as the leading business network, adding business-to-business collaboration to its existing solutions. 

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, SAP AG, SAP

Red Hat: No Regrets About Moving to the Enterprise Model

New model changed the way server operating system software was acquired and deployed, as Red Hat celebrates 10 years of enterprise Linux.

Tags: OpenStack, enterprise linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, cloud computing, virtualization, RHEL

Cloud Sidekick Extends Community Edition with Storm Deployment Automation

Storm is a new declarative provisioning feature that enables cloud developers to create AWS CloudFormation compatible deployment configurations.

Tags: Cloud Sidekick, hybrid cloud, Cloud, cloud computing, AWS, private cloud

IaaS Meets PaaS: Piston Brings Cloud Foundry Platform to OpenStack

A new open source project lets Cloud Foundry PaaS run on OpenStack IaaS.

Tags: OpenStack, IaaS, PaaS, hybrid cloud, private cloud, Cloud Foundry, cloud computing

Ubuntu 12.04 Linux Aims Precisely at the Cloud

The open source operating system server adds cloud orchestration, Metal-as-a-Service and OpenStack in its latest Long Term Support release.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Canonical, Cloud, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu LTS, Ubuntu

Veeam's Management Pack Catches the Free Bug

The company is currently giving away its Management Pack for free, but there's a catch of course -- three, in fact.

Tags: Veeam, public cloud, VMware, hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, private cloud, Hyper-V Cloud, cloud computing