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2011 IT Salaries: How Much Are You Really Worth?

Datamation's 2011 IT Salary Guide is out. The lists salaries for various IT professionals, from software developers to IT systems administrators. Find out what you can expect to earn, should you decide to look for a new gig in the new year.
Tags: IT salaries, careers, system administrator, salaries, IT Salary Guide

Listen Up, Data Center Managers!

You can ask 'can you hear me now?' of your data center managers, but the real question to ask is 'are you listening?'
Tags: data management, careers, career, staffing, career advancement

The Importance of Being Multilingual -- in OSes

Whether it seems trivial or obvious, being schooled in only one OS is detrimental to your career.
Tags: Linux, Windows, careers, staffing, Hiring

IT Workers Optimistic About Data Center Job Growth

A recent survey from Harris Interactive reveals a 'sharp rise' in technology employees' confidence related to the economy and the IT jobs market.
Tags: careers, staffing, staff management, data center jobs

25 IT Job Sites to Kick Start Your Job Search

Get the most out of your search for your IT dream job by starting with one of these sites.
Tags: IT jobs, careers, staffing, staff management, IT Jobs Board

Looking for the Data Center Management Job Big Bucks?

Data center management job may pay the highest salaries in Northern California, but the cost of living expenses there are equally high. How does your city rate, and how should you decide where to live.
Tags: data center management, careers, salaries, data center jobs

7 Questions to Help Land Your Dream Data Center Job

Got questions? Here's what to ask and what to keep to yourself when interviewing for a data center job.
Tags: careers, interview, staffing, data center jobs

5 Employees Every Data Center Needs

With staffing budgets remaining tight, here are five employee types that help ensure all those jobs in the data center get done.
Tags: careers, career, staffing, staff management, data center jobs

10 Things Not to Do When Interviewing for Your IT Dream Job

Have a pair of flip-flops you think matches perfectly with your interview suit? Thinking of asking the interviewer to join you for a drink after? Think these things haven't been done? In all three cases, you'd be mistaken.
Tags: careers, interview, career, staffing, staff management

Companies Slow to Hire IT Staff

When it comes to hiring for an IT job, diverse skill sets are in demand, as are the usual suspects.
Tags: careers, career, staffing, Hiring, skills in demand

When Frugality Hurts: The Pain of Cutting Resources to the Quick

Cover Your Assets: How do you know when you've trimmed too much budget, too much staff and consequently, too much profit? Because it hurts when you do that.
Tags: careers, frugality, staffing, staff management

The Mainframe's Youthful Injection

The death of the mainframe is a perennial conversation topic for IT pundits. Not only is it still alive and kicking, but young developers are being sought to extend its lifetime.
Tags: developer, developers, mainframe, careers

Leadership Means Taking the Lead

Being a leader requires more than simply sitting behind a desk reading reports.
Tags: management, careers, staffing, staff management, leadership

4 Trends Every IT Hiring Manager Needs to Know

The market is not as one sided as you might think -- employees still have some say in their destinies.
Tags: careers, staffing, staff management, employee retention, Hiring

Geeks Gone Wild

A how-to guide for developers looking to expand their social networks.
Tags: developer, developers, networking, careers

More Workers Finding New Jobs

Laid off workers are finding new gigs, even if the economy has been slow to improve.
Tags: careers, job tech

Top 100 IT Freelance Jobs

From Twitter to RSS skills, a recent report from Elance details the hottest freelance tech hiring trends.
Tags: Twitter, iPhone, jobs, careers, job tech

The Secret to a Successful IT Job Hunt

Career & Staffing: By following a few simple best practices, it is possible to land that IT dream job.
Tags: job, jobs, careers, staffing

Developers vs. Corporate: Why Can't We All just Along?

Career & Staffing: At the intersection of budget and software development, quality sometimes takes an unfortunate turn. It doesn't have to be that way.
Tags: developers, careers, staffing

IT Salary Levels, A Five-Year View

Career& Staffing: IT salary levels have fluctuated considerably since 2004. Lucrative opportunities remain for qualified professionals.
Tags: IT salary, salary, careers, IT staffing

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