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Track Issues With Roundup

No matter what the size is of your IT environment, issue tracking is a critical component of system administration. If you're looking for a simple issue tracking system that can be scaled as your shop grows, check out Roundup, an interesting solution that is easy to both test out and deploy.
Tags: bug, OS X, community, interface, TXT

SpamAssassin's Y2K10 -- Whoops, We Did It Again

Mail server admins are quietly living out a past that never happened: A rule in SpamAssassin intended to stop spam dated outrageously in the future is snaring anything with a 2010 date.
Tags: Linux, spam, bug, mail server, spamassasin

Microsoft Finds No Hole in IIS 6

After testing claims that IIS 6 is vulnerable to a zero-day attack, Microsoft declared the wild goose chase off.
Tags: Web site, Microsoft, bug, web server, Internet Information Services

Mac Users Feel Sting of Snow Leopard Bug

A severe bug is causing data loss for many who neglected to back up.
Tags: Apple, Mac, bug, snow leopard, Mac OS X

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