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New Supermicro SuperBlades Pack Some Serious Power

Supermicro's latest blade servers feature Intel Broadwell CPUs and when paired with NVMe and SSD disks are total screamers in terms of performance.

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Supermicro Buyer's Guide

It may not be a household word, but SuperMirco is succeeding selling blade, rack and tower servers to all sizes of companies -- from small businesses to the Fortune 1000 enterprises.
Tags: blade, buyer's guide, rack, SuperMicro, tower

IBM Selects Blade Network's Top-of-Rack Switches

IBM will use Blade's RackSwitch 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches for IBM System x.
Tags: blade, RackSwitch, server Blade IBM System x

New IBM POWER7 Blades, Systems Software, Services Cut IT Costs, Pave Way for New Workloads for Customers

POWER7 Systems Set Benchmark Records; Cut Software Licensing by up to 80%
Tags: server, IBM, virtualization, blade, Power7

HP BladeSystem Tech Day: In the lab video

This series of videos explains all about HP BladeSystem and its chassis.
Tags: server, blade, HP, cooling, power

Server Hardware: Power7 Blades Versus X64 Blades

When it comes to price/performance issues, which blade is best?
Tags: server, blade, server hardware, blade server

No more bottlenecks: Accelerating real-time data access in blades the solid state way

NAND Flash-based cards add terabytes of DRAM-like acceleration to blades in a new persistent memory tier with advanced error checking, self-healing and RAID5-like redundancy.
Tags: server, SSD, blade, HP, solid state drive

Xsigo Scales Server I/O Virtualizer Back to Rack

The rack is becoming the new chassis for IT infrastructure.
Tags: blade, server blade, rack, Server I/O, pod

Behind the Scenes at the InfoWorld Blade Shoot-Out

Blade vendors were given a challenge: Bring a config geared toward virtualization readiness that included at least 4 blades and either fibre or iSCSI shared storage.
Tags: server, virtualization, blade, HP, BladeSystem

SGI Announces Altix ICE 8400 Blade Platform

Altix ICE 8400, with its innovative blade design, scales to up to 65,536 compute nodes.
Tags: blade, SGI, HPC, server blade, node

HP Moves Server, Storage, Networking to Single Data Center Unit

The product is virtualized and integrates server, storage and networking technology in 3U mount units.
Tags: server, virtualization, blade, HP, 3U

HP Moves Superdome to Blade Platform

HP's Superdome 2, the first major upgrade to the Superdome system, is moving to a blade architecture.
Tags: server, blade, HP, SuperDome

New Crucial Memory for Blade Servers

Lexar has announced availability of 8-GB Crucial DDR3-1066 VLP RDIMMs.
Tags: server, blade, Memory, Crucial, RDIMM

IBM Unveils eX5 Servers

All-new class of x86 systems break constraints of 30-year technology design; can slash costs by reducing server sprawl
Tags: server, IBM, blade, Xeon

Lightfleet Uses Light for Blade Server Interconnections

Lightfleet claims its product uses light signals to replace the cabling and switches typically used in a blade server.
Tags: data center, blade, cooling, blade server, power

NextIO Plans for BladeSystems Insight 2010

NextIO plans to demonstrate vConnect for blade and rack mount servers at the BladeSystems Insight summit.
Tags: database, server, blade, rack mount

Supermicro Demos New TwinBlade Servers

Supermicro's server systems support the entire range of six-core Intel Xeon Processor 5600/3600 series.
Tags: server, blade, server blade, socket

Blade Servers: The Future for Data Centers?

Within the data center blades are a key strategic initiative and have a higher rate of virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, blade, blade server

Who Will Win the Blade Battle?

It's a blade shoot-out for the virtual data center between Dell, HP, and IBM.
Tags: blade, processor, Xeon 5600, blade server

Supermicro Offers Xeon-Friendly Server

The company has announced a line of server, workstation, and blade solutions that support the Intel Xeon processor 5600/3600 series.
Tags: server, blade, Xeon, workstation, 5600

The Evolution of Blade Servers

The initial wave of blade servers largely failed, along with the companies that made them.
Tags: blade, servers, HPC, blade server

SGI Resurrects Origin x86 Server Line With New Xeons

The classic brand is reborn as a super-dense, all-in-one x86 server with an integrated SAN, while larger siblings will sport more than 1,000 cores for virtualized environments.
Tags: virtualization, blade, x86 servers, Xeon, SGI

Pano Logic to Virtualizes the Desktop with no Moving Parts

The little 'paperweight' box, when running on the data center server, can optimize the use of network bandwidth.
Tags: virtualization, blade, virtual desktop, Pano

Super Micro Showcases Its Server Technology Innovations

Super Micro Computer is showing its TwinBlade solution, at CeBIT 2010.
Tags: server, blade, rack, chassis

IBM Launched New Xeon Blade Server for BladeCenter Boxes

The new offering is designed to specifically to support virtualization hypervisors that run virtual Linux or Windows instances.
Tags: server, blade, blade server, BladeCenter, box

Blade Server Reality Check

Frugal Server Admin: Are blade servers a panacea or just a pain? Here's what to expect when you're expecting blade servers in your datacenter.
Tags: datacenter, blade, blade servers, frugality, blade systems

Cisco UCS Buyer's Guide

Cisco entered the server market in 2009 with its Unified Computing System, a series of blades and a chassis designed to simplify deployment, particularly for virtualized environments. See how its offerings compare to those of the more established players.
Tags: virtualization, blade, Cisco, buyers' guide, UCS

Cisco Expands Virtual Ecosystem

Virtually Speaking: Cisco has added rack-mount servers to its unified computing system offerings. Will enterprises bite?
Tags: virtualization, blade, Cisco, Nexus

Appro: Bringing HPC to the Mainstream Enterprise

Server Snapshot: Appro has always been about HPC. But HPC is not what it used to be, and Appro has changed to meet the needs of more mainstream enterprises with its revamped product lines built around a Scalable Unit architecture.
Tags: blade, green, HPC, server snapshot, Appro

Fujitsu Throws Down Blade Gauntlet

Hard-Core Hardware: Fujitsu hones in on blades, unveiling a Nehalem-based blades system offering a host of virtualization bells and whistles as well energy efficiency features delivered via the company's Cool-safe technology.
Tags: virtualization, Fujitsu, blade, blade servers

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