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4 Mobile Management Solutions to Keep Your Enterprise Secure and in Sync

As mobile devices in the enterprise grow by leaps and bounds, enterprises' ability to remotely manage them, including enforcing security policies and keeping data in sync, becomes ever more important. Here are four solutions to help resolve this growing data center dilemma.

Tags: security, email, mobile, open source software, mobile device, mobile device management, Zimbra

VMware Updates Zimbra

The first release of the open source Zimbra email collaboration software since leaving Yahoo debuts. What's new and what's different about VMware's spin on the popular open source software?
Tags: virtualization, open source software, VMware, mail server, Zimbra

VMware Takes Zimbra to the Cloud

Six-months post-acquisition, VMware has absorbed Zimbra from both organizational and developmental perspectives. This week's product release reveals much about its future positioning in the VMware ecosystem.
Tags: cloud computing, server virtualization, VMware, vSphere, Zimbra

It's Official: Yahoo Deals Zimbra to VMware

After some speculation, the deal is now public, continuing VMware's flight to the cloud.
Tags: Cloud, Yahoo, VMware, e-Mail, Zimbra

Rumor: VMware to Purchase Zimbra

Virtually Speaking: The rumor mill is in hyperdrive over speculation that VMware is buying Zimbra. What would the virtualization company want with a collaboration server vendor?
Tags: Cloud, virtualization, Yahoo, VMware, Zimbra

Getting Started With Zimbra

Zimbra Server is an email and collaboration server that can run email, group calendaring, address book/contacts software, and instant messaging as well as deal with file and web document management on Linux or Mac OS X. We take it for a spin on Debian.
Tags: open source, collaboration, mail server, Zimbra

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