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ZS3 Series Storage Appliances Debut from Oracle

The new zettabyte file system-based storage systems offer the option of running without Oracle servers or software.

Tags: Oracle, servers, ZFS, Storage Appliances, Oracle Exalogic

Oracle Updates Solaris 10

Oracle improves ZFS and system performance in latest Solaris update.

Tags: Oracle, Solaris, Unix, ZFS

FreeBSD 8.1 Provides Evolutionary Open Source Software Upgrade

The next generation of the popular BSD operating system is now available, providing stability and performance gains for open source software users.
Tags: open source software, Unix server, OS, ZFS, FreeBSD

The Wrong Open Source Software License

It's ironic -- Sun took great pains to license its open source OS, OpenSolaris, and with it ZFS, under the ostensibly home-grown CDDL license. Now, with the plug pulled on OpenSolaris, the future looks grim for the popular and highly regarded ZFS. Unless it can be absorbed into the Linux kernel that Sun carefully positioned it to avoid.
Tags: Linux, open source software, OS, ZFS, OpenSolaris

Apple Dumps ZFS, as File Systems Battle Heats Up

OS Roundup: Apple last Friday announced ZFS would not be making an appearance in Snow Leopard. An interesting choice, given that some believe when the Sun-Oracle deal closes, the new entity may have the two most powerful file systems around.
Tags: file systems, Ubuntu, Apple, Sun Microsystems, ZFS

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