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Microsoft Buys Land for Massive Data Center Expansion in Quincy, Wash.

Microsoft scooped up an additional 200 acres in the tech giant's native home state halfway between Seattle and Spokane to construct a massive new data center.

Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, Microsoft, Dell, Yahoo, green power, Intuit, Fiber Optic Network, server farms, data center construction, wind farm, data center expansion

Apache Traffic Server Gets Top-Level Project Status

This Yahoo-led effort powers more than 400 TB of traffic per day, joining six other projects that have now been elevated to the top level of the Apache open source software project hierarchy.
Tags: open source, Apache, Yahoo, Apache Software Foundation, traffic server

Yahoo, Intel Unveil Green Data Centers

Last week, week both Yahoo and Intel unveiled green infrastructure projects that just might change how the data centers everywhere operate.
Tags: Intel, Yahoo, green IT, environment, power and cooling

It's Official: Yahoo Deals Zimbra to VMware

After some speculation, the deal is now public, continuing VMware's flight to the cloud.
Tags: Cloud, Yahoo, VMware, e-Mail, Zimbra

Rumor: VMware to Purchase Zimbra

Virtually Speaking: The rumor mill is in hyperdrive over speculation that VMware is buying Zimbra. What would the virtualization company want with a collaboration server vendor?
Tags: Cloud, virtualization, Yahoo, VMware, Zimbra

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