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Xsigo's I/O Director Cuts the Cord, Virtually

Despite their claims of simplicity, virtualized data centers still need much in the way of wire and cables, particularly for for data that flows between the virtual machines. SFS 1.0 Server Fabric Suite, a new upgrade for I/O Director, aims to remedy this.
Tags: virtualization technology, I/O, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, xsigo

Xsigo Takes a Punch at Cisco With New Virtual I/O Offering

Xsigo took up the fight for networking to the cloud with an Ethernet version of I/O Director.
Tags: Cisco, I/O, virtual I/O, VMworld, xsigo

VMware Takes VMworld to the Cloud

VMware's big show is on the way, with cloud computing front and center.
Tags: cloud computing, VMware, VMworld, xsigo, vSphere

Xsigo Promises Bold Data Center Management Advance

With backers that include Dell and Salesforce, Xsigo will announce what it says will be a virtual I/O breakthrough for the data center.
Tags: Dell, Cisco, I/O, VMworld, xsigo

The Growing Pool of I/O Virtualization Technology Options

As server virtualization continues to take the world by storm, I/O bottlenecks are an ever-present and ever-growing issue. Fortunately, I/O-centric virtualization technology choices are also increasing.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, I/O, virtual I/O, xsigo

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