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How AppFormix Uses Intel RDT to Improve Performance [PODCAST]

Sumeet Singh, Founder and CEO of AppFormix, discusses how Intel RDT and AppFormix are helping to eliminate noisy neighbors.

Tags: Intel, Xeon, servers, Intel Xeon, Intel Xeon E5-2600, AppFormix, Intel RDT

Intel Debuts Xeon D System-on-a-Chip for Server Density

New chip family from Intel takes aim at the edge of the data center.

Tags: Intel, data center, Xeon, servers, SoC, Intel Xeon, system-on-a-chip, server chips, Intel Xeon D

Intel Debuts Xeon E7 v2 Taking Aim at RISC

More clock speed, more memory and more I/O bandwidth highlight new server chip release.

Tags: Intel, Xeon, servers, microprocessors, Intel Xeon, Ivy Bridge, Xeon E7, Xeon E7 v2

Intel Debuts Xeon E3 Haswell CPUs for Servers

The first Haswell chips for servers show up as the Xeon E3-1200 v3 product family.

Tags: Intel, Xeon, servers, Intel CPU, Intel Xeon, Haswell, Xeon E3

AMD Updates SeaMicro Cloud Server with Ivy Bridge Xeons, Piledriver Opterons

The embattled chip maker sets its sights on Big Data and cloud servers with new SeaMicro hardware.

Tags: Cloud server, Xeon, AMD, Opteron, SeaMicro, hybrid cloud, big data

Intel Accelerates Servers with Xeon E5 Chip Launch

Latest Intel server chip release delivers new I/O, security and performance gains.

Tags: security, Intel, I/O, Xeon, xeon e5

Intel Delivers New Xeon Multicore Server CPUs

Two new families of server CPUs provide what Intel calls dramatic performance improvements for multicore systems at the high end and low end of the market.
Tags: Intel, Xeon, multi-core, Xeon 7500

SeaMicro Launches an Atom-Powered Cloud Computing Server

Startup SeaMicro says Intel's Atom processor, widely used in netbook computers, has more than enough juice to power Web servers serving up HTML pages.
Tags: cloud computing, server, Intel, Xeon, SeaMicro

The Xeon E5520: Popular for VMWare

This blog posting analyzes which Xeon 5000 series chip is best for virtualization.
Tags: server, virtualization, Intel, HP, Xeon

HP Launches New Generation of ProLiant Servers

HP ProLiant G7 servers with AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors deliver more value, rapid return on investment
Tags: server, virtualization, HP, Xeon, x86

New Line of IBM Servers Lifts Performance, Efficiency To Allow New Levels of Consolidation

The new System x M3 and Blade Center systems include: Two new rack servers, the x3650 M3 and the x3550 M3 deliver 50% more memory capacity and 60% more internal storage than the previous IBM generation. The x3650 M3 is also 50% more power-efficient than the previous generation, which was the industry leader in power efficiency.
Tags: server, IBM, Xeon, multi-core

Xeon is Money in the Bank for Intel

Intel expects 70 percent of design wins from storage vendors opting to use Xeons.
Tags: server, Intel, Xeon, server hardware

2 IBM servers equipped with the NEW Intel Xeon 5600 series

Check out what the latest Intel processors means to IBM server performance.
Tags: server, IBM, Xeon, multi-core

IBM Unveils eX5 Servers

All-new class of x86 systems break constraints of 30-year technology design; can slash costs by reducing server sprawl
Tags: server, IBM, blade, Xeon

Web Host Company Adds Intel Xeon Servers

The Planet adds powerful Xeon 7550-based servers for large in-memory databases or business-critical workloads.
Tags: server, Xeon, processor, web server, Web host

x86 Server Processors Help Deliver Solid Earnings for Intel

The chip giant might do a little better than expected thanks to its new x86 server processors, but there will be no big surprises. After 2009, that's a good thing.
Tags: earnings, Intel, x86 servers, Xeon, Nehalem

Intel Xeon 7500 Series x86 Server Processor Buyers Guide

Hard-Core Hardware: "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" -- will Nehalem EX be the cornerstone in x86 servers that are really as good as Intel claims?
Tags: Intel, x86 servers, Xeon, buyers guide, Xeon 7500

Dell Expands Cloud Computing and Services Strategy

New servers designed for cloud computing environments and an expanding focus on services show Dell is following the same model as IBM and HP.
Tags: cloud computing, server, Dell, Xeon, PowerEdge

Supermicro Offers Xeon-Friendly Server

The company has announced a line of server, workstation, and blade solutions that support the Intel Xeon processor 5600/3600 series.
Tags: server, blade, Xeon, workstation, 5600

Fujitsu Introduces Xeon-Based Cloud Computing Servers

Facing an uphill fight against titans IBM, HP and Dell, the Japanese systems vendor believes it has its own secret sauce to take on the data center and gain cloud computing market share.
Tags: cloud computing, Fujitsu, hardware, Xeon, Xeon 5600

SGI Resurrects Origin x86 Server Line With New Xeons

The classic brand is reborn as a super-dense, all-in-one x86 server with an integrated SAN, while larger siblings will sport more than 1,000 cores for virtualized environments.
Tags: virtualization, blade, x86 servers, Xeon, SGI

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