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Intel Delivers New Xeon Multicore Server CPUs

Two new families of server CPUs provide what Intel calls dramatic performance improvements for multicore systems at the high end and low end of the market.
Tags: Intel, Xeon, multi-core, Xeon 7500

Dell, IBM Boast High-End Server Offerings

Dell may have got to the market first with Xeon 7500-based servers, but IBM boasts more than 200 customers in the first quarter.
Tags: server, IBM, Dell, Xeon 7500, high-end server

NEC Express5800 Enterprise Server Record

NEC is one of several server vendors getting a boost with the the Xeon 7500 series processor.
Tags: server, server hardware, processor, Xeon 7500

Intel Xeon 7500 Series x86 Server Processor Buyers Guide

Hard-Core Hardware: "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" -- will Nehalem EX be the cornerstone in x86 servers that are really as good as Intel claims?
Tags: Intel, x86 servers, Xeon, buyers guide, Xeon 7500

Intel: Not Waiting for Software

Intel says the company's hardware advances will lead - not follow - software developments.
Tags: server, virtualization, Intel, Xeon 7500, Xeon 6500

Solarflare Breaks Speed Barrier on Xeon 7500 Series Server

The company claims to have achieved a new record of 118 Gb/s performance.
Tags: server, performance, 10GbE, Xeon 7500

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