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Xeon 5600 Lands Big Name Servers

Server manufacturers have embraced the six-core Xeon 5600s.
Tags: server, Intel, processor, Xeon 5600, server manufacturer

Who Will Win the Blade Battle?

It's a blade shoot-out for the virtual data center between Dell, HP, and IBM.
Tags: blade, processor, Xeon 5600, blade server

Cisco UCS with Xeon 5600 Break Records

The Cisco Unified Computing System combined with the Intel Xeon 5600 achieves record-breaking performance results.
Tags: server, Cisco, VMware, UCS, Xeon 5600

Fujitsu Introduces Xeon-Based Cloud Computing Servers

Facing an uphill fight against titans IBM, HP and Dell, the Japanese systems vendor believes it has its own secret sauce to take on the data center and gain cloud computing market share.
Tags: cloud computing, Fujitsu, hardware, Xeon, Xeon 5600

Fujitsu Offers New Cloud Computing Server

Fujitsu's new Xeon 5600-based server is designed for cloud computing providers.
Tags: server, Cloud server, Xeon 5600, cooling

SGI Does More Than 'Talk' Xeon 5600

SGI has a new baby blade, the Origin 400.
Tags: server, CPU, Intel, Xeon 5600, server processor

Intel Launches Xeon 5600 Server Processor

New AES-NI instructions will add native encryption/decryption to the CPU.
Tags: server, CPU, Intel, Xeon 5600, server processor

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