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Cygwin, the Great Linux vs. Windows Compromise

If you can't use Linux, the next best thing is Windows with all the Linux goodies added in to create a powerful and usable hybrid system.
Tags: Linux, Windows, vim, bash, windows vs. linux

Is It 'Code Red' for Windows OS?

Microsoft gives the Russian Federal Security Service access to source code for Windows Server 2008 R2, Office 2010 and SQL Server, thus bringing the 'more eyeballs, more secure code' argument back to the surface. Only this time, it isn't about Windows vs. Linux. And that's not the only recent twist out of Redmond: Azure will come in more than one shade.
Tags: cloud computing, Azure, Windows Server 2008, windows os, windows vs. linux

It's a Windows vs. Linux Mobile Market Turf War

OS Roundup: Despite the noisier iPhone or Blackberry debate, the OS still matters. When it comes to mobile, Windows is losing ground to Linux and other OSes. Will the release of Windows Phone later this year enable Microsoft to prevail?
Tags: Android, mobile, iPhone, Apple, windows vs. linux

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