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Stacking Up Three Windows Server-Based Storage Solutions

Our latest server review compares several storage solutions running under either Windows Storage Server or Windows Server Essentials.

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Gaining Free Access to Microsoft and Windows Server Platforms

Want to try Windows Server or its development tools on the cheap? Fortunately, numerous free or inexpensive options are available -- if you know where to look.

Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, virtual machine, Windows Server, server os, development tools, Windows Azure platform, server tutorial, server operating system

VMware Log Insight 2.0 Delivers Server Virtualization Visibility

VMware updates its log visibility tool with improved connectivity for Windows Servers.

Tags: virtualization, data center, server virtualization, VMware, Windows Server, VMware Log Insight

Using Netsh Commands for Wi-Fi Management in Windows 8

Microsoft removed some useful GUI networking settings starting with Windows 8, but fortunately Netsh commands can handle a variety of wireless networking tasks in the newer Windows releases.

Tags: command line, networking, Windows 8, Wi-Fi, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Netsh

Moving On from MCSA Windows Server 2012

Once you've mastered the MCSA Windows Server 2012 qualification, discover some of the options available for building on that newfound knowledge.

Tags: virtualization, data center, Hyper-V, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, MCSA, server tutorial

Seven Free Tools for Windows Server Administrators

Get your hands on our goody bag of free server administration tools for helping you more efficiently configure, manage, troubleshoot and secure Windows Servers and domains.

Tags: administration, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator, server tutorial

Working with SSH and Secure FTP Servers in Windows

While Windows doesn't offer native SSH or Secure FTP access, it's fairly easy to set up SSH and SFTP servers for securely accessing data from remote PCs or servers.

Tags: servers, Windows Server, SSH, Windows Server 2012, server tutorial

Discover Windows 8's Hidden Server Features

When Windows Server 2012's enterprise-level server features look to be overkill for your company or small workgroup, take a closer look at Windows 8 and its little known but quite powerful server capabilities.

Tags: Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 Server, server tutorial

Working with Windows PowerShell and Hyper-V Modules

Discover how Windows PowerShell and the built-in PowerShell cmdlets that ship with Hyper-V can help automate a variety of server admin tasks on Hyper-V virtual machines.

Tags: Hyper-V, Windows Server, PowerShell, Windows Server 2012, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial

Windows Server and System Center 2012 R2 Previews Hit the Web

IT pros can now download freely available evaluation copies of Microsoft's cloud server OS turned "Blue."

Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, System Center, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, system center 2012, Windows Blue, Windows Server 2012 R2

Running Windows Server 2012 on a Laptop

Learn how and when you might want to run a server operating system on a laptop in our latest Server Tutorial.

Tags: operating system, laptop, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, server tutorial, server operating system

Microsoft Teases Cloudy Windows Server Updates at TechEd

Due later this year, Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 will help businesses float hybrid clouds and reinforce Microsoft's "cloud OS" vision.

Tags: Cloud, System Center, Windows Server, hybrid cloud, Windows Server 2012, Windows Blue

Blue Upgrade Coming to Windows Server, Too

Desktop and tablet users won't be the only ones to bask in Windows Blue upgrades, as Microsoft's upcoming update also has Windows Server in its sights.

Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 8, Windows Blue

Creating a Web-Based Windows Remote Desktop Client

Our latest Server Tutorial explores two key ways you can easily make remote connections to computers from within a web browser.

Tags: servers, Remote Desktop Protocol, Windows Server, Remote Desktop, server tutorial

How to Use Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica for Disaster Recovery

Discover how to create and implement a cost-effective disaster recovery solution with Windows Server 2012's Hyper-V Replica virtual technology.

Tags: Microsoft, server, virtualization, servers, Hyper-V, disaster recovery, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

How to Team Your Network Cards with Windows Server 2012

Discover how to resolve all sorts of virtualization headaches by teaming your network cards with Windows Server 2012's Server Manager.

Tags: Microsoft, server, virtualization, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

How to Manage Multiple Servers with Windows Server 2012

Discover how to quickly and easily administer multiple servers, no matter where they are in the world, from a single interface.

Tags: Microsoft, server, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

How to Enable Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows

Our latest Server Tutorial reveals how you can get around the Windows one-concurrent user limitation in order to be able to use a PC at the same time as a remote connector.

Tags: servers, Remote Desktop Protocol, Windows Server, Remote Desktop, server tutorial

A Hands-on Look at Windows Server 2012 Essentials

While Windows Server 2012 Essentials fails to include all the features in the previous Standard edition, does it offer enough to meet the basic server needs of most small businesses?

Tags: Microsoft, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 Essentials

How to Team Your Network Cards in Windows Server 2012

With the advent of cloud computing and mass virtualization of server operating systems, the need for high speed, highly available networking becomes even more pressing.

Tags: servers, Windows Server, NIC, Windows Server 2012, server tutorial

A Hands-on Look at Windows Server 2012

With Windows Server 2012 finally officially available, now's the perfect time to delve a little deeper into the features and changes in the new server operating system that are likely to matter most to enterprises.

Tags: Windows, server, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Windows 8

Windows Server 2012 Walkthroughs: Upgrading a Dell R520

Chomping at the bit to test out the official release of Windows Server 2012?  Check out what to watch for and avoid as we put the new server OS through its paces.

Tags: server, servers, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, server tutorial

Windows Server 2012: Microsoft's Cloud OS Leaves the Gate

Microsoft makes it official in releasing a server OS that's "built from the cloud up."

Tags: Microsoft, private cloud, Windows Server, public cloud, hybrid cloud, Windows Server 2012, OpenStack

Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2012 RTM

Windows Server 2012 will be hitting OEMs in August, launching in retail come September.

Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Hyper-V, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Reaches RC

While Windows 8 has been receiving the overwhelming majority of attention from the media, enterprises may be more interested in Microsoft's server OS entering its final phase prior to an official debut.

Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, server, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, windows server 8

Windows Server 8 Now Officially Windows Server 2012

Microsoft settles on Windows Server 2012 to mark the imminent launch of its forthcoming "cloud-optimized" server OS.

Tags: operating system, Cloud, server, private cloud, Windows Server, server os, Windows Server 2012, windows server 8

Active Directory Domain Services Recovery in Win Server 2008 R2

Active Directory is one of the primary infrastructure components of many Windows environments. Its resiliency and recoverability are inherently linked to operational continuity. Issues affecting its availability translate into monetary losses. Since Microsoft introduced this technology, it has continually improved native restore capabilities, most recently in Windows Server 2008 R2.
Tags: Microsoft, Windows Server 2008 R2, disaster recovery, Windows Server, Active Directory

Will Windows and Mac OS Fall Victim to Neglect?

With Ray Ozzie's departure leaving Microsoft rudderless and Apple all but exiting the computer market to concentrate on its i-devices, the future is not looking bright for these once unstoppable market leaders. The opposite holds true for the other server OS vendors, however.
Tags: Linux, OS, Mac OS X, Windows Server, server os

Windows Server Security Best Practices

When it comes to Windows server security, it's all about reaction time.
Tags: security, security best practices, OS, Windows Server, Windows Server security

Rackspace Offers Cloud Servers for Windows

The company has announced new features and full Windows Support in its Cloud Servers for Windows offering.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, Rackspace, Windows Server, Rackspace Cloud

Top 15 Windows Server Evolution and Innovations

The top 15 innovations in the evolution of Windows Server over the past 15 years.
Tags: servers, Windows Server

AOMEI Partition Assistant Supports Windows Server

Partition Assistant 2.1 offers server management functions for successfully managing partitions.
Tags: partition, Windows Server

Getting Started With Ipswitch's FTP Server -- WS_FTP Server 7.5

If you think the latest version of WS_FTP is the same FTP server it was a decade ago, think again. File transfer technology is more secure than ever before, and the FTP options introduced in version 7.5 make this latest version of WS_FTP Server worth serious consideration.
Tags: FTP, Windows Server, ftp server, WS FTP, file transfer

Microsoft Calls Next Windows Server a Major Release

Microsoft hasn't put a date on it yet, but the next version of Windows Server won't be another minor release.
Tags: Windows Server

Windows Server Still the Leader, Unix Drops

IDC's latest figures indicate that Windows Server was installed on 75 percent of the servers sold worldwide.
Tags: server, Unix server, Linux server, Windows Server

Microsoft Plans Replacement Windows 2000 Server Patch

Microsoft plans replacement for recently pulled Windows 2000 Server patch.
Tags: server, patch, Windows Server, Windows 2000 Server

Make Windows Home Server a Small Business Server

Surprisingly, a number of small businesses still don't use a server. Using Windows Home Server as your starter Small Business Server is a good way to get started.
Tags: server, SMB server, Windows Server, Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Releases Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2

Windows Server AppFabric hits the beta 2 development milestone.
Tags: beta, Windows Server, AppFabric, development server

Microsoft Expects Cloud Revenue Two Years Out

Windows Server and SQL Server are big revenue drivers but security and developer tools are growing.
Tags: cloud computing, Azure, IT, SQL Server, Windows Server

Microsoft Elaborates on Long-Term Cloud Computing Play

In a presentation to financial analysts, Microsoft's head of server and tools, Bob Muglia, admits the Azure computing cloud initiative is still years from making a profit.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, Windows Server