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NGINX Is the Most Popular Docker Container App [VIDEO]

NGINX Inc CEO Gus Robertson details the success his company is having in the container world and where it's going next.

Tags: web server, Nginx, containers, Nginx Web server, Docker Containers, Container Apps

Nginx Plus R8 Improves HTTP2, Adds OAuth2

The commercially-supported Nginx web server release gets its first update for 2016.

Tags: open source, web server, Nginx, Nginx Plus 2.0, Nginx Web server, NGINX Plus Release 7, NGINX Plus Release 8

NGINX Plus R7 Brings HTTP2 Support to Servers

Latest release of commercially supported web server improves security and performance.

Tags: open source, servers, web server, Nginx, Nginx Plus 2.0, Nginx Web server, NGINX Plus Release 6, HTTP2

Nginx Plus 6 Improves Web Server High-Availability

Building on the open-source NGINX 1.7.11 update, the new Nginx Plus enterprise release provides organizations with improved tools.

Tags: open source, high availability, Enterprise, web server, Nginx, Nginx Web server

Utilizing htaccess for Redirecting Website Traffic

Discover how you can harness the power of Apache web server's htaccess files to perform a variety of essential directory and file redirects and access management functions.

Tags: open source, Apache, troubleshooting, web server, apache web server, htaccess, Server Administrator, server tutorial

Nginx Gearing Up for HTTP2

The next generation of HTTP is almost here, but it won't work without the support of web server technologies like Nginx.

Tags: open source, web server, web servers, Nginx, HTTP 2.0, HTTP/2

Nginx Raises $20M to Advance Web Server Technology

The lead vendor behind the open-source Nginx Web server is looking to fund its growth for the next 10 years.

Tags: Amazon, Microsoft Azure, online video, web server, Nginx, streaming media, Nginx Plus 2.0, Nginx Web server

Open Source Apache and Nginx Web Servers Get More Secure

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9 and Nginx 1.5.12 debut with patches for security vulnerabilities.

Tags: open source, Apache, security patch, web server, server software, web servers, Nginx

Nginx Plus 2.0 Web Server Debuts with Enterprise-Grade Enhancements

Improved support for Java applications and advanced application health monitoring and high-availability features highlight the new release's enhancements.

Tags: Apache, web server, Nginx, high-availability, Nginx Plus 2.0, Nginx Web server, Java apps support

New Nginx Plus Web Server Navigates Commercial Waters

Nginx is setting its sights on enterprises with a new all-in-one bundle of its popular open source web server that delivers commercial-grade features.

Tags: open source, Enterprise, web server, web servers, Nginx

New In-Memory Malware Infiltrates Web Servers

A highly stealthy strain of malware that resides entirely in memory has been silently infecting some of the world's most widely-used web servers.

Tags: Linux, Apache, malware, web server, web servers, Nginx, malware threats

New Version of NGINX Open Source Web Server Available

Highlights of NGINX version 1.2.0 include flexible configuration options for proxy redirects, improved load balancing and extended DNS resolver configuration.

Tags: open source, server, web server, Nginx

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.2 Released

This version of Apache is the second GA release of the new generation 2.4.x branch of Apache HTTPD.

Tags: Apache, web server, Apache HTTP Server, apache web server, httpd, Apache server, web servers

Editor's Note: A Time for Change at ServerWatch

ServerWatch Senior Managing Editor Amy Newman looks back on her 13 years of steering the site through industry and publishing changes, and welcomes a new editor on board.

Tags: open source, Apache, virtualization, server hardware, web server, ftp server, server software

Nginx Passes Microsoft for Active Web Server Share

Latest Netcraft stats show Microsoft losing its No. 2 spot for the first time. And at No. 1? Yup, still Apache.

Tags: open source, Apache, web server, IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Netcraft, Nginx

NGINX Goes Open Core

Popular open source web server tech raises $3 million as it moves into the next phase of development, should Apache be worried?

Tags: Apache, open source server, web server, apache web server, Nginx, Microsoft IIS

Apache Updates HTTP Web Server for Security and the Future

Apache updates the world's most popular web server with a security update and a beta for the next generation of HTTP.
Tags: security, Apache, open source software, web server, HTTP

Bobcares Announces Web Server Monitoring iPhone App

The iHawk monitoring system lets Bobcares users view the status of their servers on the iPhone.
Tags: iPhone, iphone apps, web server, Web Server Tool, server monitoring

Uniform Server: A Free Open Source Web Server Tool

Uniform Server is a free open source WAMP package for Windows that combines open source web server tools.
Tags: open source, web server, web servers, Web Server Tool

How-To: Your First Dedicated Web Server

Before you migrate your website it is important to thoroughly understand the tools you have at your disposal.
Tags: web server, Web host, dedicated server

OrcsWeb Cloud Server Powers New Web Hosting Venture

Cytanium is a new a web hosting service built on OrcsWeb's Cloud Server architecture.
Tags: Cloud server, web server, Web host

Microsoft Working on IIS 'Express' Web Server

Developers may have an easier time building websites with a streamlined offering that combines the best features of IIS 7.x and ASP.NET Developer Server.
Tags: ASP.NET, Microsoft, web server, IIS, Internet Information server

Tilera, Quanta Bank on Low-Power, High-Density Web Servers

The MIT-generated semiconductor startup finally has a partner and a position in the marketplace, one that sounds rather familiar.
Tags: LAMP, Intel, web server, SeaMicro, Tilera

ApproveIt Web Server Offers New Document Support

The ApproveIt Web Server features support for a number of document formats including the Adobe XML Forms Architecture.
Tags: web server

FTP Synchronize Syncs Server and Local Folder

This lightweight program automates the process of syncing data between the FTP server and a local directory.
Tags: software, FTP, web server, ftp server, file transfer

SoftLayer Offers Open-Source Customer Portal

Stratos can be installed it on a PHP-enabled web server and configure per-user skinning, language, and access levels.
Tags: server, open-source, web server, portal

Hosting Controller Offers Linux-Based Web Host Control

The company has released HCnix a Linux/Unix based web hosting control panel.
Tags: Linux, web server, hosting, Web host, GNU

New Kapow Enterprise Web Data Server Announced

The company has announced availability of Kapow Web Data Server 7.2 for enterprise users.
Tags: server, Enterprise, web server, data server

CloudStack Lets Anyone be a Cloud Sever Provider

The open source CloudStack software makes it easy for anyone to get into the cloud business.
Tags: Cloud, server, Cloud server, open-source, web server

SingleHop Launches CloudLinux Hosting

Web hosting provider SingleHop, launches its first cloud hosting services program using the CloudLinux operating system.
Tags: Web hosting, web server, CloudLinux

Web Host Company Adds Intel Xeon Servers

The Planet adds powerful Xeon 7550-based servers for large in-memory databases or business-critical workloads.
Tags: server, Xeon, processor, web server, Web host

Eleven2 Beta Tests Cloud Web Servers

The new hosting strategy offers customers unlimited access to their server.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, web server, uptime

Cloud Server Technologies for Web Servers

Omega One Media says it will launch cloud server technology for Web hosting service.
Tags: Cloud server, web server, Web host

Nginx Web Server Best Security Practices

A collection of 20 hints improve the security of nginx Web servers running on Linux or UNIX operating systems.
Tags: Linux, web server, reverse proxy, e-mail proxy, Nginx

Qualys Offers Free Web Server Scanning

QualysGuard Malware Detection allows Web server administrators to perform automatic scans of external-facing Web servers.
Tags: security, malware, service, web server, scanning

RoweBots Shrinks Network Server into Small Microcontroller

According to the company, a Web server can fit inside any device.
Tags: server, POSIX, web server, System on chip, Microcontroller

TonidoPlug for for Internet and Networking Applications

TonidoPlug, for the education market and prosumers provides network attached and inexpensive web server.
Tags: testing, server, education, firewall, web server

Apache to Offer Final Release of 1.3 Branch

The Apache Software Foundation has released the final release of the 1.3 branch, HTTP Sever 1.3.42.
Tags: open source, server, Apache, web server

Google's Custom Server is a Heavily Modified Apache Server

The Google Web Server (GWS) is a custom Google server that was originally built from open-source Apache code.
Tags: Google, server, Apache, web server, GWS

Microsoft Finds No Hole in IIS 6

After testing claims that IIS 6 is vulnerable to a zero-day attack, Microsoft declared the wild goose chase off.
Tags: Web site, Microsoft, bug, web server, Internet Information Services

Happy 10th Birthday, Apache Software Foundation

It's a shiny new decade for the organization behind the popular open source Web server. In 10 years the non-profit foundation has grown from its initial project, HTTP Web Server, to more than 60 projects.
Tags: open source, HTTPS, Apache, Web, web server

Apache 2.2.14 Security Fixes

The Apache Software Foundation Monday released a new update to its Apache HTTP server.
Tags: Apache, Web, web server

Microsoft Plugs IIS FTP Hole

A Security Advisory issued late Tuesday from Redmond warns users of a critical zero-day flaw in the FTP capability of older versions IIS Web server software.
Tags: security, FTP, web server, IIS, zero-day

Is That a Web Server in Your Pocket?

Need a low-power Web server? Dell's latest offering, a VIA-based product, has a small footprint for both power consumption and real-estate. And it's not the only one of its kind.
Tags: server, Dell, power management, I/O, web server

The Truth About Servers

When people refer to a piece of a hardware as "a server," they typically mean that it is running one or more pieces of server software. You must go under the hood to really understand what the server is doing.
Tags: server, mail server, web server, proxy server, application server

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