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How-To: Your First Dedicated Web Server

Before you migrate your website it is important to thoroughly understand the tools you have at your disposal.
Tags: web server, Web host, dedicated server

OrcsWeb Cloud Server Powers New Web Hosting Venture

Cytanium is a new a web hosting service built on OrcsWeb's Cloud Server architecture.
Tags: Cloud server, web server, Web host

Hosting Controller Offers Linux-Based Web Host Control

The company has released HCnix a Linux/Unix based web hosting control panel.
Tags: Linux, web server, hosting, Web host, GNU

Web Host Company Adds Intel Xeon Servers

The Planet adds powerful Xeon 7550-based servers for large in-memory databases or business-critical workloads.
Tags: server, Xeon, processor, web server, Web host

Cloud Server Technologies for Web Servers

Omega One Media says it will launch cloud server technology for Web hosting service.
Tags: Cloud server, web server, Web host

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