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Cloudcat Makes Apache Tomcat Web App Server Cloud-based

Cloudcat is available on the the Amazon Web Services and GoGrid cloud platforms.
Tags: Cloud, server, Web, Tomcat

Happy 10th Birthday, Apache Software Foundation

It's a shiny new decade for the organization behind the popular open source Web server. In 10 years the non-profit foundation has grown from its initial project, HTTP Web Server, to more than 60 projects.
Tags: open source, HTTPS, Apache, Web, web server

Apache 2.2.14 Security Fixes

The Apache Software Foundation Monday released a new update to its Apache HTTP server.
Tags: Apache, Web, web server

Proxy Servers: Unlocking the Keys to Enterprise Security

This venerable Web technology remains a primary way of securing the data perimeter -- nefarious means notwithstanding.
Tags: security, Web, proxy

Webalizer: A Holistic Remedy

Cover Your Assets: The Webalizer is a handy marketing and technical tool, available for free.
Tags: Web, frugality, Web traffic

Apache Server Performance Optimization

SWatch Reader Favorite: Squeezing the most performance out of your Apache server can make difference in how your Web site functions and the impression it makes. We look at configuration and installation, two areas where you have the most control.
Tags: Apache, Web, apache web server, Apache server

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