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What 23,000 Attendees Took Away From VMworld 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Perhaps the biggest news at the conference was that IBM Cloud became the first partner to use and help sell VMware's Cross-Cloud Architecture.

Tags: EMC, Dell, VMware, Pat Gelsinger, VMworld, Michael Dell, Virtualization Experience Infrastructure

VMware Previews Cross-Cloud Services at VMworld

VMware takes aim at helping organizations to manage policies and deployments across disparate cloud services.

Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, data center, VMware, VMworld, containers, Cross-Cloud

VMworld 2015: Is VMware Trying to Do Too Much, Too Fast?

NEWS ANALYSIS: VMworld 2015 was, more than anything, the year of software-defined data centers, storage and containers.

Tags: VMware, VMworld, Data Center Management Software, Software-Defined Infrastructure

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Gives VMworld 5 Imperatives for Success

Server virtualization is just the beginning as VMware's top exec outlines what it will take to succeed in the new digital economy.

Tags: server virtualization, VMware, VMworld

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers Previewed at VMworld

VMware expands its hybrid cloud, OpenStack and container server virtualization solutions.

Tags: Cloud, VMware, VMworld, VMware vSphere, Evo, OpenStack, containers, docker, containerization

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, cloud management, server virtualization, KVM, VMware, VMworld, vSphere, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, virtually speaking

VMware Showcases Cloud Management Solutions at VMworld

The software virtualization company unveils a new cloud management offering and several updated products at its VMworld 2013 event in Barcelona.

Tags: virtualization, cloud management, VMware, VMworld, vSphere, vCenter, virtually speaking

NetApp, VMware Collaborate on Software-Defined Data Center Vision

The companies continue their partnership in delivering on a shared commitment to create more efficient and cost-effective software-defined data centers.

Tags: NetApp, VMware, VMworld, Data ONTAP, vcloud, software-defined data center, software-defined storage, SDDC

VMware Eliminates vRAM Pricing for vSphere with 5.1 Update

VMware's new CEO backtracks on last year's vSphere pricing change as new virtualization solutions debut at VMworld.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, VMworld, VMware vSphere

Joint HP and Veeam Virtualization Initiative Starting to Take Real Form

Get a chance to check out the collaborative efforts of the two companies at next week's VMworld virtualization jamboree.

Tags: virtualization, HP, SAN, VMworld, Veeam, SAN management

HP Expands VirtualSystem for VMware

HP packages up physical services to deliver virtual services.

Tags: HP, server hardware, VMworld

VMware Expands Its View and Horizon

VMware positions itself for the post-PC era with new virtual desktop and gateway technologies for hybrid clouds.

Tags: Android, virtualization, virtual desktop, virtualization technology, VMware, VDI, LG, VMworld

8 Conversations From the VMworld Show Floor

From cloud computing virtual to I/O and more, here are highlights of eight ServerWatch conversations had with vendors at VMworld.
Tags: Microsoft, Cisco, AMD, Novell, VMworld

Why Intel's Bullish on Virtualization

Chip giant experiments with "cubicle cluster computing" as it looks to maximize efficiencies in its sprawling IT infrastructure.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, Intel, VMworld, cubicle cluster computing

Xsigo Takes a Punch at Cisco With New Virtual I/O Offering

Xsigo took up the fight for networking to the cloud with an Ethernet version of I/O Director.
Tags: Cisco, I/O, virtual I/O, VMworld, xsigo

VMware CEO Says SaaS Could Leave IT 'Holding the Bag'

In his VMworld keynote, CEO Paul Maritz warned that IT needs new tools to deal with the growing wave of cloud-based applications and consumer devices enterprise users are adopting. The solution? IT as a Service.
Tags: SaaS, VMware, VMworld

VMworld Keynote: Up to the Minute

The VMworld keynote, minute by minute
Tags: VMworld

Virtual Acquisitions Coincide With VMworld

As VMworld kicks off, it is clear that a consolidation of virtual players is under way.
Tags: Citrix, HP, VMware, 3PAR, VMworld

VMware Takes VMworld to the Cloud

VMware's big show is on the way, with cloud computing front and center.
Tags: cloud computing, VMware, VMworld, xsigo, vSphere

Xsigo Promises Bold Data Center Management Advance

With backers that include Dell and Salesforce, Xsigo will announce what it says will be a virtual I/O breakthrough for the data center.
Tags: Dell, Cisco, I/O, VMworld, xsigo

Will KVM KO Xen?

Virtually Speaking: As VMworld demonstrated, the fight for virtual domination is far from over. After the show came to a close, however, a new player entered the ring. The impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the virtual landscape has yet to be felt, but one thing is clear. Red Hat’s commitment to KVM means it’s in it for the long haul.
Tags: Red Hat, KVM, VMware, Xen, VMworld

VMworld, A One Horse Show?

Virtually Speaking: The competition is crying foul over VMware's exhibit hall policies, but there has been no shortage of news out of San Jose this week. Starting with VMware itself.
Tags: virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, Xen, VMworld

CA and Others Unveil Latest Virtualization Wares

CA took advantage of the VMworld spotlight to unveil several virtualization management systems for private cloud and data center deployments, and it was hardly alone. Various storage and networking vendors also weighed in with their news.
Tags: virtualization, CA, VMware, VMworld

VMworld Opens With Much Virtual Fan Fare

It's off to the races for VMworld 2009, as VMware and its ecosystem partners focus on all things virtual.
Tags: virtualization, virtual machine, VMware, VMworld, BMC

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