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The True Titan of the Virtualized Server and Cloud Infrastructure Sector

With much of server virtualization now operating in the cloud, one might assume VMware is the top banana in the cloud, but that isn't even close to being the case.

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Exclusive Research: Server Virtualization Usage Varies by Enterprise Size

Server virtualization is not exactly a one-size-fits-all endeavor at this time, according to new data from QuinStreet Enterprise Research.

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IT Managers Still Struggling with Server Virtualization Technology

New research indicates that nearly 90 percent of IT managers struggle with backing up data in virtualized environments.

Tags: Virtualized Server, server virtualization, data backup

Move Virtualized Server Applications Across Data Centers

AppZero 4.5 lets groups of virtualized server applications to be 'scooped and moved' across the data center and cloud.
Tags: Cloud, data center, Virtualized Server, Enterprise, Server Applications

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