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VMware Enters the 'Tornado' Phase of Virtualization

VMware's second quarter 2016 results reveal how the company is moving beyond just vSphere.

Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, storage virtualization, virtualization technology, VMware, vSphere, OpenStack, NSX, VSAN, earnings report

New Hitachi Compute Blade Servers for Virtualized Infrastructures

The Hitachi Compute Blade 500 is a high-density 6U rack mount blade server system with a chassis that supports up to 8 server blades.

Tags: virtualization, blade servers, virtualization technology, Hitachi, blade server

Workstation Virtualization Goes Mainstream With Windows 8

With the release Windows 8, end users will be mere mouse clicks away from launching Hyper-V-based virtual machines.

Tags: Windows 8, virtualization technology, workstation, Hyper-V

Server Virtualization Buyer's Guide -- VMware

VMware reigns as leader of the server virtualization market, offering a product range spans from simple server consolidation for SMBs to data center automation and fully fledged cloud computing environments for enterprises and service providers.

Tags: virtualization technology, server virtualization, hypervisor, VMware, buyer's guide, vSphere, esxi, vCenter, vcloud, VMware ESX Server

VMware Expands Its View and Horizon

VMware positions itself for the post-PC era with new virtual desktop and gateway technologies for hybrid clouds.

Tags: Android, virtualization, virtual desktop, virtualization technology, VMware, VDI, LG, VMworld

Xsigo's I/O Director Cuts the Cord, Virtually

Despite their claims of simplicity, virtualized data centers still need much in the way of wire and cables, particularly for for data that flows between the virtual machines. SFS 1.0 Server Fabric Suite, a new upgrade for I/O Director, aims to remedy this.
Tags: virtualization technology, I/O, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, xsigo

Virtualization Technology Gets a Security Boost

Can Bromium, the brainchild of Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt, pull it off? The details are cloudy, but speculation is clear.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud security, Citrix, virtualization technology, server virtualization

V-Index: Measuring Virtualization Technology's Reach

Getting data on virtualization technology is now easier than ever. A quarterly industry survey of 500 enterprises called the V-Index has just been launched, and the results are simultaneously expected and surprising.
Tags: virtualization technology, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, Veeam

6 Must-Have Products to Enhance Your Virtual Infrastructure

Having the right tool for your virtual infrastructure isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. These six tools are the right ones for any size job, from server room to enterprisewide.
Tags: virtualization technology, server virtualization, Virtualization Management

VKernel Capacity Tools Aim to Balance Performance, Cost

Virtualization startup looks to help administrators manage capacity as it prepares to take on industry heavyweights.
Tags: performance management, virtualization, virtualization technology, VMware

Making Your Virtual Security Real

When it comes to beefing up the security of your virtualized IT environment, to whom are you going to turn?
Tags: security, virtualization technology, server virtualization, hypervisor, Security Advisory

VMware Widens Road to the Hybrid Cloud

VMware added a lane in its highway to the cloud with three new cloud provider partners and vCloud Connector, which bridges the private cloud to the public cloud.
Tags: virtualization technology, VMware, vSphere, hybrid cloud, vcloud

Pano Logic Updates Zero-Client Virtual Desktop

Pano Logic 4 adds new hardware and VDI management to the company's zero-client (not a thin client) release -- but some silicon remains.
Tags: virtualization technology, thin client, desktop virtualization, XenDesktop, Pano

Virtualization Technology Moves Forward As New Year Begins

With VMware's stock soaring to new heights, the future continues to look bright for virtualization. It's 2011 and virtualization no longer means just servers -- a recent CDW report finds desktop virtualization deployments on the rise.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technology, VMware, desktop virtualization, CDW

Will VMware Bring Virtualization Technology to Your iPhone?

A recent deal between VMware and LG brings virtualization technology to the mobile device world. Could the iPhone be next?
Tags: Android, iPhone, virtualization technology, VMware, LG

Public Cloud Not Widely Used -- Yet

A new Cisco sponsored study of public cloud computing usage found deployments are still in the early stages, as security and stability top the list of concerns.
Tags: cloud computing, Cisco, virtualization technology, server virtualization, public cloud

VMware, Cloudy With a (Strong) Chance of Server Virtualization

VMware's Tuesday release of VSphere 4.1 is more than a typical point release, and it's about more than server virtualization.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization technology, server virtualization, VMware, vSphere

Citrix Brings Virtualization Technologies to Government Channels

By leveraging immixGroup's government channel programs, Citrix gives federal customers streamlined access to virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, government market, virtualization technology, government

Cloud.com Builds Cloud Computing Bridge

Virtually Speaking: Will enterprises cross Cloud.com's bridge to a cloud computing infrastructure? It's betting the bank they will. And it's not the only one looking to make money by simplifying the path to the cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, virtualization technology

Virtualization Technologies for Network Application Delivery Can Work

A panel of vendors debate the merits of virtualization technology for networking gear vs. having physical hardware.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Citrix, virtualization technology, server virtualization

Virtualization Technology Even an SMB Can Love

Virtually Speaking: Does the virtualization technology behind VM6 VMex have what it takes to win over the most resource-constrained SMBs?
Tags: SMB, virtualization technologies, Windows Server 2008, virtualization technology, Hyper-V

Xangati Management Tools for Virtual Servers

Management is key to delivering reliable services based upon virtual server technology.
Tags: management, virtual server, virtualization technology, VMware

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