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Desktop Virtualization for Remote Workers

VDI provides valuable benefits to mobile employees.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure

New Data Center Management Trends for Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization technologies help drive data center efficiency.
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, data center management

Virtualization Technologies Lure Governments

The cost savings and ease of management that draws enterprises to virtualization technologies is also proving attractive to government entities of all stripes.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtualization technologies, server virtualization, government, desktop virtualization

Microsoft Server 2008 R2 SP1 Features Dynamic Memory

Dynamic Memory is a highly touted Service Pack 1 feature that allows memory on a physical host to be distributed to the virtual machines running on the host.
Tags: virtualization technologies, RemoteFX, Dynamic Memory, Microsoft Server 2008

Server Virtualization Myths -- 10 to Debunk

Myths about technology are often difficult to burst, and few are more trying than those concerning server virtualization.
Tags: Top 10, virtualization technologies, virtual server, server virtualization, virtual machine

Server Virtualization Technologies and SAN Projects

A Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization project has one company moving away from direct attached storage to SAN.
Tags: virtualization technologies, SAN, server virtualization

Evolving Technologies Shorten Server Replacement Cycles

Virtualization technologies and other trends have contributed to a to a three-year server replacement cycle.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtualization technologies, lifecycle

Citrix Brings Virtualization Technologies to Government Channels

By leveraging immixGroup's government channel programs, Citrix gives federal customers streamlined access to virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, government market, virtualization technology, government

Application Virtualization Technologies Ready for Take-Off

Application virtualization is starting to garner IT attention, finally.
Tags: virtualization technologies, application virtualization

A Guide to Hyper-V Live Migration

Live migration enables virtual machines (VMs) to be moved between Hyper-V hosts with no downtime.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, Hyper-V, migration

Cisco, Red Hat Integrate Virtualization Technologies

The two companies have integrated Cisco VN-Link and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for data center customers.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Red Hat, Cisco

Wind River Virtualization Technologies Supports XP

The company says support for Microsoft Windows XP as a guest operating system for Wind River Hypervisor is now available.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Windows XP, hypervisor, guest operating system

Trend Micro Secures Enterprise Virtualization Technologies

Trend Micro's virtualization technologies offer security for virtual environments.
Tags: security, virtualization technologies, VDI, secure virtual enviornment

Brocade One Simplifies Data Center Virtualization

Brocade One is the company's new strategy that aims to simplify the complexity of application virtualization.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Brocade, data center virtualization, application virtualization

HP Acquires Virtualization Technologies from Phoenix

Phoenix has agreed to sell three of its virtualization products to HP for $12 million in cash.
Tags: virtualization technologies, HP

Oracle Updates Virtualization Technologies

The Sun Ray 3 Plus client can significantly reduce power consumption.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization technologies, data center, virtual desktop, VDI

Implementing The Right VDI Strategy

A good virtual desktop strategy should focus on following the end user from device to device.
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, desktop virtualization, VDI

Telecom Suppliers Embrace Virtualization Technologies

Equipment suppliers are offering solutions that leverage virtualization technologies.
Tags: Cloud, telecom, virtualization technologies, server equipment

2X Software Releases Virtual Desktop and Server Upgrade

The new 8.1 desktop and server features include new listing policies and client-side logging.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, virtual desktop, application server

Latest Sun Ray Shines Light on a Virtual Oracle

Virtually Speaking: Following on its recent release of VirtualBox, Oracle is now refreshing the Sun Ray client and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization technologies, desktop virtualization, virtualbox

VMware Renovates Desktop Virtualization Technologies

The company has optimized Workstation 7.1 and added new hypervisor tweaks.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual machine, VMware, desktop virtualization

Using Encapsulation to Manage Virtual Hard Disk Data

The ability to encapsulate Virtual Hard Disk data has many making the jump to virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual machine, Encapsulation

Virtualization Technologies Cuts House Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives is saving money with virtualization technologies and server consolidation.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtualization technologies, server consolidation

Citrix Unveils Latest XenServer Release

The company is offering a new new low-priced XenServer Advanced Edition or enterprise and cloud customers.
Tags: server, virtualization technologies, Citrix, XenServer

AppSense to Demo Cloud Virtualization Technologies

The Company plans to show virtualization technologies that easily integrate with Citrix and Microsoft solutions at Citrix Synergy 2010.
Tags: Cloud, virtualization technologies, Xen, Citris

PHD Offers Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer

PHD Virtual Technologies has announced a new backup and recovery solution for Citrix XenServe.
Tags: server, virtualization technologies, Citrix XenServer

Virtualization Technologies for Network Application Delivery Can Work

A panel of vendors debate the merits of virtualization technology for networking gear vs. having physical hardware.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Citrix, virtualization technology, server virtualization

Virtualization Technology Even an SMB Can Love

Virtually Speaking: Does the virtualization technology behind VM6 VMex have what it takes to win over the most resource-constrained SMBs?
Tags: SMB, virtualization technologies, Windows Server 2008, virtualization technology, Hyper-V

Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies

Virtualization technology is all the rage, but which product is right for your organization? Learn the 10 virtualization vendors that deliver the best software solutions.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization technologies, server virtualization, VMware, Xen

Red Hat's Virtualization Technology Rev

Virtually Speaking: Red Hat has announced an update for its virtualization technology suite. Is it time to add Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to your short list?
Tags: Windows, virtualization technologies, KVM, virtual machine, RHEV

VMware, Citrix Behind on Bare-metal Hypervisors

Leading virtualization software vendors are behind in plans to ship bare-metal hypervisors for desktop PCs.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, Citrix, hypervisor, VMware

Leverage Virtualization Technologies with AccelOps

AccelOps version 1.6 offering correlated intelligence across all the dynamic cloud service delivery layers.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization technologies, cloud service, virtual appliance

Microsoft, Citrix Virtualization Technologies Take Aim at VMware View

Virtually Speaking: Microsoft and Citrix combine their virtualization technologies to beat VMware on the desktop, and Microsoft revises its licensing.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization technologies, Citrix, desktop virtualization, VDI

The Growing Pool of I/O Virtualization Technology Options

As server virtualization continues to take the world by storm, I/O bottlenecks are an ever-present and ever-growing issue. Fortunately, I/O-centric virtualization technology choices are also increasing.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, I/O, virtual I/O, xsigo

Microsoft, Citrix Partner in Virtualization Technology Blitz

New virtualization technology offerings and marketing promotions help Microsoft and partner Citrix kick off a 100-city tour to convince customers that flexibility in virtualization is the winning strategy.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization technologies, Citrix, Xen

Big Blue Bets Big on Red Hat's Virtualization Technology

Virtually Speaking: In the next battleground for the cloud, IBM's choice of Red Hat's virtualization technology may be changing the landscape, but don't count VMware out just yet.
Tags: IBM, virtualization technologies, Red Hat, VMware

IBM Adopts Red Hat's Virtualization Technologies for Cloud Computing

Red Hat extends its cloud computing technology to IBM. But what does it take to actually win a cloud deployment bid?
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, virtualization technologies, Red Hat, KVM

Server Virtualization Security Issues

There are a number of security issues to consider when planning and deploying server virtualization.
Tags: security, virtualization technologies, virtual server, VMM, ESX Server

XenApp 6 Simplifies Data Center Virtualization Technologies

New enhancements to XenApp 6 will be available as an integrated feature of the company's desktop virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Citrix, Xen, Server 2008, XenApp

A Look at Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Desktop virtualization technologies are becoming more common in the enterprise, but is this a viable technology?
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, hardware, Enterprise, desktop virtualization

Voddler Standardizes on Red Hat Virtualization Technologies

Voddler has announced that it has standardized its movie service on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Red Hat, Enterprise, Red Hat Network Satellite

The Next Hurdle for Virtualization Technology

Virtually Speaking: As more enterprises buy into virtualization technology, the biggest performance hit may be coming from the applications themselves.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, server virtualization, VMware, Gartner

BigFix Licenses Neocleus Virtualization Technologies

The new technology licensing agreement enables BigFix to deliver Neocleus' client virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, Enterprise, Unified Management Platform

IBM eX5 Improves Virtualization Environments, Reduces Server Sprawl

IBM's eX5 servers offer a number of attractive features for highly virtualized environments.
Tags: server, IBM, virtualization technologies, eX5, Sprawl

VMware Express, Virtualization Technologies Rolling In Near You

Since it's not always easy for sales people to help customers imagine what an environment built around virtualization technologies would look like, VMware built one in an 18-wheeler and is sending it across North America.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, VMware, desktop, vSphere

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