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VMware Earnings Indicate There's More Room for Growth

First-quarter net income was $161 million, down from $196 million a year ago. Total revenue was $1.6 billion, which was up 6 percent.

Tags: EMC, Dell, VMware, Virtualization Management, earnings report

VMware's New OneCloud Handles All Data Center Management

The high level from Feb. 2: VMware now provides one cloud for any app -- a single platform for private and public clouds.

Tags: VMware, Virtualization Management, VSAN, OneCloud, vCloud Air

VMware in the Midst of a Virtualization Technology Management Makeover

VMware is seeking to stand out from the competition by re-styling itself, complete with a whole new suite of management products to tempt customers.

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, VM, VMware, Virtualization Management, VM security, virtually speaking, virtual machines

Virtual Machine Management on the Cheap for SMBs

With many SMBs becoming deeply involved in server virtualization, there's a growing need for simplified tools to manage their virtualized infrastructure.

Tags: virtualization, SMB, virtualized, server virtualization, Virtualization Management, virtually speaking, 5Nine, virtualized IT environment

VMware Sees Continued Growth Opportunity in the Cloud

VMware reports first quarter fiscal 2014 revenue at $1.36 as Software Defined Data Center vision grows.

Tags: cloud computing, VMware, Virtualization Management, SDDC, software defined data center

What Will Drive the Data Center of the Future?

The VMware User Group president shares valuable insight on how automation and convergence can help enterprises optimize virtualization in their data centers.

Tags: virtualization, Virtualization Management, data centers, SDDC, software-defined data centers

VMware Eliminates vRAM Pricing for vSphere with 5.1 Update

VMware's new CEO backtracks on last year's vSphere pricing change as new virtualization solutions debut at VMworld.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, VMworld, VMware vSphere

Solving Virtualized Storage Problems with Thin Provisioning

While server virtualization and cloud computing can lead to storage problems, many of these can be eased by the sensible use of thin provisioning.

Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, server virtualization, thin provisioning, Virtualization Management, Storage

Tweaking VMware's High Availability and Admission Control Policies

You have to balance adequate failover capacity with the ability to remain productive and cost-efficient. Admission control in VMware allows you to do both.

Tags: virtualization, hypervisor, VM, VMware, Virtualization Management, server tutorial

VMware's Vision for the Software-Defined Data Center

Just how realistic is VMware's endgame of a data center where everything is virtualized and controlled via software?

Tags: virtualization, data center, VMware, Virtualization Management, virtualization software, Nicira, virtually speaking, software-defined data center

Managing Stubborn VMware VMs from the Command Line

Working in vCenter is great until the unthinkable happens -- you have a "stuck" VM. You can't do anything with it except use some command-line magic.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, tutorial, Virtualization Management, vCenter, server tutorial

New Version of Oracle VM Server for x86 Improves Storage Availability

Release 3.1 of Oracle VM Server for x86 offers enhanced ease of use for virtualization administrators and improves storage availability.

Tags: Oracle, Cloud, virtualization, server virtualization, Oracle VM, Virtualization Management, Oracle VM Server

VMware CTO: Server Vendors Love Virtualization

The software-defined data center is not a threat to server vendors.

Tags: virtualization, server hardware, hypervisor, VMware, Virtualization Management

Phantom Virtualization Tap Supports Multiple Hypervisors

Net Optics extends support across Xen, Oracle VM, vSphere 5 and KVM.

Tags: hypervisor, Virtualization Management

Taking VMware vSphere 5 for a Spin

While VMware vSphere can already handle some of the most complex virtual machine configurations you can throw at it, version 5.0 brings even more flexibility to the HA and storage capabilities with an eye toward performance and scalability.

Tags: server, virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, vSphere, VMware vSphere, vsphere 5

HotLink's Latest VMware SuperVISOR

HotLink recently refreshed SuperVISOR, its VMware hypervisor management system, with an eye on making it easier to administer heterogeneous hypervisor environments from vCenter.

Tags: server virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, vCenter, hypervisor management

HotLink Channels Holistic Virtual Management With 'Platform Transformation'

Thanks to an abstraction trick, this young startup is enabling enterprises to manage multiple virtualization platforms from a single console.

Tags: server virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, vCenter

Server Virtualization Management Gains Steam

Management suites for server virtualization platforms is an area that continues to heat up. Not only are there more choices, but more vendors are also offering more products.

Tags: server virtualization, Virtualization Management

Virtual Works 'Content Virtualization' Aims to Cut Through the Clutter

Boca Raton-Fla.-based firm sets its sites on organizing mission-critical, unstructured data to help enterprises navigate through the chaos.
Tags: virtualization, Virtualization Management, application virtualization

6 Must-Have Products to Enhance Your Virtual Infrastructure

Having the right tool for your virtual infrastructure isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. These six tools are the right ones for any size job, from server room to enterprisewide.
Tags: virtualization technology, server virtualization, Virtualization Management

Solarwinds Unveils New Server Virtualization Management Option

For large enterprises, choosing a management system typically parallels their choice of hypervisor vendor -- generally, VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat or Citrix. Smaller organizations aren't so lucky. Virtualization Manager from Solarwinds just may fill that gap.
Tags: cloud computing, server virtualization, hypervisor, Virtualization Management, public cloud

Virtualization Management Systems Can't Keep Up

With the capabilities of virtualization technology now exceeding those of the management systems most enterprises use to control their IT environments, a new set of of complexities has arisen. A recent survey commissioned by Veeam Software provides insight on what has happened and the impact.
Tags: server virtualization, hypervisor, Virtualization Management, Veeam

CA Expands Cloud Computing Services With 4Base Buy

The virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure consulting firm will enhance CA's services division.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, Virtualization Management, CA Technologies, cloud strategy

Choosing the Right Virtualization Management Tools

After the virtual server infrastructure is deployed, the next step is deciding how to manage it.
Tags: Virtualization Management, server tools

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