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Pivot3 Looks to Couple Virtual Servers, Networked Storage

Firm's software seeks to help demystify storage complexities for server admins.

Tags: virtual server, virtual storage, server virtualization, networked storage, Pivot3

Is Virtualization Hitting the Wall?

A recent survey of x86 virtualization penetration shows few enterprises exceeding 50 percent and many running into SLA issues.
Tags: virtual server, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, sla

HDS, HP Intro SAN Arrays for the Virtualized Enterprise

HDS and HP unveil enterprise-class 3D SAN arrays designed to ease virtualization pain points.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtual server, HP, SAN, HDS

Use Virtual 8086 Mode to Secure Virtual Servers

'Security through virtualization' is a strategy that's bound to fail. So how do you protect your virtual machines? By testing virtualization systems methodically. One way to accomplish this is to break virtualization by switching to virtual 8086 mode.
Tags: security, virtual server, server virtualization, Virtual Server Security, 8086 mode

Finding the Right Storage for Server Virtualization

Tips for choosing storage protocols and systems for a virtual server infrastructure.
Tags: virtual server, server virtualization, Storage

The Rise of Virtual Server Management Vendors

As VMworld draws closer, ISVs selling virtual server management tools are showcasing their goods.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtual server, server virtualization

3 Ways to Secure Your Virtualized Data Center

Server virtualization may have caught on far and wide, but the technology for securing virtual environments lags. Regaining visibility at the access layer is critical to keeping your data safe. Here are three ways to accomplish this.
Tags: security, virtual server, data center, server virtualization, virtual machine

Server Virtualization Myths -- 10 to Debunk

Myths about technology are often difficult to burst, and few are more trying than those concerning server virtualization.
Tags: Top 10, virtualization technologies, virtual server, server virtualization, virtual machine

Easy How To Guide for Successful Server Virtualization

Hosting several virtual servers makes sense regardless of your company size.
Tags: virtual server, Virtual Server Management, server virtualization

Fault-Tolerant Hardware for Virtual Servers

Vendors continue to push fault-tolerant hardware for server virtualization but virtualization architects have yet to migrate.
Tags: virtual server, Virtual Server Management, server virtualization, fault-tolerant, Fault Tolerant

Virtual Servers and Network Security Threats

Virtual servers present a challenge where traditional security tools just aren't secure enough.
Tags: virtual server, Virtual Server Management, Virtual Server Security

Investing in Virtual Server Security

A virtual firewall at the virtualization layer inspects traffic on a host and blocks its movement from one guest machine to another.
Tags: virtual server, Virtual Server Management, Virtual Server Security

VMware, ManageEngine Join Forces to Drive Virtual Server Management

ManageEngine adds VMware APIs and a host of other functionality to its latest release of OpManager. Will this virtual server tool take the monitoring market by storm?
Tags: virtual server, virtual machine management, VMware, monitoring software, ManageEngine

HP Secures Virtualized, Physical Dedicated Servers

In the virtualized world of dedicated servers, security breaches carry a higher level of risk.
Tags: server, virtual server, physical server, dedicated server

StorageCraft Promises Two-Minute Virtual Server Image Boot

The company claims ShadowProtect backup can boot a server image in approximately two minutes, regardless of the size of the server or backup image.
Tags: image, virtual server, Boot

Virtual Server Strategy Goes Native for NEC

NEC partners with VMware to bring virtualization to its FT line. Is this the start of mission-critical apps running on virtual servers becoming commonplace?
Tags: virtual server, server virtualization, NEC, VMware, vSphere

Physical Versus Virtual Servers

Virtualization technologies are not a new, in fact mainframes and non-x86 operating systems have been virtualized for a long time.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtual server, x86, physical server

2X Software Releases Virtual Desktop and Server Upgrade

The new 8.1 desktop and server features include new listing policies and client-side logging.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, virtual desktop, application server

Open vSwitch Releases Multilayer Virtual Switch

The virtual machine access switch supports multiple hypervisors and the Xen cloud platform.
Tags: virtual server, Switch, Virtual Switch, physical server

AppAssure Releases Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solution

The software performs a single application-aware snapshot spanning the entire host machine and an unlimited number of guest machines in a Hyper-V environment.
Tags: virtual server, Hyper-V, virtual machine, backup

Server Virtualization and Process Management

Moving to a fully virtualized data center revolves around process management and automation.
Tags: server, virtual server, server management, server virtualization

Lanamark Offers Free Enterprise Asset Discovery Tool

Lanamark Suite Express Edition lets enterprises gather asset inventory from up to 50,000 systems and also search physical and virtual machines.
Tags: virtual server, physical server, server tool, asset discovery

CA Offers Data Center Management Products

CA's new products help data centers manage everything from physical server to virtual environments.
Tags: server, virtual server, data center management, server management

Deploying Exchange Server 2010 on Virtual Servers

Exchange environments can make use the consolidation and options that a virtualization infrastructure offers.
Tags: virtualization, virtual server, virtual deployment, Exchange Server 2010

ManageEngine Adds Support for Virtual Server Monitoring

The company has added support for monitoring VMware ESX/ESXi servers to ManageEngine Applications Manager.
Tags: server, virtual server, server management, server virtualization, monitor

Server Virtualization Needs Load Balancing

Server virtualization 3.0 has arrived and load balancing is a big issue.
Tags: virtualization, virtual server, server virtualization, load balancing

Verizon Adds Server Cloning to Cloud Service

Verizon has enhanced its its Computing-as-a -Service (CaaS) on-demand cloud computing infrastructure.
Tags: virtual server, Cloud server, cloud service, server clone

Virtualization, Cloud Computing Change IT Costs

New technology trends change IT calculations.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, IT, virtual server

Xangati Management Tools for Virtual Servers

Management is key to delivering reliable services based upon virtual server technology.
Tags: management, virtual server, virtualization technology, VMware

Deploying Ksplice Uptrack for Open-source Servers

HostV has completed deployment of Ksplice Uptrack for Linux kernel security updates without rebooting the server.
Tags: virtual server, Open-source Server, Ksplice, virtual private server

Server Virtualization Security Issues

There are a number of security issues to consider when planning and deploying server virtualization.
Tags: security, virtualization technologies, virtual server, VMM, ESX Server

The Next Hurdle for Virtualization Technology

Virtually Speaking: As more enterprises buy into virtualization technology, the biggest performance hit may be coming from the applications themselves.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, server virtualization, VMware, Gartner

Parallels Announces Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition

The new Parallels Server uses a hypervisor to provide hardware virtualization for creating creating virtual servers on Apple's Xserve.
Tags: server, virtual server, xserve, Bare Metal

Securing a Virtualized Server

Server virtualization is a hot topic for data centers as enterprises, but don't forget the security implications.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtual server, Enterprise

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