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Pancetera Looks to Cut the Hassle Out of Virtual Machine Backup

With its flagship offering, Pancetera Unite, a virtual appliance, the company aims to remove the mystery and complexities surrounding virtual machine backup.
Tags: virtual machine, backup, VMware, virtual appliance

Dell, HP Roll Out Virtual Solutions

Dell and HP announced new software offerings designed to make managing virtual environments easier. Is the future for server manufacturers virtual?
Tags: Microsoft, Dell, HP, server virtualization, virtual appliance

Will Server Virtualization Save Novell?

Virtually Speaking: Or, rather, will an alliance with VMware save the beleaguered company?
Tags: server virtualization, Novell, VMware, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, virtual appliance

Leverage Virtualization Technologies with AccelOps

AccelOps version 1.6 offering correlated intelligence across all the dynamic cloud service delivery layers.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization technologies, cloud service, virtual appliance

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