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Give Yourself a Menu in Vim

Completing filenames when using Vim in command mode can be tricky. These tips will make it a simpler task.

Tags: command line, open source tool, tip of the trade, vim

Get More Out of Git: Use Gist With Vim

If you use git to collaborate, you probably also know about Gist, a Pastebin-type service from Github. But did you also know, that if you're a Vim user you can get even more out of it with the script Gist.vim?
Tags: git, collaboration, open source software, vim

Absolutely Essential Vim/vi Commands

When it comes to remote system administration, all roads lead to Vim. While Vim's capabilities are vast -- entire books have been written about it, and they still fail to capture all of its functionality -- knowing a handful of commands will enable you to do much of what you need to do.
Tags: command line, open source software, tip of the trade, vim, open source servers

Cygwin, the Great Linux vs. Windows Compromise

If you can't use Linux, the next best thing is Windows with all the Linux goodies added in to create a powerful and usable hybrid system.
Tags: Linux, Windows, vim, bash, windows vs. linux

Open Source Software Scripting in Vim

Get even more out of the open source software editor, Vim, by taking advantage of its scripting capabilities.
Tags: open source software, tip of the trade, vim, scripting

3 Handy Commandlinefu One Liners

Commandlinefu is a simple repository for storing and sharing shell commands with the rest of the world. Here are three new command-line one liners that stand out.
Tags: Linux, command line, OS, vim

Open Source Software Shortcut, Permanently Storing Macros in Vim

Tip of the Trade: If you find yourself using the same commands over and over between Vim session, it's time to consider permanently saving your macros.
Tags: open source software, OS, macro, tip of the trade, vim

One-Handed Workarounds -- The Programmers Guide to Typing With a Broken Thumb

Tip of the Trade: The value of an opposable thumb is more keenly felt when it can't be used. Fortunately, for programmers who can't leave their keyboards, there are tools to mitigate the problem. Here are two websites to check out should you find yourself in this predicament.
Tags: programmers, Mac OS X, tip of the trade, vim

Automatic Indenting With Vim

Tip of the Trade: Indentation may seem an insignificant step when coding, but Vim makes it automatic with its indent option, indentexpr. This powerful yet flexible tool indents based on expression.
Tags: programming, coding language, vim

Matching Newlines in Vim

Tip of the Trade: Want vim to share newlines? You're only two characters away.
Tags: Linux, Unix, vim

[e|c]tags With Emacs and Vim

Tip of the Trade: With exuberant-ctags you can take advantage of any IDE's source code navigation features -- without ever leaving the comfort zone of Emacs or Vim.
Tags: IDE, tags, vim, emacs

Make It Snappy With Vim

Tip of the Trade: Learn how to set your own abbreviations and mappings in the ever-useful Vim.
Tags: vim, text editor

Unicode Characters in Vim

Tip of the Trade: The editor Vim supports unicode natively. There are three ways to take advantage of unicode's capabilities via Vim. The one that's best for you will depend on your setup and needs.
Tags: vim, unicode

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