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Docker Turns Three, Celebrates with Mac and Windows Launches

A key part of Docker's strategy for world domination is to woo developers, and the new Docker for Windows and Mac beta releases are its latest and biggest tactic for doing just that.

Tags: VMware, VMware vSphere, vRealize, virtually speaking, docker, orchestration, Docker Containers, Virtual SAN, containerization, hypervisors, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, container management, Docker Datacenter, hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, EMC, virtualization, Microsoft, Cloud, containers

Server Virtualization Market Is Peaking: Gartner

While revenues may be up this year, fewer new software licenses are being issued.

Tags: Cloud, server virtualization, hyperconverged infrastructure, VMware, virtualization, servers, containers

VMware Earnings Indicate There's More Room for Growth

First-quarter net income was $161 million, down from $196 million a year ago. Total revenue was $1.6 billion, which was up 6 percent.

Tags: earnings report, Dell, EMC, VMware, Virtualization Management

Dell Adds to Hyperconverged Portfolio, Plans to Resell EMC Appliances

The new offerings and resale plans are the latest moves by a major systems OEM in an increasingly competitive part of the data center market.

Tags: VCE, data center infrastructure, Dell, EMC, VMware, hyperconverged infrastructure

VMware Shifting Focus in Preparation for Life Under Dell

Just how different will server virtualization pioneer VMware look in the aftermath of Dell becoming its new master?

Tags: Virtual SAN, virtualization, VMware vSphere 6, VMware vSphere, cloud computing, EMC, VMware vCloud Air, Cloud, Dell, server virtualization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, virtualized infrastructure, vRealize, VMware, hypervisors, virtually speaking

The Problem with Private Clouds

Simple-to-implement private clouds don't come cheap (think VMware), and cheaper options aren't simple to implement (think OpenStack). Fortunately, ZeroStack has a solution for smaller enterprises.

Tags: OpenStack, public clouds, private clouds, VMware vCloud Air, ZeroStack, VMware, private cloud, Cloud, cloud computing, virtually speaking

IBM, VMware Team to Advance Hybrid Cloud Adoption

IBM's new VMware partnership makes it easier to create and deploy VMware-based clouds tapping into IBM's cloud infrastructure.

Tags: VMware, software-defined data center, SDDC, IBM InterConnect 2016

Comparing Virtualization and Hypervisor Tech Across Vendors

While the thought of sifting through stacks of details about all the server virtualization and hypervisor products currently on the market can be quite daunting, fortunately help isn't far away.

Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V, virtualized infrastructure, VMware, VMware vSphere, virtually speaking, hypervisors, hypervisor

VMware Trims Staff as It Enters Fiscal 2016

Among the layoffs are the entire U.S.-based VMware Fusion and Workstation teams.

Tags: VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, VMware, server virtualization, earnings report, virtualization

New VMware CIO Offers Insight Into Company's 2016 Plans

PART 2:  VMware Senior Vice President and CIO Bask Iyer describes market strategy for the world's largest virtualization software maker.

Tags: Data Center Management Software, Security Analytics, AirWatch MDM Agent, VMware, virtualization

Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for 2016

Containers may be stealing the headlines these days, but server virtualization software technology still dominates the data center. Check out ten virtualization vendors that deliver the best virtualization software solutions today.

Tags: Amazon, Google, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, Parallels, containers, Oracle, VMware vSphere, Huawei, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, Citrix, Red Hat, Microsoft, virtualization

Dell Acquisition Clouding VMware's Future Prospects

VMware finds itself in a somewhat precarious and rather unexpected position as the proposed acquisition by Dell hasn't progressed quite as smoothly as hoped.

Tags: virtually speaking, VMware, VMware vSphere 6, containers, server virtualization, containerization, vRealize, docker, EMC, VMware vSphere, virtualization, virtualized infrastructure, Dell

The New Kid on the Container Management Block

While there are other container management platforms gaining attention, none currently offers everything ContainerX does. Will the startup be successful in its aim of becoming the vSphere of containers?

Tags: docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, virtually speaking, containers, ContainerX, VMware, Hyper-V, server virtualization, virtualization, VMware vSphere

VMware Backs Out of Virtustream Joint Venture Deal With EMC

The proposal to create a jointly owned cloud services business drew the ire of VMware investors worried it would further erode the company's stock.

Tags: cloud services, Dell, IT management, VMware, EMC, data storage, Virtustream

How to Secure Containers Is Still Subject to Debate

NEWS ANALYSIS: Experts agree that security is paramount when it comes to containers. Yet how to properly secure containers is still a matter of some debate.

Tags: PCI DSS, Aptible, Amadeus, container security, CA Technologies, hypervisor, CoreOS, docker, VMware, virtualization, IBM, HIPAA

VMware Takes the Wraps Off vRealize Automation and vRealize Business

In the wake of Dell's proposed acquisition of EMC, it's simply business as usual for VMware -- for the moment at least.

Tags: virtualization, EMC, Dell, server virtualization, VMware, vRealize, containers, virtually speaking, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, VMware vSphere

VMware Covering Its Container Bases for Both the Short and Long Term

While VMware already has a container solution in place, the company's hoping its longer-term solution will help if and when containerization becomes more important than virtualization.

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, VMware vSphere, containers, virtually speaking, VMware vSphere 6, orchestration, Docker Containers, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, container security, docker

The Future of the EMC Federation

VMware has moved far beyond what it was when acquired by EMC in 2004, creating questions for VMware's future as well as that of EMC and the EMC Federation.

Tags: EMC Federation, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, virtually speaking, containers, VMware vSphere 6, VMware, server virtualization, Dell, EMC, virtualization, VMware vSphere

A Tale of Two Containers

It's never been easier to get started with containers. You can roll your own using Docker sources or try a packaged offering from Microsoft or VMware.

Tags: Windows Server 2016, VMware, Windows Server, docker, Project Photon, vSphere, containerization, containers

When Virtualized Infrastructure Comes at an Added Cost

While server virtualization certainly offers many great benefits, when it comes to security there are potentially expensive drawbacks to consider.

Tags: security, VMware, server virtualization, virtualization, container security, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, Docker Containers, virtually speaking, containers

VMworld 2015: Is VMware Trying to Do Too Much, Too Fast?

NEWS ANALYSIS: VMworld 2015 was, more than anything, the year of software-defined data centers, storage and containers.

Tags: VMware, Software-Defined Infrastructure, Data Center Management Software, VMworld

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Gives VMworld 5 Imperatives for Success

Server virtualization is just the beginning as VMware's top exec outlines what it will take to succeed in the new digital economy.

Tags: server virtualization, VMware, VMworld

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers Previewed at VMworld

VMware expands its hybrid cloud, OpenStack and container server virtualization solutions.

Tags: docker, Cloud, Evo, OpenStack, VMware, containerization, VMworld, VMware vSphere, containers

VMware Hints at Potential Evolution for Container Strategy

Could VMware abandon its stance that containers are better when used together with virtual machines, and instead develop its own standalone container management system?

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, VMware vSphere, containers, VMware vSphere 6, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, virtually speaking

Twistlock Emerges to Strengthen the Security of Containers

While security remains a potential cause for concern to container users, companies like Twistlock have started stepping in to address the containerization security conundrum.

Tags: docker, Twistlock, virtualized infrastructure, virtually speaking, server virtualization, containers, containerization, VMware, container security

VMware Doubles Down on Docker Integration with Project Bonneville

VMware brings Docker deeper into ESX with newly announced AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville.

Tags: docker, VMware Docker, containerization, VMware ESX, containers, VMware

VMware Looking to Capitalize on the Containerization Opportunity

The server virtualization company has been taking the initial key steps in ensuring its customers can use containers safely within the embrace of the VMware ecosystem.

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, VMware vSphere, containers, virtually speaking, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, VMware vSphere 6

Balancing Out the Hype and Harm for VMware

VMware is entering a crucial point in its relatively short history, and how it responds will likely shape the company's ability to survive in the future as an independent operation.

Tags: virtualization, Microsoft, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere, VMware, Hyper-V, server virtualization, VMware vSphere 6, virtually speaking

Docker Gets Serious About Security

Two months after Docker brings in new faces to lead security efforts, a new benchmark for securing Docker container deployments debuts.

Tags: Docker Engine, Linux, container virtualization, open source, VMware, Docker Inc.

CoreOS Advances Application Container Specification Effort

Apcera, Google, Red Hat and VMware are supporting CoreOS' application container specification effort, which extends the reach of containers beyond Docker.

Tags: application container specifications, Apcera, CoreOS, docker, containers, Google, VMware, Red Hat

Dell's PowerEdge R920 Is a Monster of a Server

Dell's high-end R920 server certainly sports the specs, but can it handle nearly any workload of any size without skipping a beat?

Tags: server review, datacenter, Dell, Windows Server, data center, servers, Dell PowerEdge, VMware, Windows Server 2012, server hardware, PowerEdge

What's Behind VMware's Better Together Support for Containerization?

While VMware's endorsement of containerization could be a case of keeping its friends close but its enemies closer, there's also potential for real symbiosis behind the surprising strategy.

Tags: orchestration, CoreOS, docker, virtually speaking, containers, VMware vSphere, VMware, server virtualization, virtualization, VMware vSphere 6, CoreOS Linux, virtualized infrastructure, containerization

VMware Launches Lightwave and Photon for Linux Containers

New container identity and access management technology debuts alongside new purpose-built container Linux operating system.

Tags: docker, Linux, access management, identity management, VMware, virtualization, containers, containerization

Docker, Boasting 'Amazing Traction,' Tops $150M in Funding

Docker's CEO explains why the open-source Docker container technology is taking off, and why he's raising more money.

Tags: Docker Containers, open source, Microsoft, application virtualization, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, containers, VMware, virtual machines, IBM

VMware vSphere 6.0 One-Ups the Competition

A variety of new features and enhancements make their debut in vSphere 6.0, most notably Virtual Volumes and vMotion capabilities. But are the additions enough to warrant an upgrade?

Tags: hypervisor, VMware ESX Server, vMotion, VMware vSphere 6, VMware, Microsoft, vSphere 6

VMware Sets the Stage for Server Virtualization in 2015

VMware started the year off with a bang, announcing a clever set of new products and features to go along with the much-anticipated vSphere 6 debut.

Tags: VMware vSphere 6, VMware, virtually speaking, server virtualization, virtualization, VMware vSphere

Interesting Times Ahead in the Server Virtualization World

VMware may be the 800 pound gorilla in the virtualization market for now, but there are much bigger gorillas out there, and VMware has something they may well decide they want in the future.

Tags: Apple, Hyper-V, server virtualization, EMC, virtualization, Microsoft, virtually speaking, VMware

Docker 1.5 Brings IPv6 Support to Containers

The first major milestone release from the open-source Docker project in 2015 debuts with new features that will pave the way for the year ahead.

Tags: IBM, Docker virtualization container, open source, Amazon, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, IPv6, IPv4

VMware vSphere 6 Revealed

Server virtualization technology gets a massive update with more than 650 new features.

Tags: VMware vSphere 6, VMware, VMware vSphere, vSphere 6, docker, virtualization, server virtualization

VMware's New OneCloud Handles All Data Center Management

The high level from Feb. 2: VMware now provides one cloud for any app -- a single platform for private and public clouds.

Tags: VSAN, OneCloud, vCloud Air, Virtualization Management, VMware

VMware vSphere 6 Coming Soon to a Data Center Near You

Come February 2, all the secrets of vSphere 6 will finally be revealed. What exactly can we expect from the first major new release of vSphere in more than three years?

Tags: VMware vSphere, vSphere 6, VMware, virtualization, server virtualization, data center

VMware OpenStack Customers Growing Faster than Overall Business

VMware reports 2014 revenue of $6.04 billion and has big plans to grow the business in 2015.

Tags: virtualization, cloud computing, server virtualization, OpenStack, earnings report, network virtualization, VMware, VMware NSX, NSX, OpenStack Cloud

Server Heavyweights Splashing the Cash in Scooping Up Smaller Cloud Players

Are the latest round of acquisitions in the cloud space a clear sign that OpenStack has become a force to be reckoned with?

Tags: cloud players, OpenStack Cloud, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, HP, VMware, virtualization, EMC, server virtualization

VMware in the Midst of a Virtualization Technology Management Makeover

VMware is seeking to stand out from the competition by re-styling itself, complete with a whole new suite of management products to tempt customers.

Tags: VM security, virtually speaking, virtual machines, virtualization, server virtualization, VM, VMware, Virtualization Management

VMware Exploring New Frontiers of Innovation?

It's time to take a closer look at the big takeaway from VMware coming out of VMworld 2014.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, VM, server virtualization, MDM, virtually speaking, virtual machines

VCE Launches New Converged Server Platforms

Joint venture for VMware, Cisco and EMC continues to grow and bear fruit.

Tags: Cisco, EMC, VCE, networking, VMware, vCenter, converged systems, servers

VMware Seeks to Provide Customers Safe Passage to Its MDM Solutions

How exactly has AirWatch been enhanced since being acquired by VMware earlier this year, and how does VMware's new "Safe Passage" tie into the company's strategy?

Tags: virtually speaking, Safe Passage, mobile device management, virtualization, AirWatch, server virtualization, VMware, MDM

The Benefits of Docker vs. Server Virtualization

While containerization may not be a substitute for full-blown hypervisor-based server virtualization, it does offer a number of key benefits.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, KVM, Xen, Docker virtualization, docker, virtually speaking, server virtualization

Microsoft in Fighting Form vs. VMware

While Microsoft is claiming to have eaten some of VMware's lunch in the virtualization space, VMware undoubtedly will be taking some of Microsoft's dinner.

Tags: VMware vSphere, Microsoft, VMware, virtually speaking, Microsoft Hyper-V, Hyper-V, server virtualization, virtualization

VMware Continues Cloud and Network Virtualization Build-out

VMware reports second quarter revenue of $1.46 billion, touting the growth of its cloud products. 

Tags: virtualization, cloud computing, VMware

Microsoft to Pull Windows Server 2003 Support Next Year

Microsoft warns data center operators that hanging onto the long-lived server OS is potentially endangering their IT infrastructures.

Tags: data centers, Microsoft, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, Windows XP, VMware, server os

Lenovo's RD340 Is a Workhorse of a Server

Our latest server review takes the Lenovo RD340 for a spin by setting up a VMware Virtual SAN proof-of-concept cluster.

Tags: Virtual SAN, VSAN, cluster, VMware, servers, Lenovo, server review

VMware Log Insight 2.0 Delivers Server Virtualization Visibility

VMware updates its log visibility tool with improved connectivity for Windows Servers.

Tags: VMware Log Insight, Windows Server, data center, VMware, virtualization, server virtualization

Microsoft Looking to Lure Customers Away from VMware

The company's upgraded Virtual Machine Convertor tool adds features designed to help poach VMware-based VMs and turn them into Microsoft Hyper-V ones.

Tags: virtually speaking, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, servers, virtualization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, VMware, Microsoft, server virtualization

VMware Sees Continued Growth Opportunity in the Cloud

VMware reports first quarter fiscal 2014 revenue at $1.36 as Software Defined Data Center vision grows.

Tags: SDDC, software defined data center, Virtualization Management, VMware, cloud computing

What Does VMware's Stock Price Say About the Company's Future?

VMware's current stock market data makes it pretty clear there are some lofty expectations for the company's future prospects. What's behind the optimism?

Tags: stock price, virtually speaking, Virtual SAN, stock market, virtualization, VMware vSphere, server virtualization, hypervisor, VMware, AirWatch

Virtualization Vendors Making Inroads on Storage Simplicity

Products like VMware's Virtual SAN and DataCore's SANsymphony -V are helping administrators manage storage in increasingly heterogeneous hypervisor-dominated data center environments.

Tags: Virtual SAN, virtualization, server virtualization, hypervisor, SANsymphony-V, software-defined storage, VMware, DataCore

VMware Extends Cloud Desktop Horizon

Horizon 6 launch takes direct aim at Citrix by enabling enterprises with new virtual desktop capabilities.

Tags: VDI, cloud computing, VMware, Virtual Desktop Interface

Conquering Compliance and Security Challenges in Today's Data Center

In an ever-accelerating world of highly virtualized data centers, how can security and compliance possibly keep up?

Tags: mobile device management, MDM, AirWatch, EMC, server virtualization, VMware, virtualization, servers

A Closer Look at VMware's Acquisition of AirWatch

What's behind the server virtualization leviathan jumping into the mobile device management market?

Tags: mobile device management, MDM, AirWatch, EMC, server virtualization, VMware, virtualization, servers

ConVirt Looks to Converge Hypervisor Management

If you're just dipping your toes in the waters of hypervisor heterogeneity, finding a solution for your multi-hypervisor management needs may be easier than anticipated.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, KVM, hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, Xen, ConVirt Enterprise, convirt, hypervisor management, virtually speaking

VMware Grows as Cloud Services Market Set to Mature

VMware finishes 2013 on a high note as it aims for future growth.

Tags: VMware vCloud Suite, VMware, cloud computing, earnings, cloud service

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3 Gets Real

Red Hat's data center virtualization technology gets a technology infusion from OpenStack.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, OpenStack, virtualization, data center, VMware, vSphere

Martin Casado on Network Virtualization

VMware chief architect for networking talks network virtualization's history, outlook, and unexpected benefits.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, SDN, Cloud

Microsoft Releases Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V

The software giant continues to court Linux-based workloads with a new driver package that enables support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5.5 and 5.6.

Tags: Microsoft, CentOS, virtualization, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware, Hyper-V

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, server virtualization, RHEV, vSphere, VMworld, VMware, virtually speaking, Red Hat, cloud management, virtualization, Microsoft, cloud computing, KVM

Taking VMware vSphere 5.5 for a Spin

Does the latest iteration of VMware's core offering deliver enough enhancements and new features to make it warrant a closer look?

Tags: VMware vCloud Suite, VMware vSphere, virtualization, server review, VMware

Pivotal Brings Cloud Foundry PaaS into Full Release

After years of development, Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service is now ready for mass consumption as part of Pivotal One.

Tags: EMC, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack Cloud, Pivotal CF, Cloud, PaaS, VMware, Pivotal, OpenStack

Checking Hyper-V Replication Health Using PowerShell Cmdlets

Our latest server tutorial reveals two handy PowerShell cmdlets available for checking Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replication status and getting replication statistical data on your VMs.

Tags: PowerShell, virtual machine, VM, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, VMware, virtualization, Hyper-V, Microsoft, Windows Server 2012

Red Hat Ramps Up Virtualization and Cloud Initiatives

Can Red Hat virtualization finally capitalize on new opportunities that will help it emerge from the enormous shadow cast by VMware, Microsoft and Citrix?

Tags: virtually speaking, Red Hat, virtualization, cloud computing, KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, RHEV, VMware, cloud management

VMware Grows Earnings by Moving Beyond vSphere

While there is still room for growth in server virtualization, VMware sees its future in the cloud.

Tags: VMware, cloud computing, virtualization, vSphere

VMware Showcases Cloud Management Solutions at VMworld

The software virtualization company unveils a new cloud management offering and several updated products at its VMworld 2013 event in Barcelona.

Tags: cloud management, VMware, vCenter, virtualization, vSphere, virtually speaking, VMworld

Understanding Hyper-V VSP/VSC and VMBUS Design

Discover the key role Hyper-V's VSP and VSC components play in improving virtual machine performance by facilitating communication between VMs and the parent partition.

Tags: Hyper-V, virtualization, Microsoft, VM, virtual machine, VMware

Addressing the Virtualization Disconnect

With virtualization evolving faster than IT staff can learn how to master it in many cases, what good is all this new virtualization technology to your organization if no one knows how to use it?

Tags: Microsoft, Hyper-V, server virtualization, vSphere, VMware, SDN, virtualization, Software-Defined Networking

Let the Enterprise Networking Games Begin

The war for control of the enterprise network of tomorrow is about to begin, and when it does it's going to get dirty because it's a war no one can afford to lose.

Tags: SDDC, Nicira, SDN, enterprise networking, Enterprise Network, VMware, Software-Defined Networking, VMware NSX

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