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VMware Extends Cloud Desktop Horizon

Horizon 6 launch takes direct aim at Citrix by enabling enterprises with new virtual desktop capabilities.

Tags: cloud computing, VMware, VDI, Virtual Desktop Interface

HP Advances BladeSystem with c7000

New blade server enclosure provides more bandwidth, while HP's latest Gen8 blade system is geared with VDI environments in mind.

Tags: servers, VDI, blade server, Virtual Desktop Interface, hp gen8, Gen8, HP BladeSystem

Dell Active Infrastructure: Converged IT for Private Clouds, VDI

In the converged infrastructure game, Dell is going all in.

Tags: Cloud, Dell, blade servers, private cloud, VDI, Dell PowerEdge, Dell Active System, converged IT

VMware View 5.1: Relieving Potential Pain from VDI Projects

The latest version of VMware View debuts with new functionality to improve the overall user experience, but are the enhancements enough to warrant an upgrade for your environment?

Tags: VMware, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure, VMware View

Oracle Enhances Desktop Virtualization, Expands Storage Options

Improvements to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Sun Ray server software offer a broader range of storage options.

Tags: Oracle, software, virtualization, VDI, Sun Ray, Storage, virtualization desktop infrastructure

Dell Taps Unidesk for VDI Management

Dell aims to ease virtual desktop management by offering its integrated enterprise VDI packages with Unidesk's layering tech.

Tags: virtualization, Dell, virtual desktop, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure, Unidesk

Virsto Seeks to Solve Storage Virtualization Challenges

What will it take for virtual desktop infrastructure to move beyond the proof of concept stage?  Virsto believes it has the answer in its new storage virtualization software.

Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, hypervisor, VDI, vSphere, Virsto

Dell Enlists 12G Servers, the Cloud for VDI Refresh

Dell refreshes its virtual desktop portfolio with a new appliance, a 12G PowerEdge-powered enterprise option and a cloud-based offering.

Tags: Dell, desktop virtualization, VDI, dell servers

VDI Alternatives Prove Effective

Server-based computing is alive and well, delivering the benefits of centralized administration and data storage benefits of VDI, without the cost and maintenance of VDI.

Tags: data storage, server virtualization, VDI

Virtual Desktop vs. PC OS Standoff Looms

Often, what spells opportunity for aspiring startups is viewed as a threat by entrenched market leaders. In the case of virtual desktops hosted on the public cloud, Microsoft has a lot to lose. And one company stands ready to change the game further.

Tags: Microsoft, Windows 7, virtual desktop, VDI

2012: The Year VDI Transforms to IDV

VDI has yet to capture the mainstream, but Virtual Computer has a plan -- flip the technology around. It believes Intelligent Desktop Virtualization,  or IDV, carries many of the benefits of VDI with few  of the disadvantages. Will enterprises bite?

Tags: desktop virtualization, Xen, VDI

VMware Extends View Virtual Desktop Clients to Mac, Linux

Aiming to help IT organizations make their virtual desktop infrastructure more flexible, VMware has released a "technology preview" of its View client for Mac OS X Lion, and has promised similar previews of clients for Ubuntu Linux and the Kindle Fire in coming weeks.

Tags: VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI

VDI Isn't Just for Desktops

While the 'D' in VDI stands for Desktops, VDI is now being used to deliver services in innovative new ways, like virtual ATMs.

Tags: desktop virtualization, VDI, ATM

Server Virtualization: The Year in Review

Server virtualization continued to make inroads in 2011. From the Open Virtualization Alliance to the vSphere 5 hypervisor to the quarterly V-Index, here are the highs and lows.

Tags: Citrix, server virtualization, Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, Xen, VDI, vSphere, open virtualization alliance

Wanova Pitches New Approach to VDI With Image Centralization

Startup backs desktop virtualization approach that departs from traditional VDI deployments.

Tags: virtualization, desktop virtualization, VDI

VDI: The 'Other' Virtualization Technology

Unlike server virtualization, desktop virtualization, aka VDI, has been a hard sell for enterprises due largely to its high upfront costs. Still, VDI offers many benefits. Do they outweigh the costs?

Tags: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI, Quest

The iPad, Saving VDI One Tablet at a Time

VDI, despite its lengthier history, has yet to gain the traction that server virtualization has. End-user owned devices, such as iPads and other tablets, just might give provide the nudge needed to win over acceptance from employees and employers alike.

Tags: iPad, Citrix, tablet, Thin clients, VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI

Pano Logic Touts Turnkey Desktop Virtualization

Five-year-old firm looks to help enterprises improve security and lower costs while reducing VDI complexity.

Tags: desktop virtualization, VDI, Pano Logic

5 VDI Alternatives You Can Implement Now

Are you looking to save money on desktop support but not ready to bankroll a VDI solution? These 5 alternatives will save you money and provide the centralized management that you need.

Tags: virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI

NComputing's L300: Exploring the Server and Client Side of VDI

NComputing's L300 ties VDI into a nice neat package. Learn how to get your servers and clients up and running in a jiffy.

Tags: Thin clients, desktop virtualization, VDI, Desktop Virtualization Technologies

VMware Expands Its View and Horizon

VMware positions itself for the post-PC era with new virtual desktop and gateway technologies for hybrid clouds.

Tags: Android, virtualization, virtual desktop, virtualization technology, VMware, VDI, LG, VMworld

Oracle Improves VirtualBox 4.1

New virtualization release includes cloning and tunneling features, as Oracle pushes open source technology forward.
Tags: Oracle, open source software, server virtualization, VDI, virtualbox

Virtualization Comes Together at Citrix Synergy

Cloud computing, server virtualization, VDI and a far amount of VMware bashing fills the hall of this year's Citrix Synergy.
Tags: Citrix, server virtualization, VMware, XenServer, VDI

Desktop Virtualization for Remote Workers

VDI provides valuable benefits to mobile employees.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure

VDI is Flexible But Terminal Servers are Cheaper

When deploying remote desktops VDI is a more flexible options, but traditional terminal servers has the lowest total cost of ownership.
Tags: TCO, VDI, Remote Desktop, terminal server

Trend Micro Secures Enterprise Virtualization Technologies

Trend Micro's virtualization technologies offer security for virtual environments.
Tags: security, virtualization technologies, VDI, secure virtual enviornment

Oracle Updates Virtualization Technologies

The Sun Ray 3 Plus client can significantly reduce power consumption.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization technologies, data center, virtual desktop, VDI

Implementing The Right VDI Strategy

A good virtual desktop strategy should focus on following the end user from device to device.
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, desktop virtualization, VDI

Leostream VDI Connection Broker Enhanced

Connection Broker enables companies to deploy enterprise-class hosted VDI.
Tags: software, VMware, VDI, connection broker, physical desktop

Microsoft, Citrix Virtualization Technologies Take Aim at VMware View

Virtually Speaking: Microsoft and Citrix combine their virtualization technologies to beat VMware on the desktop, and Microsoft revises its licensing.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization technologies, Citrix, desktop virtualization, VDI

Top 10 Server Technology Trends for the New Decade

Ten trends for the next 10 years. An era of agile computing is upon us. Keep an eye on these 10 server-oriented technology trends.
Tags: Top 10, cloud computing, virtualization, trends, VDI

Desktop Choices: Mac, Linux, Windows, Browser -- Browser?

Cover Your Assets: You have a fourth choice for your desktop operating system, but it seems to be a well-kept secret.
Tags: mobile, browser, virtual desktop, OS, VDI

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