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FreeBSD 11 Updates Open-Source Server Operating System

FreeBSD expands architecture support and improves features throughout the system.

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Dell Aims Four-Socket R930 Server at Unix Market

Company officials say the newest PowerEdge server will give organizations an alternative to Unix servers from the likes of HP, IBM and Oracle.

Tags: data storage, database, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Dell, x86 servers, HP, Unix server, Lenovo, SSDs, In-memory database

IBM Power Systems Server Buying Guide

When it comes to Unix servers, IBM's Power Systems are the market leaders. Do they have what it takes to empower your server infrastructure?

Tags: IBM, Unix server, IDC, POWER 7, IBM Power System, Power Systems, Power Express

IBM Power Systems

The Unix server market may be in decline, but you'd never know it from the growth in IBM's Power Systems line. From its low-end and midrange Power Express to its higher-end Power Enterprise offerings, Big Blue has a strong and ever-increasing presence in this space.

Tags: IBM, Unix server, Power processor, Power Systems

HP to Unify Unix and x86 Server Architectures

Dubbed Odyssey, it's HP's plan seeks to transform the server landscape for mission-critical computing.

Tags: HP, Unix, Unix server, x86 server, mission-critical

Is UNIX Cheaper Than Linux?

A recent HP-commissioned Forrester Consulting survey finds this to indeed be the case for some enterprises holding fast to their OS of choice despite Linux's steady move upstream. Are they the last holdouts or an indicator that UNIX still has much to offer?
Tags: open source, Linux, Unix server, OS, server os

Oracle Prepping for Server OS Domination

Oracle claims the top spot for Unix with Solaris and reveals it has its eye on the Linux top spot for its homegrown Linux distro, Oracle Enterprise Linux. Red Hat and HP express a mix of consternation and amusement. But is that the right reaction?
Tags: Oracle, Solaris, Unix server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, server os

5 Operating Systems Making News This Week

With OpenSUSE safe for the time being and Novell holding fast to its UNIX copyrights, many in the open source world have much to smile about this week. Ubuntu's announcement that it is not moving to a rolling release and yet another Chrome delay are also top of mind, as is some info on jailbreaking your Windows Phone 7.
Tags: Unix server, Ubuntu Server, SUSE Linux, server os, Windows 7 Phone

IBM Power Systems Buyer's Guide

IBM's release of the Power7 processor and a corresponding refresh of Power-based servers earlier this year has steadily breathed new life into what some believed was a stagnant product family. If you're in the market for a Unix server, here's what Big Blue has to offer.
Tags: IBM, Unix server, Power7, buyer's guide, Power Systems

HP-UX: More Than Reliable, Middle-Aged and Dull

Is HP's emphasis on new HP-UX features aimed squarely at Oracle users indicative of a midlife crisis in a market with limited room for growth or much like a prudent bank manager sizing up the threats and opportunities for its UNIX?
Tags: Unix, Unix server, OS, HP-UX, AIX

IBM's New Unix Server Sports 256 Cores

Big Blue Releases its biggest Unix Server yet, a Power7 system that boasts record transaction performance.
Tags: Oracle, IBM, Unix server, POWER 7, AIX 7

Oracle Details Upcoming Solaris 11 Release

Oracle is investing in Sun's Unix and will use technologies from openSolaris as part of the next-generation release.
Tags: Oracle, Solaris, Unix server, OS, OpenSolaris

FreeBSD 8.1 Provides Evolutionary Open Source Software Upgrade

The next generation of the popular BSD operating system is now available, providing stability and performance gains for open source software users.
Tags: open source software, Unix server, OS, ZFS, FreeBSD

IBM, HP Bring Unix Server Wares Front and Center

The Unix server world was abuzz last week with IBM kicking off the public beta of AIX 7, and HP launching a no holds barred offense to persuade former Sun customers to abandon SPARC/Solaris environments in favor of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on ProLiant servers.
Tags: IBM, Solaris, HP, Unix server, AIX

Windows Server Still the Leader, Unix Drops

IDC's latest figures indicate that Windows Server was installed on 75 percent of the servers sold worldwide.
Tags: server, Unix server, Linux server, Windows Server

HP's Linux OS Alternative Gets a Face Lift

OS Roundup: Despite the growing popularity of the myriad Linux OS and cloud computing options, HP-UX retains a strong, albeit leaking, presence. Now, with Sun's UNIX ecosystem in turmoil, HP is seizing the day as it packages and sings the virtues of its Big Iron OS.
Tags: cloud computing, Unix server, Linux server, HP-UX, linux os

Crontab Entries for Unix or Linux Servers Made Simple

If you've ever had to stop and check the manpage to get the crontab syntax correct for your Unix or Linux server, here's a Web site that will save you lots of time.
Tags: Unix server, Linux server, tip of the trade, cron

A Sys Admin's Guide to the Server OS of Your Dreams

OS Roundup: What does an enterprise server OS look like in your perfect world? Find out how some real-world options -- from Linux to Unix to Windows to Mac OS X -- might stack up in a dream universe.
Tags: Unix server, Linux server, OS, Mac OS X, server os

RISC to x86 Server Migration Buyer's Guide

As UNIX- and RISC-based servers lose ground to x86, should you consider making the switch? Is it the beginning of the end for UNIX servers?
Tags: Dell, RISC, Unix server, buyer's guide, x86 server

Will High-end x86 Impact Declining Unix Server Sales?

The high-end x86 blitz is not expected to revive or further hinder already declining Unix server sales.
Tags: IBM, x86, Unix server, high-end

HP Integrity Servers

If you're looking for a server that can handle your enterprise's mission-critical workloads, HP's Integrity line may have the solution. From Integrity Server Blades to Superdome and NonStop, HP presents a wide array of offerings to enterprises for which performance and availability is paramount.

Tags: HP, Unix server, Itanium, Integrity, NonStop, SuperDome

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