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Cisco UCS Servers Turn 5

Project California has transformed Cisco into a major server player.

Tags: Cisco, servers, Cisco Systems, UCS, Cisco UCS, Unified Computing System, Unified Computing, project California

HP's Bright Blade Server Future Includes 3Com Cameo

HP has become the market leader in bladed computers and plans to continue to push hard as virtualization takes off. It also has plans for 3Com in all of this.
Tags: virtualization, Cisco, HP, Unified Computing, blade server

Hitachi, Microsoft Team for Unified Platform

Hitachi plans to combine computing, networking, storage and systems management in conjunction with a new OEM deal with Microsoft.
Tags: Microsoft, Windows Server 2008, Hitachi, Unified Computing

Hitachi Enters Unified Computing Stack Market With New Blade Server

It doesn't quite have all the pieces like Sun and Cisco do, but the Japanese systems giant is offering its own all-in-one blade server solution with a potent ally: Microsoft.
Tags: Cisco, Hitachi, Unified Computing, server blade, Storage

Cisco's Foray Into Blades Starts Well

Who in the world would want to take on IBM, HP and Dell all at once? Cisco, the networking company, with its entry into the blades server business. So how is the company doing as we approach the end of year one?
Tags: virtualization, Cisco, HP, blades, Unified Computing

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