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LXD: The New Container Hypervisor for Virtualization Security

VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux, details what the new LXD container effort is all about.

Tags: LXD, Ubuntu, Docker Containers

IBM Expands POWER8 Server Portfolio with Ubuntu Linux

New server systems and Data Engine solution bundles debut from Big Blue.

Tags: IBM, big data, Ubuntu Linux, power8, IBM PowerLinux, Ubuntu, Linux servers, IBM Power 8, IBM Power Systems

Canonical Partners with AMD for Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Server

AMD is positioning its SeaMicro SM15000 as a cloud-in-a-box solution.

Tags: Ubuntu LTS, OpenStack, cloud-in-a-box, Ubuntu, Cloud server, AMD, Linux server, SeaMicro

Which Linux Distribution Powers HP Helion Cloud? [VIDEO]

HP launches its own OpenStack-based cloud platform and also changes the platform's underlying Linux distribution.

Tags: OpenStack, Linux distribution, cloud platform, HP Cloud, HP, Cloud, Ubuntu, Debian, cloud computing

Ubuntu Orange Box Mobilizes OpenStack Clouds [VIDEO]

At the OpenStack Summit Ubuntu demonstrates a portable cloud solution as well as the first 64-bit ARM server running OpenStack.

Tags: 64-bit, servers, Ubuntu, Cloud, cloud computing, OpenStack Summit, ARM server, OpenStack

IBM Launches Power 8 Servers with a Strong Linux Focus

IBM adds KVM virtualization and Ubuntu as a supported Linux distribution, while taking aim at Intel x86.

Tags: IBM Power 8, Linux server, KVM, servers, IBM Power System, Ubuntu, power8, IBM, IBM Power Systems

Ubuntu 13.10 Improves Linux Server Deployment

Enhancements to the Juju orchestration system aim to make cloud server deployments easier.

Tags: OpenStack, Juju, OpenStack Havana, Linux server, Havana, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Cloud

Inside Calxeda ARM [VIDEO]

Calxeda co-founder Larry Wikelius shows off ARM system-on-chip hardware and explains why and where ARM is growing.

Tags: SoC, Calxeda, EnergyCore, ARM, Ubuntu, servers, x86, Linux

Ubuntu 13.04 Linux Server Debuts. Should You Upgrade?

New Linux server provides improved OpenStack Grizzly cloud options and high-availability capabilities.

Tags: Ubuntu LTS, OpenStack, Grizzly, OpenStack Grizzly, Linux server, Linux, cloud computing, Ubuntu, Linux 3.8

Canonical Partners with China for Ubuntu Kylin Linux

New version of Ubuntu for the Chinese market set to debut in April.

Tags: Ubuntu Linux, Linux, Canonical, China, Linux server, Ubuntu

Dreamhost Looking to Contribute Back to Linux

Dreamhost's CEO elaborates on the evolving role of Linux use at his hosting company.

Tags: open source, Linux, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu, servers, server

Ubuntu 12.10 Linux Delivers OpenStack Folsom Cloud

The latest Linux release adds a variety of new cloud-focused server tools.

Tags: OpenStack, Ubuntu Server, open source, Ubuntu, Cloud, Ubuntu LTS, Linux

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Distributions Take Shape

Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat explain how the nascent market for packaged cloud server distributions is beginning to shape up.

Tags: Ubuntu, Cloud, OpenStack, Red Hat, distribution, open source, SUSE, cloud computing

Ubuntu Helps Accelerate OpenStack Deployments

Mark Shuttleworth details what it takes to deliver OpenStack in production, in 3 minutes or less.

Tags: Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu, Cloud, cloud computing, open source, OpenStack, Ubuntu Server

Canonical Updates Ubuntu Linux Landscape

New release of Landscape server management system provides compliance and extensibility options for Ubuntu Linux.

Tags: Bare Metal Provisioning, Landscape, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu, Linux

Setting Up VNC on Ubuntu in Amazon EC2

While Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers only SSH access by default to Linux cloud servers, if you aren't a command-line fan or your application requires a GUI, discover how you can set up remote desktop access to most Linux cloud servers.

Tags: Linux cloud, Linux, Cloud server, tutorial, SSH, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, Amazon EC2

Ubuntu 12.04 Linux Aims Precisely at the Cloud

The open source operating system server adds cloud orchestration, Metal-as-a-Service and OpenStack in its latest Long Term Support release.

Tags: Cloud, Ubuntu LTS, Linux, Canonical, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, cloud computing

HP Certifies Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 gets its first major server vendor certification, but HP admits Ubuntu is still not yet at the same level as either Red Hat or SUSE.

Tags: Linux, HP, certification, Ubuntu, Cloud, virtualization, Ubuntu LTS, Ubuntu Server, Canonical, Linux server

Ubuntu 11.10 Ocelot Heads to the Cloud

New Ubuntu release builds in OpenStack, Juju and updated Unity interface on the desktop.

Tags: Juju, Unity, Linux, OpenStack, Ubuntu, cloud computing

Kill Processes Quickly With Slay

Most admins know kill and pkill. But those looking for a quick, clean kill use slay.

Tags: Linux, open source tool, Ubuntu, utility, tip of the trade

10 Linux Server Distros That Could Save You a Bundle

Paying too much for licenses is not good business. Using Linux in your data center is one way to save money. Here are 10 distros to consider.
Tags: Top 10, Mandriva, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server, Ubuntu

HP Joins OpenStack

HP joins Dell, Citrix, Cisco, Ubuntu and more than 86 other vendors in the land-grab rush for open source stack superemacy.
Tags: Ubuntu, Dell, OpenStack, open source, HP

Dell Launches OpenStack Cloud Platform Solution

Dell set to offer commercial support for OpenStack Cloud solution and announces new open source Crowbar for installation.
Tags: open source software, Ubuntu, OpenStack, Dell, cloud computing

Monitor Progress with Pipe Viewer

For sys admins, running a process can feel like driving cross-country without a road map. Pipe Viewer is one way to answer the question, 'are we there yet?'
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, open source software, system administration

This Week's Linux Top 5: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Attachmate and More

Red Hat rolls out new cloud services at the Red Hat Summit, Ubuntu's CTO calls it quits, Attachmate makes some post-acquisition moves and takes aim at the Mono Project, and more.
Tags: Attachmate, Linux kernel, Ubuntu, Mono, Red Hat

Use Linux and WebDAV to Facilitate Online Collaboration

There are many options for online collaboration, but WebDAV remains a useful and straightforward way to share files. Software support at both the server and client ends sweetens the deal further.
Tags: Ubuntu, open source software, Linux, Debian, Apache

Dell Partners With Ubuntu for Linux Cloud Computing Technology

Dell is now set to integrate Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud on PowerEdge servers.
Tags: Canonical, Dell, Ubuntu, cloud computing, open source

5 Operating Systems Starting 2011 With a Bang

2011 has only just begun, and already there is plenty going on in the world of OS software. From Apple OS X Lion to Microsoft Windows 8, here are the top 5 noteworthy OS developments.
Tags: Apple, Windows 8, Ubuntu, server os, Mac OS X

The Top 10 Linux Server Distributions

Rated: The Top 10 Linux server distributions by ease of use, paid support, and data center reliability.

Tags: Ubuntu, Red Hat, linux server distro, RHEL, distro, Linux server, Oracle, Linux, Debian

Ubuntu 10.10 Multitouch

Shuttleworth says Ubuntu’s implementation is more sophisticated than what Apple uses on the iPhone.
Tags: Ubuntu, open source software

Ranger: Console-Based File Management

The ncurses-based file manager Ranger is a console tool worth checking out and taking the time to learn.
Tags: tip of the trade, Ubuntu, file management, console management, Debian

GoogleCL: Command-Line Googling

Google tools are useful. If you're an Ubuntu or Debian user, you can now get even more out of them with GoogleCL.
Tags: Google, Debian, open source, Ubuntu, command line

Canonical Offers Cloud Computing Based Virtual DB2 Appliance for Ubuntu

Expanded partnership will deliver a cloud computing version of IBM's database running on Ubuntu Linux.
Tags: IBM, Ubuntu, DB2, Canonical, cloud computing

Canonical, IBM to Bring DB2 to Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition

Canonical believes that a basic database certified for Ubuntu on EC2 is key to having IT shops deploy Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.
Tags: database, Ubuntu, Canonical, Ubuntu Server, IBM

Linux Servers: A Real Data Center Choice

Linux server developers and adopters keep it real. A real choice for your data center, that is.
Tags: linux os, Ubuntu, OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server

KVM Adoption Isn't All About Commercial Support

The Planet rolls out a new cloud hosting service based on Linux KVM virtualization, but neither Red Hat nor Ubuntu are making any money from it -– yet.
Tags: Ubuntu, KVM, Eucalyptus, Red Hat, open source software

Canonical Rolling Out Ubuntu Advantage for Enterprise Linux OS

Canonical overhauls its Ubuntu Linux OS support services with the new Advantage solution, which offers legal indemnification, support and management services.
Tags: Canonical, Ubuntu, enterprise linux, linux os, Red Hat

Ubuntu LTS 10.04, a Linux OS at Its Best

Is Lucid Lynx as clear as a Linux OS can be? We check out the latest long-term support edition of Ubuntu.
Tags: Ubuntu, Ubuntu LTS, linux os, review

Automation With Expect, an Open Source Software Utility

Tip of the Trade: The Expect package found in Debian and Ubuntu is a powerful utility that can script interactive operations.
Tags: Ubuntu, Debian, open source software, open source server, OS

Build You Own Cloud with Open-Source Ubuntu Enterprise

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is integrated with the open-source Eucalyptus private cloud platform.
Tags: enterprise cloud, open-source, Eucalyptus, Ubuntu

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx Linux OS Debuts With an Eye on ISVs

The Linux OS long-term support release emerges, with a focus on cloud computing environments and ISV certifications. But it's still missing some critical enterprise software credibility.
Tags: linux os, Ubuntu Server, Canonical, Ubuntu, cloud computing

Ubuntu LTS: An Open-Source Server For The Cloud

The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release will include an attractive enterprise cloud tool-set.
Tags: LTS, Open-source Server, Cloud, Ubuntu

Will 12,000 Cloud Computing Deployments Lead to Profit?

For Canonical, there may well be a silver lining in cloud computing that could finally lead the company to Linux profitability as it looks to convert users of the free product to a premium version.
Tags: Linux, open source, Ubuntu, Canonical, cloud computing

Canonical Readies LTS Open-Source Server 10.4

Canonical will make its 10.4 distribution available for download on the Ubuntu Web site on April 29, 2010.
Tags: server, Canonical, Ubuntu, LTS, Open-source Server

Canonical to Update Open-source Server OS

Ubuntu 10.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition will be available for download on April 29, 2010.
Tags: Open-source Server, Canonical, Ubuntu, server, LTS

Microsoft Plays the Open Source Software Game

OS Roundup: Microsoft appears to have woken up to the fact that free open source Office clones may be the thin end of a very slippery wedge. Its response is loud and clear: When it comes to operating systems, Microsoft intends to be a formidable competitor for some time to come.
Tags: Open Office, open source software, Ubuntu, OS, Microsoft

Annotating PDFs With the Open-Source Software Package Okular

Tip of the Trade: If you've ever felt the need to scribble notes on your PDFs without bringing dead trees into the equation, consider the open-source software, Okular, a KDE document reader that can read multiple document formats and allows the user to annotate files as she reads.
Tags: PDF, OS, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu, tip of the trade

New CEO May Help Canonical's Open-source Servers Biz

Shuttleworth may be Dictator For Life at the Ubuntu project, but may not be the best person to lead Canonical.
Tags: Ubuntu Server, Open-source Servers, distro, Ubuntu, commercial server

Ubuntu Server: The Linux Server Operating Systems Dark Horse

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux leading the charge of Linux server operating systems in the data center, Ubuntu Server has some catching up to do. But don't count it out.
Tags: Canonical, server os, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server

Canonical CEO Elucidates on Lucid Lynx Linux Server

New CEO of Canonical shares some plans for the road ahead, including how it plans to grow Ubuntu's Linux server and consumer businesses, and the future of Ubuntu's branding.
Tags: Ubuntu, Linux, Linux server, Canonical, lucid lynx

Resolving the /etc/hosts localhost Issue in Apache

Tip of the Trade: The default values in /etc/hosts used in several Linux distributions have long been known to cause issues. Here's how to fix them in Apache 2.
Tags: Apache, OS, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu

Monitoring Disk Usage With Iotop

Tip of the Trade: Hard disk thrashing? Check out Iotop, a Python program similar to top that enables you to keep an eye on disk I/O.
Tags: Debian, I/O, Python, Ubuntu, OS

Grow Your Own Cloud Servers With Ubuntu

Looking to experiment with cloud computing? With Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, it's easy to turn ordinary servers into cloud servers and build a private cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Ubuntu

usb-creator: Booting From a USB Stick

Tip of the Trade: Booting from a USB stick can be very useful, but it's not an option for netbook users. With usb-creator from Ubuntu, however, it's possible.
Tags: ISO, USB, Ubuntu, OS, netbook

10 OSes on the Move

OS Roundup: SCO and NetWare face extinction; Ubuntu may or may not hit the big leagues. Who else will win or lose big in the coming decade?
Tags: Windows, Ubuntu, iPhone OS, Linux, operating system

Apple Hits the Windows Wall

OS Roundup: Windows 7 has been out for barely two weeks, and its market share already rivals that of Mac OS X, despite years of marketing and strategizing on Apple's part. Does Windows stand a chance of being dethroned?
Tags: Mac OS X, HP UX, Ubuntu, Microsoft, Windows 7

Apple Dumps ZFS, as File Systems Battle Heats Up

OS Roundup: Apple last Friday announced ZFS would not be making an appearance in Snow Leopard. An interesting choice, given that some believe when the Sun-Oracle deal closes, the new entity may have the two most powerful file systems around.
Tags: Apple, Sun Microsystems, ZFS, file systems, Ubuntu

Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Hits RC Status

Ubuntu 9.10 RC is now available, and testers are being sought.
Tags: Canonical, Ubuntu

IBM and Ubuntu Roll Linux for U.S Desktops

A few weeks ago, IBM and Canonical revealed plans to deliver Linux desktops and software to Africa. On Tuesday, they expanded the offering to the United States.
Tags: Windows 7, IBM, Ubuntu, Microsoft, Canonical

Linux Google Chrome Shines

Tip of the Trade: When it comes to Linux, Google Chrome may be far from gold, but it sure is shiny -- and fast.
Tags: Chrome, Debian, tip of the trade, Ubuntu, Google Chrome

Ubuntu, Debian Partner to Employ Communist Era Model

OS Roundup: When collaboration mixes with competition, strong products aim to help, not hinder, weaker ones. In the case of the Soviet Union, this lead to shoddy products. When it comes to Linux, however, collaborating to hinder a bigger rival is the true objective.
Tags: Debian, Linux, Microsoft, Ubuntu

Canonical Expands Ubuntu Linux Landscape

Linux system management comes in from the cloud, but it's still not entirely open source.
Tags: Cloud, Ubuntu, cloud computing, Canonical, OS

Linux's Thickening Waist Line

OS Roundup: Windows isn't the only OS to suffer from feature creep and the resulting bloat.
Tags: Linux, OS, Windows, Ubuntu

xclip: Command-Line Clipboard

Tip of the Trade: Think command line precludes using the X clipboard? Think again. xclip makes it possible to interact with it directly from the command-line -- if you're using Debian or Ubuntu.
Tags: Debian, command line, OS, Ubuntu, clipboard

Ubuntu's 'Jaunty Jackalope' Jumps Forward

Ubuntu 9.04 Linux leaps out to speed up the desktop and help server reach the cloud.
Tags: Jaunty Jackalope, OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Canonical