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Oracle Embraces OpenStack in Solaris 11.2

Latest version of Oracle's Unix operating system provides cloud, SDN and traditional operating system enhancements.

Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, Cloud, Unix, Solaris 11, OpenStack

Open Source FreeBSD 10 Takes on Virtualization

byhve debuts as the new FreeBSD virtualization hypervisor in the first major update for the server OS since early 2012.

Tags: open source, virtualization, Unix, server virtualization, FreeBSD, server os, server operating system

China's Tianhe-2 Shatters Records with 33.86 Petaflop Supercomputer

Once again, a new champion reigns supreme in the latest supercomputer rankings.

Tags: Linux, IBM, China, servers, Unix, supercomputer, rankings, Titan

HP Extends Serviceguard to Linux

HP narrows the gap between Unix and Linux with new mission-critical business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Tags: Linux, data center, HP, Unix, high availability, disaster recovery, business continuity

Oracle Solaris 11.1 Updates Unix for SDN and the Cloud

Oracle improves Solaris performance and cloud capabilities while also addressing the market trend towards Software-Defined Networking.

Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, Cloud, Unix, Solaris 11, SDN, Software-Defined Networking

HP Pushes Forward on Itanium Unix for Scale-Out Computing

When exactly does it make sense to use Unix and when does it make sense to use Linux? For HP's Business Critical Systems customers, the answer depends on the use case.

Tags: virtualization, HP, Unix, Itanium, scale-out, Scale-up Computing

Keep Configs Under Control With Etckeeper

Etckeeper makes it easy to keep your /etc directory and its related config files in a revision control system of your choice.

Tags: git, configuration management, Unix, Puppet

HP to Unify Unix and x86 Server Architectures

Dubbed Odyssey, it's HP's plan seeks to transform the server landscape for mission-critical computing.

Tags: HP, Unix, Unix server, x86 server, mission-critical

Oracle Debuts Solaris 11

First Unix release from Oracle now officially available, delivering what Oracle execs call, the world's first Cloud OS.

Tags: Oracle, Solaris, Unix

Oracle Updates Solaris 10

Oracle improves ZFS and system performance in latest Solaris update.

Tags: Oracle, Solaris, Unix, ZFS

Does CPTN Spell the End for Open Source Software?

As part of the sale of Novell to Attachmate, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and EMC have done the unlikely: They've joined together under the CPTN banner to acquire more than 800 patents. Is the OSI right to be concerned that this could be the beginning of the end?
Tags: Microsoft, open source software, Unix, OSI, Attachmate

Easy Crontab Editing with Corntab

Not an expert on cron? No need to worry -- just use the Corntab site or its iPhone app.
Tags: Linux, open source server, Unix, OS, cron

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Trickle-Up Effect

It's not unusual for a software release to trigger a hardware refresh. With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, many OEMs are counting on it.
Tags: HP, Unix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, OS

HP-UX: More Than Reliable, Middle-Aged and Dull

Is HP's emphasis on new HP-UX features aimed squarely at Oracle users indicative of a midlife crisis in a market with limited room for growth or much like a prudent bank manager sizing up the threats and opportunities for its UNIX?
Tags: Unix, Unix server, OS, HP-UX, AIX

Open Source Software Shortcuts for Doing More with 'Less'

Command-line users are often well-acquainted with Less, More's backward-scrollable cousin. Here are a few not-so-well-known useful commands and shortcuts that may make Less even more valuable to you.
Tags: command line, open source software, Unix, more with less, open source servers

Windows Server 2003, Bye-Bye

With mainstream support now over for Windows Server 2003, it's time to evaluate your options. If you think you have good choices to replace the Windows OS, you might be in for a nasty surprise.
Tags: Linux, Windows Server 2008 R2, Unix, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Now With Server Virtualization Capabilities -- IBM Launches Open Beta for AIX 7

High-end Unix systems aren't usually given the beta treatment, but IBM is betting on a wide test for some new virtualization capabilities.
Tags: IBM, Unix, RISC, server virtualization, AIX

IT Buying More x86 Servers, Paying Less: IDC

Sales of x86 servers are taking off like a shot, RISC is shriveling up, and prices are still dropping as IT buyers snap up less-expensive servers.
Tags: x86 servers, Unix, RISC, IDC, blades

HP Adds New Itanium to Integrity Server Line

But the processor is only the beginning of the story, says HP, as it overhauls its high-end servers across the board.

Tags: HP, Unix, Itanium, mission-critical, Integrity, BladeSystem

IBM Expands Power 7 Line to Entry-Level and Mid-Range Blade Servers

New processors allow for expandability and improved power efficiency compared to the previous generation.
Tags: server, IBM, virtualization, Unix, power

BigFix Enhances Server Management

Offers coverage that extends to over a dozen distinct Unix platforms and multiple flavors of Windows.
Tags: Linux, Windows, server management, Unix, assets

Beyond x86 Servers: Should You Take a RISC?

As x86 servers increasingly dominate the landscape, is there room for RISC? Absolutely, says one prominent analyst.
Tags: x86 servers, hardware, Unix, x86, RISC

Can IBM Digest the UNIX Server Trifecta?

OS Roundup: The UNIX server market is steadily shrinking, yet the three top heavyweights are about to launch new products. It's a dog-eat-dog market, and IBM has already nibbled at Solaris. Is HP-UX the next course for this seemingly large and aggressive mutt?
Tags: IBM, Sun, Solaris, HP, Unix

HP Launches First Quad-Core Itanium Systems

Tukwila is formally dubbed Itanium 9300, and HP, Intel's partner in building the RISC processor, is first out of the gate with a series of systems. More will follow.
Tags: server, Intel, HP, Unix, Itanium

System z: Dinosaur or Phoenix?

OS Roundup: Cut prices enough and customers will eventually bite is a common tactic for those selling commodity goods -- not high-end mainframes. Yet IBM recently did just that when when it marked down and bundled System z. Is this a sign the mainframe has lost its luster, or will the move unlock new markets?
Tags: IBM, Unix, mainframe, system z

The Future of Unix Standards: Unix 10?

Open Group execs discuss Unix's direction -- and what Linux's growth means for the platform's future.
Tags: Unix, OS, standards

Why Open-Source Software Vendors Should Charge More

OS Roundup: As Unix's market share declines, Windows is gaining seats faster than Linux. One theory is that many enterprise decision makers perceive a higher price tag as an indicator of higher quality.
Tags: open source, Linux, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Unix

Matching Newlines in Vim

Tip of the Trade: Want vim to share newlines? You're only two characters away.
Tags: Linux, Unix, vim

Linux Is Bloated. Does Anyone Care?

OS Roundup: Not Red Hat users, certainly. Sales and profits are up for the feature-laden OS. Meanwhile, HP UX's latest semi-annual update is out, and the verdict on its value is in.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Unix, HP-UX, HP UX

The 'Vantage' Advantage: HP-UX 11i v3 Update 5

The latest HP UX release focuses on memory, availability and security features.
Tags: Linux, Windows, HP, Unix, HP UX

Power and the Mainframe

Server Snapshots: Think x86 servers are the only ones worth looking at? IBM's mainframe (System z) and Power Systems (the combination of Systems p and i) may not be "standard," but they're powerful enough for pretty much any task thrown at them.
Tags: IBM, Unix, mainframe

Unix Hits the Big Four-Oh

OS Roundup: Happy birthday, Unix. There's much more to be said than 40 years old and not yet dead.
Tags: Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Unix, OS

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